Friday, April 17, 2015

Shards To A Whole: Fantasy Party XY

Chapter: Fantasy Party XY

One of the things that happens when you sleep with three other people is getting woken up. Just how it is. Only two of you can be on the outside, so if one of you on the inside wants to get out of bed, you’ve kind of got to scoot over at least one other person.

Tim thinks that if/when they get to the point where they all sleep together most nights, it’ll be the sort of thing that he’ll get used to. And, in his bed or Jimmy’s he’s almost to the point where he just sort of notices it and falls back to sleep a minute later.

Just like how, back when they were first together, Abby getting into and out of bed would wake him up a bit, but now he’s so used to it that it doesn’t touch his sleep.

New bed, different room, and bedmates he’s not entirely used to, so, when bright and god awful early Jimmy hops out of bed, Tim’s eyes pop open, too.

“Go back to sleep,” Jimmy says quietly as he tucks Tim back in. (He’s a little fuzzy on how he ended up on the edge of the bed with Jimmy next to him… bathroom run, he put himself next to Jimmy when he got back rather than try to wriggle into the spot he left.)

Tim scoots into the warm patch Jimmy had been in, cuddling Breena from one side while Abby’s got her on the other, and tries to fall back to sleep.

Tries being the operative word. It’s really bright in here. All glass walls sounds really cool, and looks really cool, until it’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun’s shining right in your face.

He gets up, and heads into the rest of the house, thinking a little coffee, maybe snooze some on the sofa (in the living room where, thank God, it’s kind of dark) sounds like a good plan. Maybe find Jimmy, or read or something.

He’s actually a lot less tired than he expects to be. Probably because they slept a lot yesterday, and technically didn’t stay up all that late, either.

Jimmy’s not in the living room or kitchen. Probably outside. Sunrise on the porch. That sounds good to Tim.

He’s feeling a little chilly. Naked, a few minutes post dawn, just left a nice, warm bed… He grabs the blanket off the back of the sofa, wraps it around himself and heads into the kitchen.

He can smell coffee, so Jimmy must have been through here not too long ago. Once his cup is full, he heads out to the back porch.

Still no Jimmy. Bedroom? He might have decided it was too bright and wanted better sleep. Tim decides he’s happy where he is. It’s cool enough he can see the steam rising off his coffee. He takes a deep swallow, enjoying the warmth on his hands and lips, the bitter/milky/sweet on his tongue, and clean pine-y air around him.

Maybe they’ll get a shot to do this next year, too.

He likes the idea of them having this time, a weekend a year, that’s just theirs.

Contemplating that, he heads to the porch railing, placing his coffee cup on it, and leaning his forearms against it. For a second, he notices that doesn’t hurt, at all, so he tentatively leans more of his weight into his arms, the sort of casual positioning he never would have given a first, let alone, second thought to this time last year. It works. His arm and shoulder don’t yell at him for doing that. So he settles in, leaning against the rail, watching the forest around them and lake below.

It’s when his eyes meander to the lake that he finds Jimmy.


Tim is intellectually aware of the idea that Jimmy does yoga. Really does it. Seriously practices and is good at it. But, at least lately, he hasn’t seen Jimmy do much out of the usual. Like he and Abby used to, (Tim’s not doing much of anything more challenging than standing on one foot these days, and Abby’s grabbing every extra minute of sleep she can, so right now there’s no morning yoga at the McGee house.) Jimmy’s got a morning routine, and while it’s certainly challenging in the sense of involves poses Tim’s not sure he could get into even when he was working at it, Jimmy never really looks like he’s pushing himself at it.

He’s pushing himself this morning.

On several levels. First off: he’s on sand: soft, cool, shifting under his weight, sand. Not a nice firm floor. Second of all: no mirrors, so he can’t really see himself. (Tim needs to keep checking the mirrors, otherwise he’ll get lost/ end up sore when he pushes his joints too far.) Third: he’s going for intense poses. Tim’s hit the edges of some of what Jimmy’s doing, so he’s got an idea of how much strength and flexibility it takes to get into bird in a basket, (more than he has now) let alone balance (more than he ever did, he’s toppled over every time he’s tried it.) But right now, Jimmy’s starting with something that looks like bird in a basket, planting both palms in the sand, crouching down, knees on his elbows, raising onto his toes, and then shifting all of his weight onto his hands, lifting his feet off the sand. (This is where, without fail, Tim lands on the floor, sometimes head first.) But, he’s not stopping there.

Tim’s watching it, and he’s still not sure what the hell Jimmy’s doing, but somehow he’s… God, it looks like planking, body braced on his arms, torso and legs straight out, but… and this is the part that’s amazing to Tim, his feet aren’t touching the ground. Or his knees. Just hands.

Yes, this really is Brian Dietzen
He does something, pulls his legs around a bit, and now he’s got one knee on his elbow, and the other leg extending straight out behind him. Tim thinks that one’s called side firefly or something like that. It’s the sort of thing he’s seen pictures of and immediately assumed that the use of wires or some sort of XF team was involved.

But Jimmy’s actually doing it, hovering into gravity, and more importantly balance, defying poses, and holding them for several long slow breaths before unfolding himself back into down facing dog and from there back into mountain.

For a moment, Tim’s watching and just thinking about how beautiful it is.

Jimmy’s slipped into warrior, bathed in orangy-pink sunrise, and it’s beautiful.

For another moment, he’s calm, watching, enjoying, feeling the satisfaction that comes with seeing someone do something they’re insanely good at.

And that’s good.

And then it starts to fade away, anger creeping in. He should be able to do that, too. Okay, not that. He wouldn’t be that good, or strong, or flexible, but if that fucker and his minions hadn’t stolen his body from him for months, he’d be able to be there, on that little bit of beach, with Jimmy, doing his own morning workout.

He spent years working on this, okay, not a lifetime, not yet, but he’s pretty much back to step one. The most complicated thing he’s doing now is standing on his tip toes, on both feet, slowly building up his ankle/arch strength. He can’t even stay in tree for more than a few breaths on his left foot, not yet. And he hasn’t been brave enough to try anything involving his arms. Even the idea of attempting to extend his right arm enough for something as basic as down facing dog, let alone putting that much weight on it, makes him want to wince.

He’ll get it back. Everyone says that. Do the work and get it back.

Great, he doesn’t want to get ‘back’ he wants to be forward.

He sees Jimmy standing, relaxed, dusting the sand off his skin, then putting on some shorts and his glasses, which is when it hits Tim that Jimmy’s naked. He guesses it didn’t stand out before because that was just how that was supposed to be. Out and about in the sunrise with no one else around, of course you’d be naked, right?

Or maybe he’s just used to Jimmy naked, so it’s not remarkable to him, not anymore.

He doesn’t know. He does know he’s trying to shove anger out of the way. Well, trying to be aware of it, and why he’s feeling it, accepting that it’s real, and letting it go. That’s what Wolf’s suggested he try to do with it, though Tim’s a bit fuzzy on the difference between letting it go and pushing it out of his mind.

Either way, he’s fairly calm by the time Jimmy’s up with him.

“Enjoy the show?” Jimmy says once he’s on the porch.

“Will you take it wrong if I say yes?”

“What’s the wrong way?” Jimmy looks interested in that idea.

“I don’t know.” Probably something along the lines of enjoying it the way Breena or Abby would, which, he didn’t, but he’s not sure if making that distinction is really necessary, or, given why they’re here, warranted.

Jimmy runs his fingers through his hair. Close up, Tim can see he’s flushed pink and sweaty. He takes a drink of his coffee and flops bonelessly onto one of the chaises. “That felt good.”

“Looked like it.”

“Been… at least a year since I had the chance to do that. It’d freak the neighbors out if I headed out at sunrise to do a proper sun salutation. Bob’d be over less than ten minutes later, bitching about how he’s got three teenage daughters and what the hell did I think I was doing!”

Tim nods. He’s met Bob. Kind of uptight and stuffy, but also the kind of guy who will lend you a trimmer if you need to borrow one. Tim tries to think back to what Jimmy might have done a year ago that gave him a shot at this, but he doesn’t remember. Kelly was brand new a year ago, and he’s a bit fuzzy about what was happening outside the tight circle of his own home/job then.

Jimmy sees him thinking, trying to place it, and adds, “Moonrise last time, but that’s good, too.”


“Last… late summer, early fall, not sure, we got down to Ed and Jeannie’s. The girls were asleep. Just me and the sand. Dark enough no one else was going to fuss.” Jimmy closes his eyes and is quiet for a few seconds. “Probably as close as I ever get to how church is supposed to feel.”


“Something like that. Peaceful and connected, definitely.” He opens his eyes and looks more carefully at Tim, catching something, he’s not sure what, exactly, in his voice. “You okay?”

Tim shrugs. “Would have liked to have joined you.”

Jimmy looks a little surprised at that. Not that he’d want to join in, but that he wouldn’t join in if he wanted to. “You want a formal invite or something?”

Tim looks at his right arm, and Jimmy says, “Oh.”

Tim nods. He raises his right arm, a hell of a lot higher than he could have this time last month, but he can’t get it straight up, arm along his ear, yet. “Not quite there, yet. Pissed about not being there. Pissed at having to go back to square one.”

Jimmy nods. “Yeah.” They’re quiet for a moment, looking at the lake. Tim leaning against the rail. Jimmy resting on the chaise. Then Jimmy says, “It doesn’t have to be about your body. There are entire disciplines devoted to thought and breath. Mastering your mind. Last I checked, your lungs work fine.”

Tim turns to Jimmy, back against the rail. “Not my brain?”

Jimmy smirks. “That’s always been the question, right?”

Tim smiles at him.

“Go play. Get some sand between your toes. Splash around some. I’ve seen you sleep, so I know for a fact you can pull off corpse pose, kiss that blanket goodbye and feel the ground on your back.”

“You gonna watch?”

“You going to take it wrong if I do?”

“No.” Tim drapes the blanket over the railing, feeling the slight chill at the air, and a vague naughty thrill at walking around balls out naked in the sunshine. He’s never been naked outside in daylight, and it does make him feel good, the same way peeking at his present used to.

The ground is prickly on his feet, and he’s realizing that Jimmy walked down with flip flops, in addition to shorts. So, two steps onto his journey, he’s turning around, heading back up to the porch, and stealing Jimmy’s flip flops, not like he needs them for laying on the porch. They’re a bit small, Jimmy wears a ten and a half, he wears an eleven and a half, but do what they need to do.

Once he gets down to the lake, he kicks off the flip flops, turns, sees Jimmy watching, and waves, and then feels kind of… Stuck and silly.

The sand’s cool and pleasant between his toes. It feels good. But, he’s not exactly feeling any desire to lay down on it. He stares at gently swaying leaves, and water rippling against the sand. That’s more appealing to him.

Tim takes a few steps, finds that the air may be cool, fall is starting to take a hold of it, but the water isn’t. Summer still flows through the lake, days and nights of sun and heat soaking in and warming the water.

