Friday, August 23, 2013

The Wedding Album

Bits and pieces that didn't quite make it into the story/images with no plot that I wanted to share.  All captions have a link embedded and that link will take you to the original source.

Middle of Nowhere Park before set up.

After signing the ketubah.

Gibbs dancing with Ziva at the reception, the father/daughter dance. Him in a black tux, her in the white wedding dress. He has his hands cupped around her face, kissing her forehead.

Ketubah close up.

At the post-work impromptu David-DiNozzo engagement party.

Picking up the marriage license.

Close up on Tony and Ziva’s face during the first dance, and the look of all-encompassing love in both of their eyes.

Tony and Ziva’s last dance, he’s holding her close, and they’re moving slower, less flirty, much more intense, ready for the next part of the night to begin. His fingers rest against her cheek and lip, and her eyes are open with an invitation to touch more.

Hugs and smooches for the soon to be FIL

After the signing of the ketubah, at the B&B, Senior dancing with Ziva. Her head is back, eyes closed, she’s laughing. He’s got a wicked smile on his face, having just told her a very dirty and completely inappropriate joke.

Schmiel, Ducky, and Senior, sitting at the table, talking about something, all of them happy and laughing.

Ducky and Abby all dressed up for the Ketubah signing.

Ducky twirling Penny away from him on the dance floor. If it was video you’d see him take one step over, and Penny spin under his arm, coming flush to his chest again. The bodies get older and slower, but they remember the moves and the joy of them.

Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom

Tim and Abby dancing together at the reception. She’d kicked her shoes off. His tie was loose, top button undone. Her head rested on his shoulder. Both of them had their eyes closed. She had one hand on his shoulder, and he was holding her other one (though you can’t see that in the shot), his other hand rested against her belly.

When he got a copy of it, it went behind his desk, below the sonogram, with “Dancing with my girls” written on the bottom left. 

An hour to go, time to head to the site.

Gibbs and his girls. He’s standing in the middle, Abby on his left, arm around him. Breena’s on his right, head on his shoulder. Ziva’s in front, he has his arms wrapped around her. The photographer forgot everyone’s names almost before he’d been told them, but no one corrected him when he called Gibbs “Father of the Bride.”

Tim made sure to get a copy of it. Abby framed it. Come Father’s Day, Gibbs was getting a present.

Gibbs and his boys. He’s got an arm around Tony, his hand on Tim’s shoulder, and Jimmy’s leaning against Tim’s other side.

Tim made sure to get a copy of that, too. It’s also getting framed and wrapped. If Kelly co-operates and shows up a little early, he’s going to get one of Gibbs holding Kelly and Molly to make up a triptych for him.

Full shot of the Gibbs clan. Jimmy and Breena on the left, Ducky and Penny next to them, Tim and Abby, Gibbs next to her, Ziva on his other side Tony beside her, and Senior taking the right.

Bridal bouquet ready to go.

Profile shot, Tim and Jimmy leaning against the bar, drinks in hand, looking away from the camera.

It’s out of the shot, but they’re watching Abby and Breena dance with each other.  But it’s very clear on their faces they’re seeing something deeply satisfying that they enjoy immensely.

Abby and Breena dancing. Abby’s leading. Breena has her head on Abby’s shoulder. Both of them are smiling.

About three minutes later, all four of them dancing together.


Tony holding a bite of cake, wide smile, eyes sparkling, Ziva leaning very far back, wary expression on her face, not sure if he’s going to try and smush it into her face or not.

Half a minute later, Ziva kissing the tip of his finger after eating the bite of cake, pleased that he didn't try to smush it on her.

The garden/dining/dance area


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