Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 158

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 158: Valentine's Day 2015

"Breena's really ready for this?" Tim asked as he slipped on his kilt. (New one. Jimmy and Breena got it for him as a combined Christmas/birthday present. Apparently there is a McGee plaid. Ducky was enlisted to hunt it down. Back in the dark ages, before they decided to try the next island to the west, the MacGhees were Scottish, and as such, there is a McGee tartan. It's hunter, black, navy, and gray, and he really likes it.)

"She says she is," Abby answered. "Molly's a year old today, and she's bound and determined to have a birthday party for her."

Tim nodded and began buttoning up his shirt. Abby has mentioned liking the somewhat dressier kilt look, so he's getting into a white button-down, plaid kilt, and in a few minutes boots, tie, and jacket.

"She's put a lot of effort into this," Abby said as she pulled a knee high sock up one leg.

"What's a lot of effort?"

"She was telling me about the hand-made cupcakes decorated with all of Molly's favorite characters."

"Molly has favorite characters?" He'd spent a good five days with her straight, and hadn't noticed anything he'd call a preference for anything on the television or in books.

"She really likes the Muppets."

"Huh. Wish I had known that. I like them, too."

"Really?" That takes Abby by surprise. She didn't know that about him.

"Not like I've seen them anytime recently. But my first TV memories are watching the Muppet Show with my grandfather and mom. Loved Kermit."

"Apparently her favorite is Kermit, too."

"Next time we babysit, there will be Muppet bonding."

Abby laughed at that. "Anyway, I don't know how 'ready' she is for this, but I do know she's decorated every inch of the house, made cupcakes with Muppets on them, and invited the whole clan, so we're going, we're going to have a good time, and we'll do everything we can to make sure everyone else does, too."

"We'll party or die trying?"

She looked up from her sock and said, "Yes."

"Well, that's not going to be awkward, at all."

"You need to watch a little less Supernatural. You're starting to sound like Dean."

He flashed her a playful look. "Awesome!"

"Way less."

He smiled at her and winked. "Get some pie on the way home?"

"Okay, you're cut off."

"No! I'm half way through season seven. You can't cut me off."

"Then behave." She grinned at him. "Zip me up?"

He knelt down and got the zipper on her boots. At sixteen weeks along, Abby's definitely pregnant. There is an unmistakable baby bump there. And yes, she can still bend well enough to zip knee high boots, but it's also a lot easier to have Tim do it.

So he does, because it's not like an opportunity to rub his hands over her legs is something he minds.

Once booted up, she pulled on a green baby-doll dress with a wide black collar.

And while it's true the McGees might not be fashionable in any traditional sense, they're definitely stylish.

Cake, check, balloons, check, party, check!
It wasn't as awkward as Tim was afraid it was going to be. Probably because if there was ever a group of people who needed a good time, it was them.

So, yeah, Molly couldn't have cared less about the decorations or the presents. (Though everyone else, including Gibbs, told Breena how great of a job she had done. Okay, he smiled at her in a congratulatory manner and kissed her cheek, but Breena understood what it meant.) But she did enjoy being the center of attention, and people cooing over her crawling around and babbling. And she was extremely enthusiastic about ripping into her Kermit cupcake and utterly demolishing it. (How much of it she actually ate as opposed to scattered over the kitchen is open for debate.)

Even Ed was on his best behavior. Though he did stare at Tim, looking really uncomfortable with the kilt for a good five minutes, and when he found out the idea for it was Breena's he just stared at her, too. (Tim wasn't sure what disturbed Ed more: him in a kilt or Breena buying one for him.) But Breena started telling him about going to the range with Jimmy and Tim and Abby, and that got them talking guns, which turned out to be actually fairly pleasant. Ziva and Tony got into it, too. And toward the end, even Gibbs was chatting with them, talking a little about distance shooting, and how back when he started you had to be able to do the math in your head, which got Ducky talking about the history of projectile weapons, and okay, yeah, it's not a traditional topic of conversation for a birthday party, let alone a birthday party for a one-year-old girl, but since by that point, the birthday girl was sleeping in Ducky's arms, (She drifted off when he got talking about ballistae. Apparently his voice is awfully hypnotic if you're a baby.) it worked.