This feels a lot better than sand.

He wades out and then jumps for it. He’s been swimming at least three times a week since he got hurt. It’s not precisely the sort of weight bearing exercise he needs to get himself fully back to functional, but it is a way for him to really move and build up strength so he can get to the kind of exercise he needs to get himself back.

He’s not elegant in the water. Can’t be, not without full range of motion in his right arm or left leg. But it does feel good. He swims half way out, looks around, decides that if he wants to get back on his own, now’s a good time to turn back, so he does.

It’s a longer run than he does in the pool, cooler and deeper, too. So when his feet touch sand and stone, he’s feeling pretty tired. He kicks his feet up, leveling out on his back, and lets the water support him.

Tim’s not sure how long he rests there, floating on his back, feeling small waves lapping at his skin. He doesn’t think, beyond the fact that he got out before he sunburned, that it matters.

And maybe it’s not Church, or reverence, or any connection to much beside his body, but it did feel good, in a quiet, settled sort of way. So there’s that.

Eventually, he hears Abby calling his name. He lifts his head out of the water, and sees her waving him in. “Breakfast!”

He’s in favor of that.

When he gets in, he can smell more coffee, along with the turkey sausage they got, eggs, and he can see Abby and Breena have small bowls of berries and cream on the table for them.

All of that looks really good.

Abby looks at him, steps closer, about to wrap her arms around him, then she squints a bit, and says… “Ummm… shower?”

He’s still wet all over, so he’s not feeling much need to get wetter. He’s not getting why he’s untouchable or why he needs to wash off right away.

Jimmy glances over at him (now wearing his glasses) and chokes off a quick laugh.


“You’ve got algae in your hair. And…”

Breena’s looking at his shoulders. He twists a bit and notices that, yes, he’s got a faint greenish stain all along his back.

“Ah. There better be some berries left for me when I get back.”

“We won’t start without you. But shower fast!” Abby replies.

“So, do we have plans for today?” Jimmy asks as he chews the last bite of his sausage.

The girls grin at him. Yes, it’s very clear from the looks on their faces that there are indeed plans for today.

Breena hops up. There’s a pen and a small pad of paper next to the phone in the kitchen. She rips a page off the pad, writes something on it quickly, and rips it in four.

“I know we’ve all been thinking about this for years, so...” She hands each of them a piece of paper. “Favorite, hottest fantasy time. Everything you want is on the table. Tell us what you’ve been dreaming of. Then we get to play in order of the numbers.”

Everyone looks pretty enthusiastic about this game. Tim glances at his and sees the one on it. He grins. There is something he’s been thinking of for a while now. “Who’s got two? I’ve got one, but I’m not sure we’re equipped for what I want to do. Let me check, and while I do, we’ll listen to two,” he says getting off his stool at the breakfast bar.

“Me,” Breena says.

Tim grins. He wants to hear what Breena’s been dreaming of, too. “Or maybe I’ll check, tell you guys, and then settle down and listen. Don’t want to miss any of yours. Are we just talking first?”

“Yeah,” Breena says.

“Okay, back in a bit.”

They watch him wander from the breakfast bar to the bedroom, and can hear him puttering around in there. A minute later they hear, “Abby, where’s the toy bag?”

“Left night stand. What are you looking for?”

“I’ll tell you in a second.” They hear him rummaging around. “Good, you brought everything.”

“So, what’s with all the build up?” Jimmy asks when he rejoins them.

“It takes props, and if we didn’t have them…”

“And do we have them?” Abby asks. She knows what they brought, and sure, not all of the toys came along, but enough of them did that if they aren’t equipped for this, it means Tim’s about to go off on one of his pretty far off the reservations kinks.

“Sort of. We’ve got the props, but there’s nothing really good to tie me to.”

Abby smiles, wide and dirty, she knows where this is going.

Breena looks really intrigued. “Come on... Details!”

“Okay. Jimmy, you’re not… really… in this.”

“You’re not in mine, either.”

The look they give each other perfectly understands that they both want time with the girls on their own, and that, for those purposes, the other guy is superfluous.

Abby and Breena just look from one to the other, not exactly rolling their eyes, but they aren’t in any way surprised by this, and both of the guys can tell that they think this is sort of silly.

Tim’s about to just get into it, but… he thinks a bit more, and decides that it’s always a good idea to give everyone an out. “Breena, if you don’t want to go along with this, I will completely understand. It takes a really long time, like, at least an hour, and…”

“Are you blushing?” she asks Tim.

“Probably…” He feels silly about that, but she’s already mentioned not being wildly enthusiastic about part of this, so, yeah, he’s blushing, and really hoping she’s game for it. “If we do this, I’ll be leaking the whole time, and I’ll cum like a geyser, and have no control over where it ends up.” Now even Jimmy looks intrigued. He’s generally in favor of things that result in cumming like a geyser. “I’d love it if you’d tie me up. Abby behind me, doing me with the strap-on, while you suck me, both of you keeping me right at the edge of getting off until I can’t take it anymore. The problem is, I’m not seeing anything that’ll work well for the tying. The doorway between the bathroom and bedroom is tall enough and wide enough for me to grab easily, but I’ll still have to hold my own weight.”

“Is it just so you’ve got something to collapse into, or do you need the restraints?” Jimmy asks, moving into problem solving mode.

“Both. I can hold myself still for a good long time, but I want them to take me past that point.” He shifts focus from Jimmy to the girls. “I want you two to go until I hit the point where if my hands are free I will jerk myself off, and take me past that. I want you two to keep me on edge until I can’t talk, think, hell, until I’ve hit the point where I’m having trouble coordinating well enough to breathe. Abby knows she can get me off so hard, I’ll black out, and I want you two to do that to me.

“At home we’ve got that hook sunk into a joist.” He sees Jimmy and Breena think for a moment, wondering where the hook is. They haven’t played with it, yet.  “Most of the time there’s a hanging plant that lives on it.” He sees the lights go on for them. They’ve noticed the fern, which is the only plant the McGees have in their home. “We’ve got wrist cuffs with small metal rings on them, and we can tie them into that hook. But there’s nothing here like that. The bed is fine for tying me down,” The headboard and foot board both have slats, but they’re also both low. “but not fine for tied with access to both my front and back, and I know I can’t hold my leg up long enough to work this on my side.”

Jimmy looks at him and at both of the girls. “Hold up for a minute.” He also heads off, poking around for a moment, probably going over the same spaces Tim was, and finding that both the closet and shower had options, the clothing bar and shower head would work as something to tie a man to, but neither of them are strong enough to hold Tim in place. The porch railing, assuming Tim’s on the ground below the porch, is strong enough but there wouldn’t be any room behind him for Abby. Trees all over the place, but… This doesn’t look like a scene where you’d want to be wrong about how strong a branch is.

Jimmy heads back in, sees the other three watching him, curious.

“If you want to lean into one of the door jams, once you’re not in control anymore, I can hold you in place, keep you from collapsing at the end.”

Tim’s looking at him, eyes wide. Pleased but surprised by the offer.

“I mean, not if it’s weird. Just, that’ll solve the tied problem.”

Tim’s nodding slowly. “Ummm… yeah, it would.”

Breena stands up, taking Tim and Jimmy’s hands.

“I thought we were just talking,” Tim says.

“Changed my mind. This we have to do, right now!”

Jimmy kisses her, a knowing smile on his face. “You just want to see me get my hands on Tim.”

She kisses him back, while her hands trail down Tim’s chest. “Of course.”

Tim smiles at all three of them, liking this idea quite a bit. “Okay, I’m fine with now, but give me like ten minutes to get ready.”

Jimmy raises an eyebrow. Tim shrugs while heading toward the bathroom. If there’s one thing being the parents of small children does, it makes you very matter of fact about what your body does with the food after it’s done with it. So Tim says, “Gotta clean up, inside and out, otherwise this is way too damn messy and nothing I want to do with a pregnant woman.”

Jimmy and Breena nod at that, seeming to think it makes sense, and also getting a pretty good idea of what all Tim might have meant by props.

“Jimmy, pants on. Don’t want you rubbing off on Abby,” Breena says a few minutes later when they’re all in the bedroom.

Jimmy looks askance at that. “I wouldn’t…”

The look Breena gives him has him putting on his jeans. He’s zipping up when he says, “You do know, that of the three of you, Tim is the one I’m least interested in watching get fucked?”

“Love you, too, Jimmy,” Tim says over his shoulder as he’s fastening the strap on dildo on Abby.
Jimmy sees that Abby has platform black boots on, which he loves, and the strap on, which he didn’t think would be particularly appealing, but when he sees her turn toward him, smiling, smallish fake dick jutting from her pelvis, he feels his mouth go dry and decides that Breena is right, pants are a good idea.

“I’m thinking the door between the bedroom and the living room,” Abby says, taking charge. “Breena, you go on the living room side. Definitely get a pillow and maybe a chair, so you can sit or kneel comfortably. Tim isn’t kidding about this taking a long time.” 

“How about bedroom into bathroom?” Tim asks. “If Jimmy’s holding me, he’ll be behind me, and if he wants to be able to see what Breena’s doing, the mirrors in the bathroom will give him a better view.”

“Good point,” Jimmy adds, because yes, he does want to see her do Tim. He wants to see as much of this as he can. Just because Tim’s the one he’s least interested in, doesn’t mean he doesn’t intend to enjoy every second of this, especially watching his favorite women all happy and naked and playing with his man.

Abby kisses Tim’s neck. “You want your collar for this?”

He thinks about it. “Yeah.” He’s keeping his cuff on, too. He wants all of his marks of ownership on him as he does this.

“Why the collar?” Jimmy asks.

“Helps get me in the right headspace for this. Easier to just let everything go and be in the moment and my body when I’m wearing it.”

“Okay,” Abby says. “Breena, grab whatever you like, and let’s get going.”

Breena grabs two pillows, and then sits comfortably on the bathroom floor. Tim stands in front of her, and gently pets her face, and then crouches down to kiss her sweetly.

“Thank you. I won’t be with it enough to say it after, so thank you.”

Then he stands. The doorway is wide enough so it’s easy for him to rest his left forearm flush against the door jam, a bit above the level of his shoulders, hand easily curled around it. He does something similar with his right, but with his arm down, hip level. He spreads his legs, sides of his feet snug against the door jam as well. He rolls his neck and shoulders, seeming to settle in and get comfortable.

Abby wraps her arm around his waist, and he turns to kiss her over his shoulder. Then he bows his head, and she secures his collar around his neck.

“All yours, Abby.”

“What’s your safeword?”

“Abigail. Same thing it’s always been.”

“Yeah, just reminding them. He says my name, everything stops. Stop, step away, and find out what’s wrong. He says no, stop, anything along those lines, keep going. But Abigail stops the game dead. Got it?”

Breena nods, eyes wide. They’ve been over this before, but the idea that Tim might be saying ‘no’ or ‘stop’ is a little unsettling.

Jimmy’s feeling a little nervous at that, too. “Abby, what are you going to do to him?”

“Make him come so hard he blacks out. Sometimes there’s some begging to get off sooner involved, or some ‘please don’t push me this far.’ It’s okay. It’s part of the game. He says my name, and I’ll finish him in less than ten seconds. If he sounds like he’s past that, forgotten his safeword, I’ll stop and check, make sure we’re still playing.”

Tim’s nodding along at that, and adds, “Part of the game is being able to just lay back, let it happen, and put myself entirely in her, and this time, Breena’s, hands. Let them take care of me. And yeah, I might babble. I know I talk when I’m having a good time, but especially for a game like this, I’m usually not really aware of what I’m saying.” Tim smiles at all three of them. “Ready to go?”

Abby pets him gently and says, “Yes. Breena, while I’m getting him ready, you can do whatever you like to him, but once we’ve gotten him wound up, you can’t touch his dick.”

“Okay.” She kisses Tim’s hip, her hands on his thighs, looking up at him. “You said you wanted me to suck you. What do you want sucked?”

That’s a good question, lots of happy ideas go with that. That, and the visual of her kneeling at his feet flushes through him, making Tim feel especially fine and sexy. “Balls, tongue on my perineum, and while Abby might be calling the shots, I’d really like your mouth on my dick.”

Breena smiles, standing up. “Oh, it’ll get there.”

It’s not until Abby’s standing behind Tim that Jimmy realizes the boots are there for a practical reason, not just to make every drop of blood in his body go rushing to his erection.

In the boots, Abby’s exactly tall enough to fuck Tim easily.

Anal sex just isn’t something he and Breena do much of. They tried once, it wasn’t particularly fun for Breena, and since Molly was born, even the idea makes her cringe. So, he’s aware of how the general premise works, but the details are a bit fuzzy. (It’s not enough of a turn on for him to have gone hunting for anal specific porn.) He knows Tim and Abby were doing it at the beach, but he didn’t have much of a view of what was going on. Tim was talking. Abby was doing something with her fingers, but the rest of her body was in the way, and he was so into the story he was having a very difficult time pulling out what was really happening and what he was listening to.

This time, with the mirrors, and the fact that he’s sitting on the edge of the dresser, behind and to the right of Tim and Abby, he’s got a great view of what they’re doing.

It’s not a huge dildo. Smaller than both of the guys. But that makes sense, if it’s just about prostate stimulation it doesn’t need to be particularly long or thick.

He’s expecting her to lube it up, and then while Tim and Breena are making out, to just slide into him.

But she doesn’t.

She starts with her fingers, and while he’s in a pretty good position to watch, that part isn’t particularly interesting to him, beyond a general awareness of the fact that she’s not going nearly as fast as he had expected. Tim’s comments about slow and lots of lube are becoming more concrete for Jimmy.

He tucks that away on the list of things to make it more comfortable if he and Breena ever try again, and goes back to watching the rest of the action. Breena’s got Tim’s dick in her mouth, and that’s pulling his attention away from what Abby’s doing. She’s teasing him, just sucking the tip, and then stands up to kiss him sloppy and deep.

But the way Tim groans, and sort of shudders all over, not the way a man reacts to a kiss, even a really good one, draws his eyes back to what Abby’s doing.

One finger, slow, rotating motion, Tim’s kissing Breena hard as she pulls his dick, and Jimmy’s thinking that he’s never seen Tim look like this before. He’s seen Tim get off, seen him fuck both their wives, but this is… different.

Some of it is the submission aspect. He seems deeper in than he was before. Some of it has to be what Abby’s doing to him, because he’ll be kissing along, looking like he’s having a good time, and then she’ll shift a bit and he’ll sort of shiver all over and groan again.

Put it all together, and Tim’s gone. He’s just a ball of pleasure with some skin on it.

And they haven’t even gotten to the main event, yet.

“Abby, stop thrusting.” Abby looks over Tim’s shoulder at Breena, curious, but she stills her hips.

“Don’t move, Tim,” she says as she takes a hold of his hips, and then very carefully, without letting her tongue actually touch his skin, licks the drop of pre-cum off of him.

Tim groans as he watches her do it, heat and moist breath washing over the hypersensitive head of his cock, the bead of pre-cum stretching between his dick and the tip of her tongue. He’s been dripping for a few minutes, at least. Abby’s been setting a slow, steady pace, rocking into him, petting his chest and nipples, kissing his neck and shoulders and lips, while Breena’s been in charge of the front of him.

Then Breena leans back on her feet, stands up, kisses Abby over Tim’s shoulder, letting him watch Abby suck the pre-cum off her tongue, and then kneels back down and licks a long, wide stripe up Tim’s leg. “Okay. I’ll let you know when to pause again.” She goes back to gently sucking on his balls.

Jimmy grits his teeth, that is the single hottest thing he has ever seen. And that’s when it hits him that watching this and not getting off is going to kill him.

He notices that Abby adds more lube every five or six minutes.

“Does it dry out fast?”

“No. But I don’t want to hurt him, so keeping everything really slick is a good idea.”

“Used to do this to myself,” Tim says, “and it hurt. Took a while to figure out that adding more lube before it dries out is a really good plan.”

Marathon sex isn’t one of Jimmy’s specialties. Lots of quick rounds is more his thing, but still he’s got pretty good control. Damn good control. At least, he thought he did. But he has never seen anything like this. They’ve been at it for at least forty minutes, and they haven’t broken Tim yet. He’s still holding himself up, still following Abby’s directions, and enjoying it.

“God, Tim, how are you doing this?”

Tim says something like, “Nrghm.”

Abby pets his hair, kissing his neck, rocking easily against him.

“It’s called subspace, Jimmy. Tim doesn’t do this a lot, but when he does, he gets into it. He knows that if he lets me take charge, I’ll make it so worth his while. Right, baby?” she says, shifting her rhythm a little, adding a slight grind that makes Tim gasp and his fingers clench on the door frame.

A bit later, when Tim’s left hand pulls away from the door jam, Jimmy grabs him and starts to hold him in place. It’s an odd position, because he’s right behind Abby, feeling her thrusting into Tim, and he’s got to reach around her to hold his arms.

And Tim is strong. Even with his right arm not up to full strength he’s making Jimmy work as he’s pulling hard against Jimmy’s grasp.

Abby sees it, and whispers to him gently, “Just relax baby, just relax. You can do this, you know you can, and it’ll be so good when I let you get off. So, so good.” She gently pets his hair and neck, stroking her hands down his chest.

Breena pulls back from licking between his legs and kisses lightly over his hips and stomach. Then stands up and kisses his lips. “Still good?”

Tim nods, curtly. He’s good, wants to be better, but he’s good here.

“Tim?” Abby’s voice.

He slowly turns his head toward her. His pupils are blown wide, and he looks like he’s in a trance. Jimmy’s seen Tim pretty far gone, but this is… really impressive.

She kisses his cheek. “You need some help, baby?”

He nods, whimpering slightly.

“Can you hold your own weight for a moment?”

He nods again. He’s been pretty quiet for the last few minutes. According to Abby that means he’s in his head and body, entirely inside how what they’re doing feels. Not babbling is the step beyond babbling. She’s not sure if he knows he gets here when she’s really playing him.

“Jimmy, let him go for a bit. There’s a cockring in our toy bag, go get it.”

He’s back thirty seconds later and hands it to Breena.

“You know what to do with that?” Abby asks.

“Goes around his balls and cock.”


Tim feels Jimmy’s hands return to his wrists, and it’s almost grounding. It certainly gets him through the desire to come as Breena slips the soft silicon ring around him.

“Better?” Abby asks, slowly stroking into him.

He doesn’t answer with words, but his head drops forward, mouth open, and a long groan spills from his lips.

Jimmy had never thought watching another guy get fucked would turn him on. At all. He was wrong about that. Watching another guy come on his wife. He’d been sure that was on the list of things to drive him insane and want to kill list. He was wrong about that, too. Tim’s inching towards his climax and it’s making him so hard he’s afraid he’s going to pass out.

Breena was right, pants were a good idea, because otherwise he would have lost it, rubbing up against Abby’s ass, a long time ago.

He honestly cannot believe Tim has taken this for so long. He’s not the one getting fucked. He’s not even getting touched, and he’s about to explode.

Tim’s struggling against him now, weakly, he’s so far gone that he can’t put up too much of a fight, but he’s tugging at Jimmy’s hands, trying to touch himself, trying to get off, and Abby sees it.
She’s cooing softly at him, “Just a little more, baby. You know you can take it. Gonna make you come so hard... Just a little more.”

Just a little more and Jimmy’s going to come in his pants.

Somehow she gets the idea to Breena to take the cock ring off. He’s not sure how, because she didn’t say anything, but he almost feels it when Breena does. He certainly hears the way Tim yells when she does it.

Breena’s got him deep in her mouth, hands and lips working Tim in tandem, and Abby switches from long strokes to a short, fast thrusts, getting his prostate over and over, if Jimmy had to guess.

He feels it when Tim comes. Feels the way his arms try to pull in tight, the way his knees go out under him. And it’s a good thing he’s expecting it, because Tim really does collapse. He and Abby hold him up as his whole body shakes and spasms.

Jimmy watches, over Tim’s shoulder, as Breena swallows, and swallows again, and still more dribbles from between her lips, and she swallows again. Her eyes meet his, and she grins at him, at least, as much of a grin as she can with Tim’s cock, still pulsing, in her mouth. Jimmy closes his eyes, and starts frantically thinking about Gibbs naked because he can feel the tingles about to start and he is not going to cum in his pants like a teenager.

Tim is still shaking when they get him into bed two minutes later. Still dribbling a little. And Jimmy’s watching, fascinated. He’s never seen, heard, or dreamed about a male orgasm lasting that long. Tim’s cock has gone limp, all of him is limp, Abby wasn’t exaggerating about the come so hard you black out thing, if Tim’s even remotely conscious right now, Jimmy’d be amazed, but every few seconds another tiny drop of cum slips out of him.

Abby’s curled around Tim, whispering something, petting his hair and arms and chest.

Jimmy looks at Breena, daintly wiping off her lips and chin, and he pulls her close, kissing her hard, and he can taste Tim on her, and he has to get those pants off right now.

She’s on the same page, stripping them off of him. Well, pushing them down, neither of them have the patience to try and get them over his feet. Then she’s got him on his back, riding him, hard and fast and deep and neither of them lasts for more than a minute, because that was just too fucking hot not to get off to.

Tim comes back to himself slowly and easily. Not entirely sure if this is waking up or just getting all of his brain functioning again.

Didn’t matter. This is great. Everything around him is just softly glowing shades of marvelous.

There’s a warm girl pressed into both of his sides, and that’s whatever comes beyond marvelous.