The party broke up not too long after that. It's Valentine's, after all, and granted, Tim and Abby don't have any fancy plans (Quiet night in was a winner last year, and it's likely to be a winner this year, as well.) but Tony and Ziva do, and he knows that Ducky has offered to watch Molly so Jimmy and Breena can go out for dinner tonight.

They stick around to help clean up and make a date for the range the next day, before Jimmy and Tim join Gibbs for bootcamp and then head home.

Khao Phat Pu/Thai Crab Fried Rice
They grab a light dinner on the way home. It's early enough the restaurants aren't packed, and they are dressed up enough that going out seems like fun to him. Plus, he's been craving khoa phat pu all afternoon. Sure he's the dad half of the team, but apparently this has not rendered him immune to food cravings.

They're seated and eating when something occurs to him. "You realize, this time next year, Gibbs might be watching Kelly for us so we can go out."

Abby grins at that, a really clear image of Gibbs holding their baby in her mind. Then another very clear image: Gibbs playing with Molly, nibbling on her tummy, doing an astonishingly good Cookie Monster impersonation, while she shrieked with laughter, and then suddenly stopping and giving her to Breena sprang to mind. "You think he's ever changed a diaper?"

Tim thinks about that. Kelly was born in '82, so after guys were expected to do some of the messy work of being a parent, but not all that far after, and he's got no idea how long it took for that idea to filter into the world of Marines. He does know that in '86, when his sister was born, most of the guys on the Navy base they lived on would have rather cut an arm off than change a diaper. And he knows that if his dad ever changed a diaper, it was his, because he certainly never did it for Sarah. But Gibbs never struck him as the kind of guy who was so uncertain in his masculinity that doing 'women's work' would freak him out.

"I'm gonna say yes, but with a lot of doubt."

"Yeah. Did you ever think Ducky would take to being a grandfather the way he has?"

"Nope. Never thought he'd melt into a pile of goo over a baby."

"I was telling him that she's never going to learn to walk if he doesn't occasionally let be her on the floor."

Tim chuckles at that. "He looked ready to wrestle Ed for snuggling rights."

"Ed did really well today. I don't think he said anything that pissed anyone off."

"Yeah, he did do well. Maybe he's finally learning some tact."

"We can hope. It'd be nice to not dread going to family gatherings with him."

"Yeah, it would."

When they got home, Tim unbuckled his seat belt but left the keys in the ignition. "Out you go, for at least the next two hours."

"Two hours?"

"More if you like. But not less than two hours."

"What are you doing?"

"Last Valentine's Night without kids. I'm preparing for it."

"Okay." Abby grinned. "Hot and dirty?"

"Oh yes!" He flashed her a sexy smile. "With a side of kink, and an extra helping of erotic."

"All right, then! Anything you want me to bring home?"

"You in a submissive mood."

"Ohhh…" Her eyes lit with pleasure.

"Yeah." He flashed his eyebrows at her and got out of the car. "See you after seven thirty."

Two hours is a lot of time to be imagining what Tim could have been planning. All sorts of good things might be in the offing. So, it was with a spring in her step and a smile on her face that Abby headed to his office door. (Music from inside let her know he was in there.)

"Well?" She was grinning and looking around curiously. So far all she could see was that Tim was still in the kilt, though he'd taken off the jacket, boots, and socks, rolled up his sleeves, and loosened his tie.

He stood up, smiled, and pointed up. "Upstairs."

She skipped up the stairs, holding his hands, and dragging him behind her. She flung open the door to their bedroom and…

"Huh?" The expression on her face was really confused.

He just grinned at her. Wide, happy smile on his face, he was really enjoying this.

She walked in and looked up, eyebrows furrowing, obviously there's something going on here, but she's not getting it. Then looked around, and looked back to him. "You got me a plant and rearranged our furniture."

"Yep!" He beamed at her.

She stared around the room again, utterly perplexed. He just grinned like this was the best joke on earth.

She walked beneath the plant and looked up at it. It was a very attractive… something. Abby's not good with live plants. If she had to identify it by its pollen or spores or whatever, it'd be no problem, but a living plant hanging from the ceiling over her head… Nope. No idea.

"Did the words hot, dirty, or kinky get redefined while I was out?"

"If they did, I didn't get the memo."

"Uh huh..." Maybe it was some sort of special aphrodisiac plant. "What kind of plant is it?"

He trailed his fingers down her neck and back as she stared up at it. "Some sort of fern. It's green. It doesn't need a lot of sun, and supposedly it's pretty forgiving if you forget to water it. The lady at the plant store said they were practically impossible to kill, so that sounded like a good choice."

"Okay. So, you got me a random plant."

"Yes. But if you look up a little higher, you'll see something else I got you."

She looked up further, and then looked at the rearranged furniture. Abby crossed their room and closed the door to their bathroom. The door with the full length mirror on it. And suddenly this all made a whole lot of sense, and yes, hot, kinky, and erotic did not get redefined anytime recently.


He grinned even wider. "Exactly. Go open your closet door."

She did, and found both a new mirror on the back of her door, and a nicely wrapped box sitting on the floor of her closet.

"May I open it?"

"In a moment. You can take it out and put it on the bed, though. Leave the closet door open." Tim headed over to the plant and took it off the hook.

The hook was the real present. Well, part of it. Most plant holders are made of plastic or cheap metal, something that'll hold a few pounds easily, but can't take any real weight. The hook Tim's sunk into the joist in their ceiling will hold his weight bouncing around on it. (He checked.) He moved his dresser. His is waist high on him, and very handy for certain positions. Now, it's under that hook. And by moving his dresser, it's now in front of the mirror on the back of their bathroom door, so, if say, someone were to tie you up and put you on the dresser, all you'd have to do is look to your left, and you'd have a great view of what was going on. And if you wanted to see it from a different angle, there was always the new mirror on the back of Abby's closet door, which would be in front of you. And of course, there's the original mirror that goes with that dresser, behind you.

So, basically, anything you might want to do in that general area had been set so you can see it from any angle really easily.

Abby noticed something else. Tim's dresser was now on those little coaster things that make furniture easy to slide. She smiled at that. So, if they wanted to do something with the hook, but not on the dresser, that'd be easily arranged, too.

He watched her look around, notice everything he did, and kissed her throat, right on his lip tattoo.

"I was thinking that pretty soon we're going to have kids in this house. And probably a nanny. Eventually kids' friends. After Kelly comes, we might have visitors in our room. So, if the sex gear was subtle, that might be a good thing." He moved the present to the center of their bed. "Plus rearranging the mirrors means," he patted the bed, letting her know he wanted her to sit, "we can get a good view of everything that goes on in our bed as well."

Abby sat on the bed next to the present, noticing that yep, she could see herself in all three mirrors. He nodded at her in a way she took to mean go ahead, open it, and then pulled the long, black satin ribbon off the box. "For tonight?"

"Maybe." He grinned.

She slit the paper carefully, unwrapping the box slowly, remembering him saying something about enjoying being teased by the slow reveal. Granted he knew what's in the box, but she hoped he's enjoying her finding out what's in it.

She lifted the lid, whistles softly, and says, "Oh."

This time the grin on his face was pure sex. "Yeah."

Padded wrist cuffs and from the look of them, they could be used one on each wrist, or strapped to each other, and if the metal rings on them are anything to go by they're designed to be attached to a rope or chain and hung from that hook.

And under them was a collection of glass dilators. Abby saw them and looked up at Tim, pleased expression on her face.

"Want to see if you can get off with straight anal?"

She looked back down at them. "Just anal?"

"Maybe not just… How about tied up from the ceiling, spun out like crazy, slowly stretched as I suck every inch of your body, and then fucked as hard as you like until you're coming on my cock."

Abby licked her lips. "Yes, sir."

"Good. Go get a shower. I'll be out here getting ready for you."

"Getting ready for you" meant pushing the dresser over a bit. He wants her standing for this, so it's got to be out of the way.