“I love you.” He means both of them as he says it, and then kisses the shoulder closest to his lips, Abby probably. Then rolls a little and kisses the girl on the other side, yep, Breena.

He hears Jimmy say, (and this is when it occurred to him that he hadn’t actually opened his eyes, yet) “Hey, I helped, too!”

“Jimmy, I’ve got enough oxytocin coursing through me that if you get in reach, I’ll kiss you, too.”

“I’m fine over here.” He thinks ‘over here’ is the far side of Breena, but he’s not curious enough to open his eyes.

“Thought so.”

“How are you feeling?” Abby asks.

Amazing.” His eyes finally laze open, and he gives all of them an extremely satisfied, if somewhat dopey, grin. “How long did we go?”

“One hour and eight minutes.”

He sighs, very pleased. “Thank you, all three of you.”

About an hour later, when Tim is moving again, Jimmy says to him, “You win. Standing next to you, I look vanilla.”

Tim smiles. “Breena, you had two, right?”


“Do I do anything in your fantasy?”

Breena looks him up and down. “Yes.”

“Who had three?”

Abby holds up her hand.

“Jimmy, you’re up next; I’m totally fucked out.”

Abby shakes her head. “Uh uh. Nope. Pregnant lady here, must be fed regularly. Showers and lunch and maybe naptime is next. Then Jimmy.”

When they get to the restaurant, Jimmy notices that Tim sits very carefully, very gently. He quietly says to him. “When we get back, ice yourself down. It’ll help with the pain and any swelling or bruising.”

Tim nods. “Probably a good idea. It doesn’t hurt while I’m doing it, but after the endorphins wear off…”

“Yeah. But you’re okay, right?”

“Just sore. Abby knows what she’s doing. But this is part of why you don’t want to do this with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. More than sore is a real possibility.” Tim looks a little chagrinned and says in an even quieter voice, “Honestly, right now, my shoulder hurts worse than my ass. Abby’s,” the girls are in the restroom confabbing about something right now, “smart enough to make sure she doesn’t hurt me. I’m not smart enough to not suggest bondage games when I’ve got a shoulder that still doesn’t have full strength or range of motion.”

“Wrist?” Jimmy asks. He’d been intentionally holding Tim’s right arm at the elbow.

“Achy. More Aleeve. Ice. Rest some. I’ll be okay.” He shrugs a little, and winces a little, he shoulder didn’t enjoy that. “Probably a good thing I can’t get it up six times a day anymore. Enforced rest time means I won’t do something stupid for the next six hours or so.”

Jimmy smirks. “Joys of getting older.”

One of the joys of getting older, or getting off as hard as he did, and probably both together isn’t just a longer refractory time, it’s also being significantly less interested in sex during said refractory period.

So, while the guys are very much interested in more sex as an abstract concept, neither of them is currently in possession of a dick that’s up (or going to be up) for doing anything for a while longer, and for that matter, neither of them are really feeling a burning need to get laid, now.

“Yay!” Tim says sarcastically. “God, we’re gonna be fun in ten years." He rolls his eyes.

Jimmy raises an eyebrow and then dryly says, “They make pills for that.”

Tim chuckles, little, wry smile in his eyes. “And lucky for us we know someone who can write prescriptions.”

“Exactly,” Jimmy says, as he takes a sip of his water.

“Speaking of that…”

“Prescriptions?” Jimmy’s not sure where Tim’s going. Well, he might. He supposes a script for Viagra or Cialis or something could be arranged as a party drug for them, but… He’s not really feeling like they need it. It’s normal to not be hot, hard, or ready for a few hours after a really good orgasm, especially if you happen to be a middle-aged guy.

“More, you being a doctor, and us taking care of each other, what’s with you jonesing for a tattoo? That’s supposed to be bad for you, right?”

Jimmy shrugs, looking annoyed. “Wasn’t talking about getting a whole leg done.”

“I know. Still…”

Jimmy shrugs again. “Wanted to do something big, something important.”

Tim smiles at that; he fully understands that desire. “I get that. We’re never going to be cool with something that might hurt you, or any of us, though.”

“Yeah.” Jimmy sighs. “I know. Just wish it was different.”


It’s a lovely September day. The sun is shining. And, the Farmer’s Market is full swing, so, post-lunch they decide today is a fine day to mosey around the pedestrian mall and get to know Winchester, VA.

They’re browsing along the stalls when Breena sees it. White gold, broad, same shape as the wedding rings Abby and Tim share and one of the same metals, the exact same metal as the ones she and Jimmy share.

She picks it off of the black velvet tray it’s on, and slips it onto Tim’s ring finger while waving Abby over.

It looks pretty good there. “For me?” Tim’s asking, looking at it.

Breena shakes her head, nodding toward Jimmy’s who’s messing around with the blown-glass orbs two stalls down. “Checking the size on you. If it fits you, it’ll likely fit him.”

“Little loose on me,” Tim says.

Breena’s looking at it on Tim. “Then it should fit him just right. His fingers are a little wider than yours.”

He’ll trust her on that, he’s never measured and isn’t feeling any need to.

Abby says, “We doing a wedding band for him?”

Tim likes the idea of that. “It’s not like it is with you girls, no one really cares how many rings we’ve got on our ring fingers.” And, in his experience, no one looks nearly as closely at his hand or Jimmy’s, either. At least, if anyone’s checking to see if they’re married, he hasn’t noticed.

Yep, it fits. 
Breena jerks a little when she feels Jimmy’s hands circling her wrists and his chin on her shoulder. He’s standing right behind her and looks at the ring on Tim’s hand for a moment. “I like it.”

The guy who sells the rings is looking at the four of them with interest, but not commenting. Tim takes it off his hand, and is about to give it to Jimmy, lay it in his palm, and then stops half-way through that, and takes Jimmy’s hand from Breena’s wrist, slipping the ring onto his finger. “Feel good?”

Jimmy rubs it with his thumb and shifts it between his pinky and middle fingers. “Yeah.” He kisses Breena, and gives Tim and Abby a you’re getting kissed soon look. “Feels like it belongs there.”

Abby beams up at him, her fingers trailing over his hand. “Good.” She turns to the guy selling them. “I don’t think we need a box,” she says as she hands him her credit card.

They’ve almost finished the circuit back to the car when Abby spies something interesting. She nudges Tim’s shoulder, nodding at the café they’re walking past.

He sees the sign she did. “Poetry Slam. 5-7 Sunday.”

“Any interest?” Abby asks him.

He shakes his head. “I haven’t done that in a decade.”

Breena perks up at this. “Haven’t done what?”

“A poetry slam.” He looks to Abby. “Besides, even if I did feel like it, I don’t have anything ready to go.”

She gives him a you’re going to try that one on me? look. “I’ve got at least five of your poems on my phone.”

“Wait,” Jimmy says. “Can we back up? I’m still working on the idea of Tim at a poetry slam. You used to get up on stage and read poems?”

Tim looks at Jimmy and rolls his eyes a bit, taking minor offense at the hit to his professionalism. “No. Read.” He makes a sound like ha. “I did get up on stage and perform them, but no, not read. That’s like… lip synching instead of singing.”

Jimmy’s not sure he buys that, but he doesn’t argue. 

“Why’d you stop?” Breena asks.

“Just did. Wasn’t writing much poetry. Got busy with other things. Decided I liked kicking back at a jazz club more.” He shrugs. “Decided I was a much better novelist than poet and spent more time on that. Lots of reasons.”

“You’re a great poet!” Abby says.

“Only if you’re you. There’s a tiny audience of people who love my work, and you’re it.”

“I’d love it, too!” Breena says, certain, though she hasn’t actually read any of his poetry. Abby’s kept that for herself.

“And one day, I’ll write some for you, and yes, you’ll love it, because it’s for you. But… I know great poetry, and what I do isn’t it.” He feels a little silly about this, but decides that it’s true. “I write great love letters, and most of them are blank verse. But rhythm, meter, imagery, nah. I get moments of good, but as poetry, most of it’s just okay.”

“We could go listen,” Abby says.

He does like that, but he’s fairly sure the rest of this group, none of whom he’s ever seen reading a poem, or having any interest in listening to them, would find it boring. So, he glances back at the café, they’re well past it now. “There has got to be something all of us want to do with tomorrow evening. Gotta be a place around here to dance, right? And if not, we’ve got music back at the cabin.” 

“You’re voting for dancing tomorrow?” Breena asks.

“Unless you and Abby have other plans. What was that you said about toy night?” he asks with a little wicked grin.

Abby wraps her arm around his neck. “Dancing could be warm up for that.”

“Sounds like you’re starting to perk up again,” Breena adds. “Maybe my turn next?”

Tim thinks about it, does a mental check for how sore he is, and where, and shakes his head a bit. “Probably Jimmy. Unless you’re looking for me to be a hell of a lot less active than I expect.” Then he looks to Jimmy. “I mean…”

Jimmy nods. “If Abby’s serious about a post lunch nap, yes, I’ll be up for playing this afternoon.”

Abby grins, and Breena does, too, looking Jimmy up and down, eyes promising good things to come.

Abby licks her lips. “Then let’s get home and napping.”

“So Jimmy, what’s yours?” Abby asks.

Tim thinks Abby’s the only one who actually slept. He’s not entirely sure about that. There was a bit of time where he was dreaming or imagining intensely, but he’s not sure which. He was aware of the bed and Jimmy and Breena and Abby, so probably not asleep, but he was seeing some vivid images of flying behind his eyelids.

But now, an hour after getting back to the cabin, and tossing off clothing, and snuggling into the bed in the bedroom (after all, they might as well use it at least once, right?) everyone’s awake and sitting on the mattress, getting ready for round two of the fantasy game.

Jimmy smiles a little. He didn’t sleep. He did spend his rest hour between Abby and Breena thinking about exactly what he wants to do.

“Before Tim went, it was a combination of both of you running me, and watching you girls sixty-nine, and then slipping into Breena from behind while you went down on her, and helping her lick you off, while Tim watched. But now…”

Abby and Breena are both grinning widely at Jimmy.

“I mean, I know I can’t do that, not that long. I just can’t.” But holy shit, watching that almost blew his load, having it done to him… Oh yeah.

“I couldn’t at first, either,” Tim adds. He thinks about it… “What…Twenty minutes the first time you decided you were going to edge me?” he asks Abby. He’d done himself longer than that, but keeping yourself on edge is a very different game from letting someone else keep you on edge.

Abby nods. “Something like that.” (Correct answer, eleven minutes. But Abby knows that if they treat Jimmy right, he’ll lose track of time, too.)

“Anyway…” Jimmy cuts in. “I’ve never come that hard, and it looked really intense, and I’d like to see how close to that I can get.”

“Then Breena should be in charge because she knows your body better.”

Breena nods at that. She’s never tried to see how long she could keep Jimmy at just about to get off, but she certainly does know how to keep him from getting off if she wants him going longer. She also knows that half of how they kept Tim a hair away from climaxing is something she and Jimmy have never done.