It also meant finding the right pair of boots for her, and stockings to go with them. He wanted ones that would make her the same height he is, if not a little taller, and preferably platforms as opposed to a high heel. She needed to be comfortable standing in them for as long as this will take, and these days high heels don't agree with her low back. Fortunately she had a wide selection of boots to pick from.

He headed to his bedside table and fetched the lube, his folding knife, and the black silk rope.

The folding knife neatly sliced the ribbon in half. He's going to tie one ankle to the leg of his dresser and the other to the leg of their bed, so he needed two ropes for that.

He draped the rope over the hook and decided to tie each wrist individually tonight.

He finished up the scene by laying out the dilators on his dresser, where she'll be able to see them. There are six of them, short, three inch long plugs with a ring-shaped base (for easy insertion and removal, even if your fingers are coated with lube) ranging from a little less than an inch around (smaller than one of his fingers) to five and a half inches (slightly smaller than his dick). They're clear glass and almost shine in the light from the lamp on his bedside table.

He liked the idea of the anticipation of seeing them all there. Of knowing that a long, slow, steady build up was coming.

Tim heard the water in the bathroom shut off, followed a few seconds later by a dripping wet Abby standing in front of him, holding a towel.

"Sometimes I forget how good you are at this." When she subs, she really subs. He didn't tell her to dry off, so she didn't. "Go ahead and dry off. Get your hair dry enough so it isn't dripping down your back, but don't worry about getting it completely dry."

He sat on the bed and watched her do it, enjoying the play of her hands on her skin, the towel rubbing gently over her, and the way the water glistened on her.

As he was watching a new idea occurred to him, and he liked that one even better than the one he had before.

Six dilators. Two arms, two legs, mouth and pussy. One part to play with for each size. Yeah, that idea worked.

She was almost dry. "When you get done with that, I want you to come stand in front of me."

She nodded.

"You can speak or make any noises you like."

"Yes." She stood in front of him.

He picked up one of the stockings and patted the bed between his legs. "Your foot here."

"Okay. You going to tell me what you're going to do?"

He cupped her ankle in his hand, lifting it a few inches. "Hold it." And she did. He slipped the stocking up her leg, stroking over her skin as he inched it upward. "Maybe. Do you want me to tell you, or do you want to be surprised?"

She thought about it as he repeated the gesture with her left leg.

"Little of both?"

"I can do that." He put her leg back down and looked at the boots. "Put them on."

She did so, but didn't fasten them. He knelt at her feet and did up the zipper and buckles.

"I want you to stand here." He showed her the spot in front of the dresser and next to the bed. "Right ankle here, left on there." As she got into position, facing the bathroom door mirror (he wanted her to be able to see everything), standing with her legs wide apart, he said, "I'm going to tie your ankles to the bed and the dresser. Keep you nicely open for me. Then we're going to play."

He knelt on the floor in front of her again, slowly dragging the ribbon off the bed, twining it between his fingers, then pulling gently, letting it slip through them. He wrapped it around her thigh, and once again, gently tugged, letting it slither over her skin in a silk-smooth embrace, and then tied that ankle. Same thing for the other leg, drawing out the experience of tying her, playing with the satin a little, kissing her inner thigh before standing up and circling behind her.

He pressed against her back, kissing her shoulders and the nape of her neck, and then gently turned her head to look at the dilators, keeping his fingers on her throat. He pitched his voice low, because his mouth is less than an inch from her ear, caressing her with hot breath as well as soft words. "Each one of them will go with a part of your body." His fingers trace from her left hand to breast. "Arms first."

She purred quietly at that.

He ghosts them over her lips. "Then mouth."

That got a smile.

His fingers settle just below her hips, scribing small circles. "Legs."

"Mmmm…" she looked very pleased.

His left hand slips over, first two fingers grazing her labia. "Then pussy."

She shivered a little at that, arching her back and rubbing against him. "Then what?"

He let go of her, and took one step over to the bed, grabbed the lube, and circled around to the front of her so she could see what he was doing easily. He flicked open the cap and squirted a bit into his fingers, stepping close to her, kissing her lips soft and light as his hand slid between her legs, smoothing the lube over her. She pressed into his touch, arms wrapping around the small of his back as his fingers stroked slickly over her skin.