“So, how much of what we did to Tim do you want us to do to you?” Breena asks.

Abby knows what she’s asking Jimmy. “It’s all about keeping you just about to get off, anal doesn’t have to be part of it if that’s not your thing.”

“Not the strap on.” He’s not sure if that’ll ever be anything he wants. He does know today’s not the day he finds out.

Abby shakes her head. “Not for your first time anyway. Fingers?”

Jimmy looks intrigued. “Yes?”

“You don’t sound sure about that,” Breena says.

“I’m not. Yeah, it looked like you had a really good time, but…” Tim knows how to read the look on Jimmy’s face, there’s a lot of conditioning, for lack of a better word, that a guy has to break through before thinking, ‘Okay, this might be fun,’ let alone do anything about that thought, and he’s not broken through it, yet. “Look, it’s not off limits, just don’t surprise me with it, either.”

Breena kisses him while Abby says, “Not a problem.” Then she gets up, finds their toy box, and tosses Jimmy a Fleet enema. “You know what to do with one of those?”

He’s not thrilled about that, but yeah, he knows what to do. “Errr… yes. Medical residency. Nothing the nurses like better than a new crop of residents to do the dirty work.”

Abby grins at him. “Good, then get to it. You might be iffy on fingers, but trust me, you’ll like tongue.”

Jimmy’s eyes go very wide at that. That was very much not something they did to Tim.

“So, off you go.” Abby wiggles her fingers at the bathroom. “Get cleaned up. Get really cleaned up. It’ll be worth your while.”

Jimmy’s having a really good time. He’s in the middle of the bed with both of the girls playing with him, as Tim lounges in an armchair, watching.

Tim knew he was going to like watching this, because, what’s not to like? It’s Jimmy and Breena and Abby all doing things he loves, with each other.

He didn’t realize how intense it would be to watch this. It’s not just Jimmy having a good time. It’s Jimmy having this good time, for the first time, and as intense as it is for Jimmy, for Tim there’s a lot of memories and experiences and just heaps of awesome attached to this, plus, watching Abby and Breena literally melt Jimmy’s brain.

Tim can see it in his closed eyes, the tension in his face. He can hear it in the way he’s gasping with every breath. Jimmy’s hands are telling the good time story; they’re clenched on the headboard, knuckles white. His head’s thrown back, his toes are curled, and his thighs are trembling they’re so tight. Everything about Jimmy right now is all but singing about how much enjoyment he’s getting out of this.

And sure, Tim can’t see Jimmy’s dick. It’s deep in Abby’s mouth. (And Jimmy seems really pleased to have it there.) But he can see Jimmy’s balls, or at least sort of, Breena’s mouth and hands are blocking some of the view, but from what he can see they’re pulled up tight against Jimmy, which is usually a very good sign of an about to be very happy guy.

Of course, being a guy in bed with two women blowing you at once is also, usually, a sign of an about to be very happy guy.

In fact, Tim’s actually getting a little concerned, because part of the idea is to spin Jimmy out, and Jimmy looks really close to getting off. He’s thrusting harder as his head’s come off the pillow, and Tim knows that if he’s doing that, it’s because he’s a hair away from getting off.

Then both girls stop, and Jimmy groans with frustration, teeth gritting, head slamming back into the pillow as his hips hit the bed. They retreat and start petting his arms and legs, Breena straddling Jimmy’s mouth, letting him know that it’s time for him to something besides just lie there and enjoy.

Tim should have known they wouldn’t push him over accidentally.


Jimmy likes tongue. He might not have been sure about that in the first place but by all means this is bloody fucking amazing and fucking yes they are doing this again, they are doing this a whole lot, and as soon as he gets the chance to he’s doing it to Breena because he can’t wait…

Oh God! Okay, God, yes, FUCK!, he can wait, he can definitely wait because as long as Abby’s still lapping at him he’s not going anywhere, but once this is done and he stops twitching he’s laying Breena out and Abby’s showing him exactly what she’s doing and they are going to do it to Breena.

And, OH GOD, he arches up into that touch, pushing his hips up, looking for more pressure, more pleasure, and God, he might be babbling the way Tim was, he’s got no idea, he just wants more of this, wants it all over, wants it to never end and...

Shit! What?

Okay, that’s a finger, did he agree to that? Shit… Babbling has consequences apparently. He’s not sure if he likes that, but, GOD, licking!, again, and HOLY FUCK!, Breena’s got his ball in her mouth and Abby’s doing something with her tongue and her finger and his brain’s about two strokes away from completely melting and then, HOLY FUCK, how many hands do they have? He doesn’t know what’s rubbing the head of his cock, but right now he doesn’t care, at all, it could be Tim sucking him, hell, it could be Gibbs sucking him, and he’d be cool with it as long as it didn’t stop.

Then, oh God, no, no, no, no, no, don’t stop that, please! He really likes that, go back to doing that, please, and OH FUCK, nothing is touching his dick anymore, and he thinks Abby did something with her finger, and he thinks he’s lost it, thinks he’s come, because he feel the pulse, but… Okay… just one so, apparently not, but okay, SHIT, whatever the fuck that is, prostate? Gotta be… YES… feels almost exactly like the pulsing part of cumming and if, OH GOD, yes, she can do that as much as she likes, and pussy, oh yes, pussy on his face again, okay focus on that, it’s Breena, he knows by the smell and the taste, and soft, tickly wisps of pubic hair, GOD, pussy, he loves pussy, and FUCK, another pulse, and… and…. wait, no, no, no go back to doing that, don’t take the fingers away, no…. The finger is awesome, bring the finger back!

Tongue again. Oh God! He’s got no idea of how Breena’s getting the idea to Abby, but what he’s doing to her, Abby’s doing back to him. Sort of. Wait. Two tongues. One’s on the tip of his dick, lightly licking, the others on his ass, and…. He slips two fingers into Breena and strokes her g-spot… Oh, yes, please! fingers come back for him, and he feels that pulse again.

Breena’s matching his tongue, licking the tip of his dick like a clit, and Abby’s using her fingers the way he’s using his on Breena, and God, they’re fucking him the way he’s fucking her and oh oh oh oh he’s not going to make it through this, every single nerve in his body is going to sizzle and burst into an epic climax and

NOOOOOOO don’t stop! NONONONONONONONO! Get back there and do it! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Breena’s cuddling him, kissing him gently and right now he does not want to be kissed. Abby’s petting his thighs, and the last place he wants to be petted right now is his thighs.

“Jimmy, you still know your safeword?” He’s not sure which of them ask.

That slowly wanders through the crying with tension and disappointed haze of don’t fucking stop, noooooooo, and he flails around for a moment, thinking, not sure if he does and even more not sure if he wants this to stop and have them get him off now or spin him out further.

Finally he got it together enough to say, “No, but don’t stop. God, don’t stop!”

“Don’t stop: get you off right now, or don’t stop: spin me harder and longer?” Abby asks.

“Harder, longer. Don’t fucking stop fucking me.”

He sees them both grin at them and then, oh god yes, more tongues, Abby’s licking up and Breena’s licking down and holy shit, oh god, one of them has his balls again and the other is slowly slipping a finger into him again and God nothing has ever, ever felt like this.

Tim’s dick is awake again. Hard as he got off this morning he didn’t think it’d be showing any life until dinner, and possibly later than that.

But this show… Hell, this would wake the dead.

Even with mirrors, even with the fact that he likes to watch, Tim’s still never really seen what it looks like when he’s this deep into sex. Because when it’s happening, he’s into it. He’s watching Abby or watching his dick slip into her, he’s not watching himself.

But he’s watching Jimmy, and the girls, but mostly Jimmy, because Jimmy’s teetering on the best orgasm of his life. He’s a hair’s breadth from coming and cumming all over, every muscle tight, every nerve begging for release, as two women he adores fuck him out of his mind.

Jimmy’s gone. Eyes closed, head back, gasping with each breath, whole body flushed, whimpering softly each time Breena slowly eases down him, and judging by the way Abby’s arm is moving she’s pulling her finger all the way out and slipping all the way back in the same speed Breena is. Guessing by how Jimmy jerks each time Breena gets all the way down, Abby’s probably giving his prostate a little rub, then they both slowly move off of him. Breena slowly eases all the way up, almost off of him, and then all the way back down, and God, if Tim watches another second of this he’s going to get off from just watching.

Abby’s kneeling between Jimmy’s legs. She gasps softly when she feels him behind her. Must have forgotten he was there, which is fine, with what they’re doing, they should be paying attention to Jimmy.

But he can’t not touch. Can’t just sit there and watch anymore, so he slips his legs between hers, kneeling behind her, and pulls her back a bit, slipping into her, hissing as he’s surrounded by glorious, hot, wet, dripping wet, sopping wet, pussy.

He grits his teeth at the sensation, so, so good, and says, quietly to her, “When you slide into him, you rock forward, when you pull out, you rock back. Do both of us at the same time, same speed.”

She looks over her shoulder, grins at him, and keeps the pace, and when she slips all the way forward, into Jimmy, she pulses her pussy around his tip, and when she slips all the way back onto him, she does something else to Jimmy, but Tim doesn’t know what. He does hear the added, breathy, ripped out of him “Fuck!” from Jimmy every time she does it.

Tim’s not going to last long, can’t take too much of this, even though it is slow and so wet and slick, and Jimmy’s cursing now, full out stream of half-spoken, half-cried, all-pleasure profanity filling the air between gasps and moans. They’re tipping him over, a long, slow full-body orgasm, the kind that feels like it eats you alive, and Jimmy’s crying, begging, words gone, keening with pleasure as Breena keeps up the slow steady pace, and Abby sinks into him, easing his way out of his mind and into sparking neurons and flaming synapses. Tim sees the rolling, jerking twitch begin in Jimmy’s hips and thighs. He feels the way Jimmy’s legs jerk around them, and all three of them hear him shout out FUCK!, ripping the sheets from the bed as the first spasm hits him hard as a car going ninety before he jerks, hard, again, and again, and once more, groaning each time, then falls limp and silent and twitching, and seeing that, hearing it, feeling Abby on him and Jimmy’s legs twitching next to him sets Tim off, too.

A few minutes later, when he’s fully back in his head again, it occurs to Tim that he’s not feeling any soft twitching from Abby, and for that matter, he sure as hell didn’t do anything that might have resulted in an orgasm for anyone other than him when he was the focus, either.

He’s kneeling, butt on feet, Abby in his lap, leaning against him.

Jimmy’s still crashed out on the bed, somewhere between asleep and unconscious. Breena’s got him, cuddling and petting him gently.

Tim kisses Abby’s throat, and she turns her face to his with a smile. He knows that look, she’s not done. Close, he can feel that, but not done.

His fingers slip down her sides, caressing over breasts and hips, before settling between her legs.