He broke their kiss, keeping his lips less than an inch from hers, making sure she could feel his words, breath against wet, sensitized lips. "Then your arms will be tied over your head, legs spread wide, pussy so wet it'll be dripping down them. Then I'll stand in front of you, undress slowly, tease you with it. Then I'll slip my cock into your pussy, fuck you for a minute or two, while I kiss you senseless, getting myself really good and slick. Then I'll circle back around you, lean you into the ropes, slide the dilator out, and slam my cock into you until you see stars."

"Yes." She was grinning and her eyes had that heavy, dark look that went with arousal.

"Good." He kissed her one last time, then stepped away, grabbing the smallest of the toys, coating it with lube as she watched him.

"Pretty small."

"That's the idea. Slow and easy, one little step at a time." He kissed down her spine, licking the outlines of her tattoos, nibbling along the crest of her hip, then slowly worked the toy into her. Just because it's small doesn't mean he's going to rush this. Part of the whole point of this is to go slow, so that when he's done with the last one he can rush.


"Yeah, it's fine."

He smiled, took her hand in his, and began to kiss her fingers. He started at the tip of each one, a soft, wet kiss. Then he brought his tongue into the game with long, slow strokes, the sort of touch he likes when it's his dick on the receiving end of things. That got a soft moan.

He massaged her hand, stretching her fingers, pressing into the muscles, knowing exactly how good it feels to have someone hold your hand and really work on it when using your hands all the time is your job. That got a louder moan, one he recognized as more a signal of that-feels-good than rip-my-clothes- off-and-ravish-me.

Tim eased his way down to her wrist, kissing it softly, scraping his teeth over the pale white skin where her pulse thrummed. He took the first of the cuffs, fastened it around her wrist, and tied her hand high above her head. "Still good?"

She nodded. "Yeah, not too high up."

He smiled, and dragged his fingers down her arm. She squirmed when he got to her armpit; that was a bit on the ticklish side, but the squirming got less defensive and a lot happier as he cupped his hand over her shoulder, gently squeezing those muscles, and a very happy moan joined the squirming as he ran his tongue over her upper arm and shoulder, while his hand found her breast.

Tim kept his fingers light and slow, soft, feathery touches that made Abby try to arch and push against him for more friction. He kissed her nipple, wrapping his lips around it in a wet embrace, then pulled back to blow on it.

Her skin lit with goosebumps.

"So pretty." He scraped his fingernails from her wrist to her nipple, and watched them get harder. He licked her arm, once again blowing on wet skin, enjoying the way her skin responded, reveling in the way she moaned when he did it.

Then a thought hit. Room temperature glass feels cold against warm skin. He picked up the second smallest dilator, it's about the size of his thumb.

"So soon?"

"Not quite. I want to make sure it's nice and warm." He traced it over her nipple and she jerked a little at the touch. "Not warm enough, yet?"

"It's pretty cool."

"Feel good?" He rolled it over her skin, following it with his tongue.


"Good. How about this?" He slipped it into his mouth, holding it in place, while his fingers stroked over her nipples, pulling along them, after a minute, when it didn't feel cold on his tongue anymore, he took it out and traced it over her skin again, drawing complicated patterns down the inside of her arm. "Nice and warm?"

"Yeah. That feels really good."

"Feel better inside you?"

"I'd think so."

He reached for the lube and slicked it up, circling around behind her, kissing the back of her neck while he slid the first one out, and eased the second in.

She groaned as it slid home, and he smiled, taking her right hand in his and starting to kiss her fingers.

The second hand followed the first one pretty closely. But once both of her arms were tied, Tim decided to change things up a little. He kissed her shoulder and said, "Back in a sec."

"Tim!" She was not looking thrilled about that. He winked and sprinted downstairs to get his phone. He hadn't intended to take pictures, though for the life of him he can't figure out why he didn't think of it. Three seconds later he was back, with his phone in hand.

"You're so beautiful, I can't not get pictures." He got a few distance ones, her whole body spread out in front of him, and several close ups. His fingers trailed over her arm as he shot that. "So amazingly beautiful."

The curve of her shoulder and back caught his eye. He shot that with his fingers ghosting along her flesh.

He kissed her belly and made sure to get a picture of the dual curve of her belly and breast. "So soft and round." He nibbled around her hip and low back, shooting the concave curve of the small of her back and the lush convex of her tush. "Mmmmm…" he hummed as his lips slid over the top of her thigh.

He stood back up, saw the look on her face, and quickly kissed the tip of her nose. The expression on her face was mostly amused. She could take or leave the photographs of herself, but she knew he adored them, and his kiss was a gesture of thanks for humoring me.

"Head back, eyes closed." She followed his directions, and he shot her from both sides. Front shot focusing on her face, breasts, and neck, back shot focusing on her hair dangling over her back. Then he licked her throat, from collarbone to jaw, fisted his hand in her hair, and got a shot of that, light gleaming on wet skin as he held her by her hair.

"God, you are so gloriously hot, Abby."

She opened her eyes and grinned at him. "Damn right, baby!"

"Next size up?"


That was the one that went with mouth. Once he had eased it into place, he was left with a very pleasant dilemma, kiss Abby from a step back, focusing all attention on her lips and tongue, or step in close and rub his whole body against hers?

Just lips meant maintaining his own control would be significantly easier. As of this point, only his eyes, mouth, and fingers had been involved in the game, and he's got very good control when it comes to that level of stimulation. But once he stepped in close against her, his whole body would be pressed against hers, and his dick, which has been very aware of what's going on, will get into the game, and it's always in favor of getting to the sex part as fast as possible.

Of course, if he steps in close, that meant the sensation of lips, tongue, heat, pressure, the texture of his shirt, tie, and kilt on her skin. It meant her whole body got into the game, as well, and her whole body ramps things up pretty fast for her.

Yes, of all the dilemmas in the world, this was a very good one to have.

He stepped in close and kissed her. His lips and tongue soft and gentle on hers, but he pressed in tight, grinding his hips into hers, rubbing his chest against her breasts, and she gasped into his mouth as he did it.

His hands settled on her ass, anchoring her against him as he rocked against her, nubby wool kilt rubbing her mound, soft cotton of his shirt sliding over her nipples, and of course, as it does that for her, it does for him as well, and, God, it feels so good to have her tight against his body.

And yes, right now his dick was sending him very happy, let's skip the rest of this, hot, wet pussy right here, right now, come on, go get it,signals, and he was doing his best to ignore them, but the fact that he could feel her wet through the kilt was making his breath come fast and his hips roll in a very deliberate sort of way.

It was when he felt his hand head down to the edge of his kilt to pull it up that he broke the kiss and stepped back. Because he knew that if he didn't, this wasn't going to end the way he was hoping it would.

She made a soft, needy, half-whimper, half-moan sort of sound when he pulled away, and it was fairly likely he made a sound pretty similar to that, as well. Her eyes trailed down his body. She seemed to be just enjoying the view; he was pretty disheveled looking, rumpled, flushed, very prominent erection tenting the kilt. A smile lit her face. "You get to explain that to the dry cleaner."

He looked down, saw the large wet spot on the wool, and laughed. "Mental note, only fool around in the black one."

"Yep. We can't wash wool here."

That helped turn his arousal down a few notches. Got him back into full control of himself. Three down, three to go.

He snagged the fourth one from the dresser and held it against her lips. "Wanna see you suck it." And as she did, as her lips wrapped snugly around it, pulling it gently into her mouth, he eased the third one out, putting it back on the dresser.

He got a quick picture of that as well. "That's so hot it shouldn't be legal. Your mouth, all wet and pouty wrapped around anything like that. Makes me want to see your lips around me. Makes me want to cut you down, have you kneel, and blow me." He spread more lube over her, using his fingers to gently coat her inside and out, and seeing her sucking it while he could feel her tight on his fingers was almost too much. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and then took the dilator from her, and inched it in, slow and teasing as she moaned, low and steady. "But this is just too good to miss out on."