She sighs, very happy at that, and happier still as he starts a quick, circling stroke.

Maybe it takes a minute, probably less, before she’s tight and panting, before he feels her muscles clench on his softening dick and hears her moaning.

He holds her close as she comes down, and for as good as a slow, edged orgasm can be, there’s something to be said for fast one when you’ve been turned on for hours.

He nibbles her ear. “So, what are we doing for you tomorrow?”

She smiles at him. “We’ll see what I’ve got a taste for then.”

He kisses her gently. “And let me guess, right now, you’ve got a taste for dinner.”

She holds his hand over her belly. “Little boy wants to eat!”

One more kiss. “Go run a shower. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Abby gets up, kissing Breena and Jimmy as she heads out of bed. Tim looks at Breena, “You good?”

She smiles at him, nods, still gently petting Jimmy’s chest. “Took care of myself.”

He kisses her. “Okay.” And then strokes Jimmy’s face, smiling at him, remembering how good everything feels after waking up from that sort of orgasm, and then heads to the shower with Abby.

Jimmy wakes up feeling amazing. Everything is good. He’s one big, glowy, mushy, ball of euphoric love right now. Breena’s in his arms, he can smell steaks cooking on charcoal, and everything is perfect.

“You and Abby are the most amazing women on the planet,” he says quietly to Breena.

“Hey!” She rolls onto her stomach, resting on her elbows, facing him. “You’re up.”

He smiles, feeling goofy. “I’m awake. Not sure if up is happening anytime soon.” He giggles at his own joke, and Breena smiles.

“Well, how about moving, shower, and eating?”

He nods. “I’m in favor of all of those things.” He sits up, stomach rumbling. “Yeah, really in favor.” He kisses her again, hands finding her skin. He wants to get up and get moving, but he doesn’t want to stop touching, either.

She takes his hands, and pulls them to the bathroom for a shower.

Steaks on the porch with lots of salad, and very cold cider, charcoal fire slowly winding down, sun easing it’s way behind the trees is perfect.

Dragging one of the mattresses into the living room, popping up lots of popcorn, salty and buttery and crisp, while all snuggled together, munching away, watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is amazing.

And once again, sleeping tangled together, stars slowly vanishing from the sky, covered by rain clouds, and fat drops of soft rain pattering on the glass, is just the proverbial icing on the cake.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shards To A Whole: Rainbow Party

“You sure we’re not camping?” Jimmy says, as they turn off the tiny, but paved, road onto an even tinier dirt one.

“Is this place even on the GPS?” Tim asks.

“It’s on the GPS, and we’ve got functional WiFi. Anyone needs us, they can get us. We’re secluded, not vanished,” Abby replies.

They bump, slowly, down the dirt road for another minute, and finally come to a small clearing in the woods. And in the clearing there’s a small cabin.

Jimmy and Tim look at it. “Oh.” Tim says, nodding.

Jimmy smiles. “Looks good. Kind of wondering if there’s a witch or if Little Red Riding Hood’s going to show up.”

“Axe murders and harbingers,” Tim adds.

“We’re not that far into the woods,” Breena says, turning off the car. “Grab the cooler, and let’s get in.”

The guys get a few minutes to look around while Breena and Abby unpack the cooler.

Tim approves of the little nest they built in the solarium, and he spies the bag the lip tars live in on top of four plates sitting on the sofa, so he’s got a hint as to what Abby and Breena have planned for this afternoon.

He looks over to Abby, who’s in the kitchen with Breena, and says, “So, did you just bring everything with you?”

Abby looks up and smiles at him. “Not everything.”

Breena adds, “But more than enough for three and a half days.”  

Abby nods. “More than enough for a week.”

Jimmy returns from the bedroom, carrying the mirror. It had been over the dresser in the bedroom, not any more. He plops it onto the sofa.

“You’re really getting into being able to watch, aren’t you?” Tim asks him as Jimmy points him toward the mattresses. Tim gets to where he assumes they’ll mostly be, and checks the view. “Left about three inches.”

Jimmy nods and scoots the mirror over a little. “We all like it, and… Wait…” Jimmy seems to be noticing that if they can all see out, then that means anyone else can see in. “We’re far enough away from everyone else that no one’s going to just wander by, right?” After all, there’s a reason why they do stuff like this behind closed doors. And sure, maybe getting caught is a kick, but… He’s not sure if that’s a kick when it’s all four of them at once.

Actually, no. It’s not. That’s the difference between naughty and actual danger. Get walked in on in a club with his wife, no big deal. Maybe get smacked on the wrist and look a little sheepish. Get walked in on mid-orgy, and that might have repercussions. (It also occurs to him that he’s apparently getting old, because the version of him that had sex on every horizontal and most of the vertical surfaces at the Navy Yard wouldn’t have blinked at this. Or, another thought hits him, he supposes it’s possible that he’s learned something from his experiences with Lee.)

Breena strolls from the kitchen to the mattresses, slipping off her shoes, and snuggling in next to Tim. “According to Google Earth, the closest house to us is six miles away. There’s a hunting camp three miles east, but nothing is in season for another month and a half. People do camp out here, but we’re on marked private property. It’s not impossible, just like it’s not impossible that one of our neighbors at home might decide to come over at a bad moment, but it’s as unlikely as it’s possible to be.”

“This is as far away from the rest of the world as we could get, and still have all the necessities,” Abby says, sitting on the step down to the solarium. Tim kisses Breena and then scoots over to help her with her boots. She can still get them herself, but, like before, he likes her legs and she’s pregnant enough it’s starting to get awkward, so why not help? “But if this is uncomfortable, there’s a perfectly functional bedroom over there, with solid walls, and shades on the windows. Moving’s not a problem.”

Jimmy looks at the mattresses all laid out, then looks out at a lake and miles and miles and miles of trees, he thinks about what went into this, and decides that he’s being silly.

“We’re good here.” He looks down at the little makeup bag, the pack of baby wipes, and the plates on the sofa next to the mirror. “What’s that?” He knows the girls brought toys, and he’s had more than enough sex to have a clue what the baby wipes might be for, but the plates are throwing him for a loop. He’s sure they’ve got snacks, but they’ve just eaten, so… he’s not immediately seeing what might be in that bag or going on the plates.

Abby grins up at him, flexing her toes in Tim’s hands as he gently kisses her knees. “You remember when we were talking about rings ‘or something?’”

Jimmy nods, the idea that they’d get each other something to mark this, and that Abby had something besides a piece of jewelry she was interested in. He crawls into the center of the mattress, kissing both girls.

Abby lifts her leg and strokes her foot over Tim’s leg, and then scoots down to join the rest of them on the mattresses. Right now, they’re all mostly dressed, and lounging about, sitting or lying, just resting and being comfortable.

“When we were on our honeymoon,” she touches Tim’s lips on her throat, “we traded permanent kisses. I was hoping to add two more kisses, if you’d be game for that.”

Breena’s smiling at that. She’s never seen lipstick on Jimmy, and isn’t sure if he’ll be game for this, but hopes he’ll go for it. “How do you see this working?” she asks, knowing she’s setting up the show and tell part of the afternoon.

Abby crawls over to the sofa, over Tim and Jimmy, stopping for kisses on the way, and then dumps a huge collection of tiny tubes out of the bag. “I brought all of our lip tars. We’ve got every color you can imagine, and they’re liquid, so it’s really easy to mix colors or paint them on however you like.” She grabs one of the pink ones, and squirts a tiny bit on the plate, showing off that each one of them will have their own plate for color mixing. “I was hoping to collect a whole lot of kisses, and give a bunch of them, too.” She air kisses at them. “The two best prints, I’ll get pictures of them, and after Sean’s on the outside, I’ll get them tattooed on.”

Jimmy’s looking intrigued by that, eyeing the colors, and heads closer to Abby. “So, you’re going to mix up some color for me, and I can kiss you, here—“ He’s touching Abby’s throat, just below her ear, on the spider web side.

Tim butts in, “No.”

Jimmy looks away from Abby, staring at Tim, confused. “No? What, is her neck yours and yours only?”

Abby’s looking really amused at the idea that Tim might have dibs on certain parts of her. She and Jimmy settle back down on the mattresses, facing the other two.

“No!” Tim rolls his eyes a bit. Abby is his, but not like that. “It’s her neck. The reason you’re not going to put a kiss there is the exact same reason why my lip print isn’t already there. It’ll look like a snack the spider’s got sitting on the web waiting for her next meal.”

Jimmy’s eyes go a little wider at that, and as he looks at the web, and thinks about what his lip print likely looks like, and how from a few feet away, especially if it’s a bright color, it would likely look kind of caterpillarish, he says, “Oh.”

Breena laughs. “So, besides not on your spider web, or any of the other tattoos?” Abby nods. “Everywhere else is open?”

“Not everywhere else. It takes about a month for one to heal all the way up. So, there are some places I’d prefer weren’t out of commission for a month. And, since neither of you have lips that look anything like Tim’s, it can’t be visible when I’m dressed for work or church. Any skin you can’t see now is fair game.” She’s still got her sundress on, along with a collar, one wrist cuff, and socks that go to her knees. Both Jimmy and Breena are looking all over Abby. “And, of course, for just lipstick, you can put them anywhere you like.”

Breena shifts her gaze to Tim. “We adding some to you, too? Is that your ‘or something,’ also?”

Tim smiles. “Wasn’t what I was thinking. Not permanently, at least. With the lip tars, oh yeah, I want a full rainbow from you and Abby.”

Abby smiles. “And we both know where you want it.”

He half-smiles in response; Abby’s not wrong about where he wants it. “I’m easy to please on that. Do you want to add a kiss to me permanently?

“Maybe…” Breena’s kind of liking the idea of marking Tim. “What were you thinking?” Breena asks him.

He stands up and shucks off his jeans and socks, then stretches his leg out, over Jimmy’s, foot resting on Breena’s hip. They’ve all got a good view of the dragon and Kelly’s band. He touches the bit of skin next to the dragon’s top most wing. “Molly’s band goes here.” He touches Kelly’s. “Kelly.” His fingers move two inches below where Molly’s would be. “One here, for Jon.” His fingers slip down, to just above Kelly’s, “Anna’s goes here.” Back to the top. “Sean’s. That leaves a few inches for any other children we have. Maybe Donny Palmer goes down here.” He taps above where Anna’s knot will go. “When we’re done with babies, two four strand knots, one at the top and one at the bottom, wrapping all the way around my leg, for the four of us.”

Jimmy whistles low at that, what Tim’s talking about will cover most of his calf.

Breena’s nodding. “Our family.”

Tim nods back to her. “Yeah. All of us, worn on my skin.” He’s got on a t-shirt, so he raises the sleeve a bit to show the band he and Abby share. “I was telling her that when hands that love you touch you, it should leave a mark. It should change you. That’s the change I want to make. Is that… You guys good with all the kids on me?” They haven’t specifically talked about the kids they already have, but Tim knows he’s thinking of all of them as ‘theirs’ and sure some of them are his and some are Jimmy’s for the sake of the outside world, but in his head at least, they’re theirs.