"Left leg next." He sat on the floor in front of her and pulled her stocking down to the top of her boot with his teeth, fingers following in its wake, scraping delicately over her skin with his nails.

That left his mouth about the middle of her calf, which seemed like a good place to start back up. He trailed open-mouthed, wet, sucking kisses up her leg, circling around to nibble the back of her knee, and continued up her inner thigh.

He got to the top of her thigh and feasted. She was so wet the inside of her leg was slick and tasted fabulous and smelled better, so he went to town on her, long, wet, lapping strokes with his tongue as he made sure to get every drop. When her leg was done he looked over at her pussy, wet, shiny, pink, open, begging him for touch. He very carefully took just the left outer lip into his mouth to suck lightly. He stayed away from her clit, from the inner lips, and made sure that his tongue slipped up and down along it as he sucked.

Abby panted, high-pitched almost whines of sound slipping out of her with each new suck.

"That's not my leg!" she finally got out.

He stopped and sat back on his heels. "Are you complaining?"

"Not exactly. But if you're not going to play with my leg, I've got some other parts that want the attention even more."

"Soon enough baby, soon enough. But how's this for a compromise?" He reached for the fifth one, four and a half inches around, wide enough it probably wouldn't slip out, and slid it between her legs, over her thigh, rolling it against the outer lip, then grazing it over the inner one before slowly nudging it into her vagina.

She whined at that too, a needy, you've-almost-hit-it, so-close, not-quite-there, this-is-torture sort of noise.

"Want me to touch here?" he asked and pressed his tongue to her clit, holding it there, firm pressure, no motion.

"Yes!" Her hips started to rock, and he took them in his hands, keeping her still.

"Nope. Not yet." She groaned at that, feeling his lips move against her as he spoke. "Two more."

Tim pulled the fourth one out, and slipped five in. Too fast. She tensed a little on five, which meant he hadn't spent enough time letting her body stretch and adjust, so for her right leg, he slowed even further down. He took his time removing the stocking, meandered slowly back up her leg again, took a few minutes to trace the outline of Kate's memorial tattoo on her hip with his tongue before settling back down between her legs to lick ever drop of her juice off her skin.

By the time he got to her right lip, she was trying to rock against him, and begging him to fuck her, and the long steady litany of "Please, I want you, feels so good, please, let me come, please!" just egged him on, made him go slower, focus his attention more carefully. One thing he was sure of was that when he reached for the sixth one, she would be more than ready for it.

He twisted the fifth one, wiggling it a little. She sucked in a fast breath and exhaled a long,"Tim, please!"

And that was enough teasing. He reached for the sixth dilator.

One thing he had been doing was inserting them by feel. He's a guy. Guys are visually oriented. He's an especially visually oriented guy, so he didn't watch it. Because he knows how it'll look. And he knows how watching it will feel. And he really didn't want to get too excited too fast and lose his control.

But for the last one, he was already kneeling between her legs, and he was so hard he can feel his pulse in his cock, and all he wanted to do was fuck, so he was going to watch.

And God, it looked amazing. No matter what it was, he loved watching her body take it in. Wet, flushed, pink skin, grasping the toy tight, slowly giving around it, drawing it into her, that sight killed him every time.

He didn't think he could get harder, but he'd been wrong.

"One rule for this part. Don't come." Okay, it was true he's telling her that, but he was also sort of reminding himself, as well. Don't come.

"Tim!" She looked genuinely concerned at that, not sure she can do it.

"You do this to me all the time."

"You're used to it."

He smiled up at her and winked. "Just don't. It'll be worth it."

She whimpered again as he licked one of her lips from top to bottom, and licked back up from bottom to top.

"Have I told you how much I love this?" He sucked gently on her clit, pulling back a second later to talk some more, as his finger barely slipped into her, circling the entrance to her vagina. "You're so wet, and pink, and swollen." He blew on her clit. "And it's standing straight up." He licked it very lightly, and gave it another soft suck, feeling her pussy clench around him as he did it. "You close, baby?"


"Don't come." He retreated from her pussy, licking her thighs, gently massaging her hips and ass, trying to get them to relax a little.

And when they did, when he felt the tension melt a bit, he went back to her clit with very soft, very light, barest-hints-of-touch flicks with the tip of his tongue. He kept at it, feeling her get tighter and squirm, breathing hard and loud, reciting the periodic table out-loud.


He pulled back, stopping dead. "Too much?"

"Yeah, just, give me a minute to calm down, okay?"

He stood up, smiling, lips wet and shiny, and stepped close. "Kiss me."

"This is your idea of 'calm down?'"

"Yep. I want you to taste yourself on my lips and tongue. Then you're going to watch me get naked."

She inhaled long and slow, forcing herself to calm down. "This really isn't easy, you know?"

This time his smile was wicked. "Yeah, I'm vaguely familiar with how hard this is."

"Next time I'm in charge, I'm going to kill you."

"And I'll enjoy every second of it. Kiss me." And she did, lips on his hot and hard, licking and sucking his mouth, moaning into him, feeling the smooth cotton of his shirt against her nipples and the rougher wool of his kilt against her legs and pussy.

When he couldn't taste her anymore, he stepped back, and loosened his tie further, slipping the knot, untying it, and draping it over her neck, so the silk rested against her breasts, over her nipples.

"I can feel it every time I breathe."

"That was the idea." He popped the third button on his shirt (one and two had been undone since he got home). It wasn't much of a strip tease. He's a guy after all, so the extent of a strip tease he's willing to do is mostly just taking his clothing off slowly, and he's also, eager is probably the best word, to get to the main event. Plus, there just isn't a slow, teasing way to take a kilt off when every drop of blood your body can spare from keeping you alive is in your dick. Though, when it comes down to it, he'd probably have had the same issue with pants, as well.

He snagged the bottom of his tie, yanking down, so it slipped over both nipples before falling to the floor. Then he stepped next to her, wrapping his hand in her hair, pulling her head back, kissing her mouth and the curve of her neck as his cock rubbed gently against her pussy.

"You feel so good. So soft and wet." He rubbed the shaft against her clit in long, lazy thrusts. She was whimpering again, eyes closed, so he whispered against her jaw as he kissed and nibbled along it. "Don't come, baby, hold on just a little longer." He shifted his angle, thrusting into her, hissing at the heat and slick wetness.

And it was true that he's teasing her almost beyond what she can endure, but right this second he's got himself on the edge of losing control, too. He wanted to just thrust like crazy, go full out, burying himself into her over and over until they're both screaming and coming.

Tim slowed himself down, thrusting slow, shallow, and deliberate.

She's flushed from her cheeks to her stomach, nipples hard and swollen, and he can actually feel her clit trailing over his dick as he eased in.

Enough teasing.

He circled behind her, adding even more lube to his dick as he slipped the dilator out. Less than one second passed between putting it down and thrusting into her as hard and fast as he could. Hot and slick and tight and fast and friction stole his breath, and for the first time he could remember he was totally silent as pleasure so intense it's practically pain washed through him.

His hands clenched on her hips, pulling her back onto him, thrusting as fast as his body can manage as she keened with pleasure, body almost breaking point tight on his.

He finally managed to suck in a breath, letting him speak again. "God, baby, fuck, you feel so good, come for me, God, want to feel you wrapped around my cock, coming so hard you can't see." He was reaching for her clit when he felt her body tighten further, pull in, and then release with a short scream.

And that first wave did it for him, sent him tumbling over the edge into throbbing, nerve-searing pleasure, as she clenched around him, crying his name.

She was sagging against him when he came down enough to be aware of the real world. For a minute, he was awfully content to just stand pressed against her, holding her up as they both rode the oxytocin high. But after a few minutes the idea that this probably wasn't terribly comfortable for any long bit of time hit him.

"Can your legs hold you?"

She nodded. So he stepped back, pulling out slowly, and reached up to undo each wrist. He found the knife and just slit through the ribbon at her ankles, and quickly undid the boots.

That, and grabbing a tissue to wipe himself off, exhausted what was left of his energy. He collapsed onto their bed, while she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

A minute later she was curled on her side, he was spooned up behind her, and they were both asleep.


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