“Yeah,” Breena says softly, her fingers drift to the tiny diamond solitaire she wears around her throat. “Thanks for remembering…"

Tim nods, and looks to Jimmy who nods back at him. Jimmy looks away for a second, blinks hard, and then makes himself smile, pulls his shirt off, and says, “So… rainbow party?”

Massive Dork
The thing Tim didn’t think of when he suggested a rainbow party to Abby is that he, still, thinks he looks like a massive dork when he’s wearing lipstick.

And sure, for playing, he likes the result of all those pretty kisses on Abby’s skin. (And hers on his.) But he doesn’t like how he looks with it on. (Actually, he doesn’t like how he thinks he looks with it on. He still hasn’t looked at himself when he’s doing this.)

But, and this is the part that’s biting him in the ass, as both Jimmy and Breena are enthusiastically getting into this, it’s that Jimmy and Breena are, by default, also going to see him with lipstick on.


On the upside, if he looks as stupid as he thinks he does, Breena probably won’t mention it, and Jimmy doesn’t have anyone to pull into teasing him about it. He’s wearing it, too, and Tony’ll completely flip out at the idea that this is the sort of thing they get up to when they’re on their own.

Still, he’s warily eyeing the colors as Abby’s putting tiny dabs of them on the plate.

“You weren’t kidding about every color, were you?” Breena’s asking, playing with one of the tubes.

“Nope. All of them. We might have gone a little crazy on them when we decided we liked this.”

Breena laughs. “Come here, babe,” she’s patting the spot on the mattress right in front of her, and Jimmy’s scooting over. She laughs at that, too, giving Jimmy a quick kiss. “Other babe.”

“Oh, me?” Tim starts to head over. “You need different nicknames for us.”

Breena inclines her head in agreement, but right this second she’s not feeling much need to wrack her brain for new terms of endearment. “Close your eyes.”

Jimmy’s looking amused, as Abby’s getting him settled and gently brushing the primer on his lips.

“Why?” Tim asks, feeling a little nervous, wondering what the hell she’s going to put on him that he can’t see while she does it.

“Because watching makes you uncomfortable.”

“Oh.” She’s not wrong. So his eyes shut, and he can hear her messing around and humming a bit, followed by the slightly wet, ticklish sensation of having his lips painted. “Open up.”

Tim does, letting her mess around with him.

“Ohhh… Good pick,” Abby says.

“Can I pick my color?” Jimmy asks, “Or are we just the toys you’re playing with today?”

Abby lets off a diabolical laugh. “Mental note, toy night is going on the list.”

Tim can feel Breena nodding at that. He can imagine her smile.

“Yes.” Abby says to Jimmy. “Though I was thinking of mixing a few together for you.”

“Mixing them how?”

“Let me do it, kiss it on me, and if you don’t like how it looks, we’ll do any colors you like.”

Tim hears Jimmy say, “Okay.” He’s trying not to squirm as Breena’s gently putting on… It feels like a lot.

“Lighter hand, love.” Abby says to her.

“We want a bunch of prints, right? Enough for both of us, not just you.”


More dabbing at his lips. It didn’t take nearly this long when Abby did it. He’d like to ask, but she’s putting more stuff on his lips so…

“How much are these?” Breena asks.

“Eighteen dollars. They’ll last pretty much forever. For just casual wear, you only need a tiny bit.”

“That’s what I’m thinking. Better texture than what I use at work. Might have to invest in some of these.”

Tim finds that a little off-putting, he’d rather not be thinking about Breena’s clients right now, but, he’s still not saying anything because she’s lightly flicking the brush over his lips and humming again. He’s got the sense that if his eyes were open, he’d see her critically looking at what she’s done.

He’s about to open his eyes, but then the brush flicks out and there are a few more light flicks.

“Okay, all done. You want to see?”

He’s done, so he opens his eyes. And, okay, yes, he looks. He’s right. He looks dumb as hell with lipstick. Eyeliner is fine. Tattoos are good. The kilt rocks. This looks stupid. Fortunately, he gets something he likes out of this.

It’s dark, metallic blue. Shiny cobalt. Not a bad color on him, if it was a shirt or something, hell, eyeliner even. DUMB on his lips. But the girls seem to approve.

He’s about to rub his lips together, because seeing that’s made him very aware of them, and Breena immediately whacks him lightly on the shoulder. “No you don’t!”

He’s not sure if he can talk without messing it up, but he tries anyway. “Okay. Shall I do you?”

Breena lights up at that. “Do me how. My lips?” She lightly touches her bottom lip. “Or are you going to decorate me?” She gestures to all of her naked skin.

Tim whistles a low breath, remembering, vividly why he likes this. So many good options with that. He knows that eventually these will dry, and once they dry they don’t budge, so…

“Decorations first, then you’re going to sit in my lap, and I’ll paint your lips, and you’ll decorate Jimmy and I.”

She grins at that.

His eyes slip all over her, and he laughs a little. She arches an eyebrow, as Abby says to Jimmy, “All done.”

Tim answers Breena’s look. “Virgin territory. Miles and miles of untouched skin.” Then, as he’s checking out what Abby did to Jimmy, he carefully lays a kiss on Breena’s shoulder. The kiss on her skin is blue, bold and vibrant. He glances over and sees the kiss Jimmy’s putting on Abby’s inner knee in dark green and oaky brown, looks like she decided to match his eyes.

Still not a great look
He doesn’t think lipstick looks as dumb on Jimmy as it does on him, but it’s not something he’d ever suggest Jimmy should do for a going out look.

Tim does like the look of Jimmy’s lips on Abby’s skin though. And as he lays another kiss on Breena’s throat, matching the one on Abby, he really likes how his lips look on her. Yep, Abby, Breena, either and both of them, this hits that little possessive kink just perfect. He’s idly wondering if Breena might be game for a tattoo, as he decides where Abby needs another kiss.

Tim slips over a bit, laying his next kiss on Abby’s breast. Lifting it gently and leaving a blue mark on the underside along with a deep, gently biting kiss. Then back to Breena. Enough of the tar came off on the first three kisses that this one should leave a really nice print.

Jimmy’s also over with her, so for the moment she’s a bit distracted as he’s marking her inner thigh. Right where her thigh and pelvis meet. She gently taps the other thigh, and Tim smiles. He waits for Jimmy to pull back, and then lifts her leg, gently nuzzling from her knee to her pelvis, and finishes with a wet kiss to match Jimmy’s.

As he’s doing that, he feels lips on the small of his back, and he’s not sure if they’re Abby’s or Jimmy’s, and right now, he doesn’t care.

Tim scoots up an inch, and over an inch, gently nosing Breena’s pubic hair. “Next time you shave, my lip print goes here.”

“Sunday. All four of us slick and smooth and bare.”

That sounds awesome to Tim.

Jimmy groans at that idea, and Tim looks over to see his kiss print on Abby’s mound, one slightly higher and to the right on her hip, another one next to his on her breast. Breena pulls away from Tim for a second, and kisses Jimmy, deep, on the lips, and then says to him, “Wanna see it? Me riding you, your dick slipping in and out of me, with Tim’s lips right on my pussy.” Jimmy groans at that, too, and gently pushes her back onto the bed, trailing fainter and fainter kisses from her throat to her pussy.

Abby’s not wearing any lip tar yet, so she glances to Tim, and then snuggles into his lap.

“One sec.” He’s got something he wants to do before his lips dry. He gently lowers her onto her back and lays a kiss right above her belly button. Good one, clear edges, and then grabs a brush gets a bit more tar on it, and writes his name right under it. He gets a picture, too. Her tummy, gently swollen with Sean, his lips and name just above her belly button.

Abby’s staring at that, looking amused, and he kisses her lips, leaving faint traces of blue, while saying, “Just signing my work.”

Abby giggles at that, and Breena does, too. (Jimmy’s busy, and guessing by the sound Breena makes, he does something to make sure she’s paying attention to him.) Jimmy’s maybe missing something of the spirt of this, in that he’s kissing Breena over and over in the same place, but she’s having a very good time with it, so… Maybe he’s got the idea just right.

Tim grabs a baby wipe and wipes the blue lip tar off the brush. Then he starts up on Abby’s lips. He’s not as good with the brushes or the colors, but he thinks he does a passable job of mixing and then painting her lips blow job red. (He’s a tad distracted by her in his lap, all warm and soft and gently rocking against him.)

But, after a bit, her lips are done, and Abby’s ready to get kissing.

Abby kisses Tim. First print on his collarbone. Then, after one last warm, rocking moment on his lap, she kisses his cheek, and pats him gently so he kneels up, and closes her lips around the tip of his dick. He’s not full hard, yet, they’re just getting started, but that’s certainly helping things in that direction. “That’s where you want them, right?”

He smiles. “I like them all over, but…” he looks down at the first of the rings of color on his penis, “Yeah, you know it!”

Abby winks and then flips around and gently kisses Breena’s breast, leaving her lips in scarlet on Breena’s nipple.

Next one’s on her ribs, and Tim’s not sure if he wants to just watch, or if he should jump in. He settles for at least another second of watching as Abby gently licks Breena’s lips, and then shifts over to leave a bright red print on the nape of Jimmy’s neck, then one just below it between his shoulder blades.

He takes Breena’s hand in his, and kisses her wrist, one last, light somewhat smeary blue kiss, as she’s arching against Jimmy, hand clenched in his hair. (And yes, she’s tugging on his hair, and Jimmy’s moaning, maybe at that, maybe at what he’s doing to Breena. Tim’s not sure which, but either way, they’re both having a good time.)

He pulls back, knowing he’s got to put more of the lipstick on if he’s going to leave more kiss prints. Abby’s looking busy, trailing kisses down Jimmy’s back, and he thinks she needs some kisses on her back, too, go he grabs a brush and the plate with all the colors and heads to the mirror.

Not difficult to pick his second color. He might think black’s the only acceptable color on him (at least in the sense of not looking like a total twit) but for the sake of how it’ll look on Abby and Breena, he snags the brush, and mixes the silver along with a little green, thinking that looks good, and is different enough from the green Jimmy’s wearing right now, to make it easy to see whose lips are whose.

A minute of taking off the remains of the blue, another minute of putting the new silvery-green on, and he’s ready to go.

He looks at Breena and Abby. God, so many good options. Miles and miles of beautiful skin, all begging for a little color.

Breena looks done for the moment. She’s relaxing, purring, Jimmy’s head resting on her thigh, as she gently pets his hair. Abby’s kissing her way down Jimmy’s back. Tim finds the red lip print on his right ass cheek especially amusing. Then his eyes slip away from Jimmy’s ass (kind of boring to him) to Abby’s (much more fun) which is nicely high in the air as she’s kissing the back of Jimmy’s knee.

Yep, that definitely needs some kiss marks.

Tim’s lying on his back, left arm extended over his head, Abby kissing up his leg while Breena’s got his arm.

He thinks he’s purring.

He’s not a cat guy, (lifelong cat allergies means he sees them as fuzzy annoyances at best) but right now he’s feeling awfully feline, all stretched-out, naked, spotted with glorious color, beautiful women petting him.

Breena gets to his wrist, looking at the one kiss mark that won’t wash off when they’re done.

“What if I want to put a kiss on you that won’t wash off?”

Tim tilts his head toward her. (His wrist is above his head, so he’s looking up and backwards.) “I told Abby a long time ago that I’d proudly wear any mark she wanted to put on me.” Breena leans down and kisses him, planting a candy pink kiss on his lips. “Same goes for you.”

Breena’s eyeing his wrist. “And you don’t have your heart set on another ring or something like that?”

“I’m fine with the cuff, or a ring, or… It just has to be something from the three of you that I wear on my skin. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter.”

“What are you thinking?” Abby’s asking, looking up from the trail of kisses she’s painting up Tim’s thigh.

Breena scoots over, next to Jimmy, who’s adding another color to his lips. She spends a few seconds looking at the already mixed colors, and then takes the periwinkle blue that matches her eyes and paints her lips with it.

“The cuff covers from here to here?” She touches just below Tim’s palm to two and a half inches lower.


“Okay.” Breena takes his wrist in her hand, and lays a kiss on his wrist. Between hers and Abby’s it look almost like he’s got a 7 on his wrist. He’s a little puzzled at the placement, until he gets where she’s going with this.

Jimmy gets it about the same time Tim does, and he looks at Tim, raising an eyebrow.

“Go kiss that off on the girls.” Jimmy’s got a dark red on right now, and it’s too close to Abby’s blow job red to work on his wrist.

“You want my kiss?” Jimmy asks.

Tim almost shrugs at that. Jimmy’s lips tattooed to his skin was never on his list of dearest hopes, but he likes the symbolism, likes the closed triangle. He’s looking at two thirds of his loves, and… it’s just not done without Jimmy.

“Not done without you. Unless it makes you feel weird.”

“Nah.” Abby’s closer to him right now than Breena is, so he pulls her close and kisses her ear lobe. Then puts another one on her shoulder, giving her angel a kiss halo. One more right above the cuff tattoo on her arm, and then over to Breena. He lays a dark red kiss on her ankle, another on her shin, and one on her knee cap before the tar has mostly wiped off.

Back to the colors he goes, spending a moment thinking, and another moment mixing. Like Breena, he decides to match his eye color. So, deep greeny-brown. Tim would call it ‘cool moss’ which is probably just him being poetic, but if there’s ever a time to be poetic, describing your lovers’ kiss colors is probably it.

Tim sits up and holds out his wrist to Jimmy, who takes it in his hand and gently presses his kiss to close the triangle.

Tim takes a moment to look at it, all three sets of lips on his wrist, and nods. He likes it. It feels… right, and done, and he likes the idea of it hiding under his cuff. Likes the idea of carrying their love on his skin everywhere he goes.

He looks at his dragon, and touches it gently. “This is who I want to be.” More than that, it’s his love for them, worn on his skin. He looks at but doesn’t touch the lip prints. Jimmy’s is still wet and he doesn’t want them to smear. This is their love for him. “And this is what lets me be him.”

Rainbow party is, forgiving the pun, a brilliant idea. Everyone’s covered with pretty splotches of color. Tim’s got reds and pinks and coral and blues and greens and purples all over him. Kisses on hands and feet and everything in between. Both he and Jimmy are sporting rainbow covered erections, and the four of them have taken about three million pictures to go with this.

Breena’s still looking Abby over. She’s covered in kiss marks, his lips, Jimmy’s, and Breena’s but so far, Breena hasn’t found a place she wants to leave her forever kiss.

And then she does. Tim sees the way she lights up with it, and then springs over to the plate with all the colors on it. She’s carefully mixing as she says, “Tim’s is black; I want my lips to be lip colored.” After a few seconds, she’s got her color mixed up, and applied onto her lips, then she kneels on the bed behind Abby, gathering her hair in her hand, and gently, carefully, kisses the nape of Abby’s neck. “Right there. Between your hair and the collars you like, no one will see it unless you want them to. But it’s still close and sensual and romantic.”

Tim grabs his phone and takes several pictures. Making sure to get the color as true to life as possible, as well as good, close-up detail of the kiss.  

Abby takes the camera from him. “Yeah. I like that.” She turns and kisses Breena. Not trading marks, this is just lips on lips and happiness slipping from one body to another.

“How about it, Jimmy, which one of yours is going to be forever?” Abby’s looking over the kisses, some green and brown, some blues, some purples, a few in black, and a few more in dark red, that are all from Jimmy. 

Jimmy’s also looking, thinking. He looks up at Tim, and then back to Abby, “When you’re touched by hands that love you, it should leave a mark, huh?”

Tim nods. “That’s what I was thinking.”

“He’ll cover our lips with his wrist cuff. You wear one most of the time, how about always?”
Abby nods. “I can do that. You thinking about my wrist?”

“Forearm, really, but you’ve already got tatts all over them.” Jimmy lays his palm along the inside of her forearm, the bottom of his palm just about at the bottom of hers. “This is the first place we touched.”

She smiles at that. “When you glued your hands to my arms.”

“Who knew what that’d turn into?” Jimmy reaches over and grabs a baby wipe. He wipes off Abby’s arm, removing several kisses, and after her skin is dry, he lifts her wrist to his lips, kissing along the faint blue shadow of her radial artery. “There.”

Abby smiles at it, and then kisses him, holding her arm carefully to let that print dry properly. Tim gets a shot of it, nodding, liking the placement and symbolism.

Jimmy’s looking over his skin, and then stands up to check his back in the mirror. He’s looking at the kisses, gently touching the now dry blow job red kiss between his shoulder blades, while thinking about the idea of forever. “So, how bad does getting one of these hurt?”

“Not the end of the world or anything, but it stings,” Abby says. “Why?”

“Thinking about it.”

“No.” Abby’s shaking her head. “There’s no reason for you to do that.”

Jimmy’s looking irked at that. They’ve got them all over their skin, why not him? “How about liking the idea? Sounds like reason to me.”

“Jimmy, you react badly to henna,” Abby says.

“And Sharpies…” Breena adds.

“You tried that?” Tim asks.

Breena’s nodding, pulling Jimmy back to bed. “I did a little design on his calf, and the next day the whole thing was swollen and red for days. You and ink don’t get along. So, let’s not inject it into your skin and see what sorts of new, fun allergies you’ve got.”

“Fine.” Jimmy’s not looking thrilled, but he doesn’t want to argue. Not right now. Not with pretty and naked people all around him.  (Though Tim’s making a mental note that Jimmy’s got first dibs on the shower when they’re done.)

It looks like a Crayola factory exploded. Or… that holiday in India, with the dye, Ducky would know what it’s called, it looks like that.

There’s four sweaty, smeary, spent people on what were once black sheets that are now very much not black sheets.

Apparently, if you get sweaty, and apply some silicon based lube that gets smeared to other places, along with natural lube, and saliva, you come up with a cocktail lip tars cannot withstand. Most of those nice, defined, brilliant kisses have bled into the most conspicuous camouflage pattern in existence.

And Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.

He’s spooned up behind Abby, her body still soft and wet on his. He lightly kisses the smear that was once Breena’s lips on the nape of her neck. She purrs a little, shifting, and he slips wetly from her, coaxing one last, soft twitch from her body.

He can feel an arm slipping against his back. Jimmy’s, he’s guessing by the hair. He’s not rubbing Tim’s back, not as his main focus, (probably). Tim’s not quite feeling energetic enough to look up, but he thinks Breena’s on top of Jimmy (she was before he and Abby rolled to their side to finish up with a slow and lazy spoon), and he’s gently stroking her back, and just rubbing Tim’s as a side bonus.

Tim drags his arm down Abby’s side, resting his hand on her tummy, holding her close as he scoots back an inch to get closer to Jimmy and Breena.

Breena kisses his shoulder, and he feels her hair on his back and shoulder, so he guesses she’s snuggled her head in against Jimmy’s shoulder, back of her head to his back.

For a few more heartbeats they rest there, tired and happy. Then his phone buzzes. He doesn’t want to get up, but… But it could be… God, what time is it? Sun’s low, so it’s got to be past six. So, Sarah maybe, or work or… He sits up slow, kissing both girls, and tries to remember where the hell his phone ended up.

Eventually he sees it in the corner of the solarium, and reaches for it with pink/purple/green/blue hands, digging his phone out of his pocket.

It’s a text from his sister. We’re doing just fine.  Under that is a shot of Kelly sitting on one side of a nicely set table with Sarah on the other. Looks like dinner’s in full swing, for them.

He flops back to the center of the bed, showing off the shot. “Looks like they’re getting on okay without us.”

Abby looks at the picture, and takes the phone from Tim. Abby here. Awwww!

You guys having a good time? ;)


Then I’ll let you get back to it.


Jimmy’s still laying on his back, but Breena’s starting to get up, too. She gently pokes him. “Come on, shower time.” Tim glances at her, and yes, both of them are thinking that getting the pigments off of Jimmy is a good plan. Yes, they’re designed for skin wear, but… just in case.

“Then feeding the pregnant lady!” Abby adds.

“Shower big enough for the four of us?” Tim asks. Now that he’s not all post-orgasmic glow-y, he’s starting to feel a bit sticky and gross.

“Nope.” Breena’s pulling Jimmy up, and he’s making less than happy noises about that. He looks like he wants to sleep, but finally he lurches up. “Fifteen minutes, then it’s your turn.”

Tim nods, and Abby looks around. “Come on, phase two. Won’t take us more than a minute.”

Breena grins at them, herding Jimmy toward the bathroom.

Tim glances at her, covered in her own rainbow of smeary splotches, hair spiky and sweaty, eyes glowing at him. “You’ve got a phase two?”

“Oh yeah.” She’s smiling brilliantly. “And you’re going to love it.”

“Really?” If phase two involves anything beyond a shower and sleep, he’s not sure how useful he’ll be for it.

“Yep. Come on, let’s get the sheets off and clean sheets on.”

That sounds like a step toward sleeping. “Okay.”

Half an hour later they’re on phase two, and Abby is right, he loves it. They’re all showered and dried off, naked and comfortable. (All four of them hitting more of a second wind once they got up and moving around again.)

They put clean sheets on the mattresses, as well as blankets and pillows. There’s sushi and lettuce rolls, cold dumplings, sake and tea. There’s feeding each other, bits of dinner nibbled from each other’s fingers, as they lay around.

And then, from there, there’s falling asleep watching the stars come out above and the last of the summer fireflies flitting among the trees.