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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 189

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 189: Shaving

Gibbs circa 1986.
It was not until he was attempting to take all of his body hair below his eyelashes off that it occurred to Tim that he had a lot of it.

In fact, until he was standing in the bathroom, trimmer in hand, he'd considered himself to be a very hairless guy.

This is probably the result of having roomed with Tony or Gibbs hundreds of times, and both of them are fuzzy. Tony's practically got a pelt, and Gibbs is certainly covered in hair, too. (Granted, that hair is white, so it's a little more subtle than Tony's, but still, there's a ton of it.)

Meanwhile Tim's got, (or so he thought) about seventy-three chest hairs (three quarters of which are blond and practically invisible) all in the center of his chest, maybe twenty-two more that trail from his navel to his pubes, a fairly small and soft patch of pubic hair, about six stray hairs on his balls, some sparse underarm hair, almost entirely blond leg hair, and that's pretty much it. Not much hair, at all.

Tony and Abby at the pool.
Of course, his self-assessment on this might have something to do with how rarely he really looks at himself in a mirror. Especially looks at himself naked, actually trying to see how much body hair he has.

And, really staring at himself, he suddenly seemed to have tons of it. (Seriously, when did he get hair on his feet, let alone his toes? Sure it's like two hairs per toe, but when the hell did that happen? He's fairly sure he didn't always have hair on his toes, but for the life of him he can't remember the last time he really looked at his naked feet.) And suddenly taking it all off seemed like an insane idea. He knows Abby can shave her legs in like, six minutes, but as he's looking at his, it seems like it should take a whole lot longer, and maybe he doesn't need to take it all off, he's a guy after all...

On the other hand, her legs feel great after she shaves them… And it's not like there'll be a lot of time for stuff like this in the future… And he's not thinking about making a real habit of it, he just wants to see what it feels like… So…

He fires up the trimmer and gets to work.

Abby was supposed to be out for another two hours. The plan was she'd be out, he'd get himself all hairless and naked, and then they'd spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, get dressed up, head out to dinner, then more sex before the hair started to grow back in and got all prickly.

And he was very diligently working away on that goal. He'd decided that one pass with the trimmer over everything was a good first step, then he'd get the razors and go to town. He'd gotten his legs, under arms, chest, and two thirds of his pubic hair trimmed off when she walked into the bathroom.

A few relevant facts of the McGee household:

73 chest hairs, or Abby had way too damn much fun
with the whole lie detector thing.
A: While it is true that Tim isn't exactly an exhibitionist when it comes to his bathroom habits, he's also not particularly shy, either. He's a guy, and is used to peeing with an audience.

B: Abby, however, is not a guy, and does not appreciate an audience.

C: Since it's just the two of them, they do not lock, and very rarely close, doors.

D: Closed doors mean do not come in, and are respected.

E: Tim was alone in the house and thus did not bother to close the bathroom door.

So, he is sitting on the edge of the bathtub, one leg propped up high on the shower wall, trimmer in hand, getting the hair between his leg and testicle. He's covered in tiny, little, just clipped off hairs that he hasn't rinsed away yet, sitting in the midst of thousands more tiny, little, just clipped off hairs, unable to hear much over the buzzing of the clipper.

He did however hear it when Abby yelped, "Tim!"

He looked up, startled, (fortunately he didn't accidentally stab himself with the trimmers) and said, "You're home early."

"Yeah." She's staring at him, eyes very wide. "What are you doing?"

He's assuming this is a rhetorical question because it's got to be pretty damn obvious what he's doing. He's got trimmers in hand and is sitting in a forest of just clipped hairs, not like he's doing his taxes in here.

"I thought it'd be fun." He's smiling, looking a little uncomfortable, suddenly aware of the fact that he's never actually talked to Abby about her preferences when it comes to male fuzziness and that she might actually find this appalling.

But a slow, wide grin spreads across her face, and she says, "Can I watch?"

That wasn't something he was expecting. "You want to watch?"

"Oh yeah!" Her pigtails are practically vibrating she's so excited by this prospect.

"Okay." He contorted a little more, suddenly aware of the fact that his pubic hair goes all the way back to his anus, and that's going to be tricky to get, even without an audience, and that this a whole lot less dignified than he'd been hoping. "So… ummm… weren't you supposed to be watching Deadpool?"

"Movie sold out. I messed around a bit, but then decided to head home."


She's noticing he's got the trimmers off and isn't doing anything. "Would you rather I didn't watch?"

"Sort of. Can't figure out how to do this without looking like a porn star."

That got another wide smile out of her, and he's fairly sure he knows what she's remembering, because he's remembering it too, and yeah, that was a lot of fun.

"I like you looking like a porn star."

He grinned at that.

"And it's not like I haven't seen, touched, licked, and sucked all of you already."

"Okay, true."

She stepped up close behind him, trailed her fingers down his spine (one of the few bits of him currently not covered in tiny, little, newly clipped off hairs). "And, I'm guessing, you were kind of hoping I was going to touch, lick, and suck all of you again, otherwise that trimmer wouldn't be anywhere near there, right?"



He nodded to the toilet seat and turned the trimmers back on. "Get comfy and please don't distract me."

She grinned, and he got back to work.

Rinsing off felt really good. Trimming resulted in an itchy, prickly, slightly sweaty combination he didn't much like. Rinsing it all off on the other hand meant that he was now wet, very naked (Jimmy wasn't kidding about things looking bigger after trimming the hair away, and he's almost embarrassed to admit how much he likes that.) and not smooth yet, but much less fuzzy than he's been at any point in his life since he was thirteen and started growing real body hair in the first place.

Abby tossed him the shaving cream and he started to lather up his left leg. And on one level it's kind of weird. He's shaving his leg. On another level it's soft and foamy and feels pretty nice. So he focuses on soft and foamy while reaching for the razor.

Abby shaves her legs once every three days, and Tim really appreciates the day she shaves. He's even more enthusiastic about the day after she waxes. Very soft, hairless skin is something he really likes. It feels excellent, and given the opportunity he'll just sit there, petting her, enjoying her skin.

Still, he wasn't prepared for how good his skin would feel when he rinsed off the last bit of the shaving cream residue from his right leg. In fact, wet, smooth, hairless legs blew his mind, and he's cursing at himself that he didn't figure this out sooner, like, say during all those years he was single, because he really could have had a whole lot of fun with this.

He's standing there, rubbing his left leg against his right, enjoying it, and Abby's giggling at him.

"Think you're going to do this again?"

"Depends on how accurate Jimmy was about how it feels when it grows back. But right now, this is awesome."

"Legs growing back in isn't an issue. At least it isn't for me." She stood up and gently stroked her hand over where his pubic hair was now a whole lot shorter, but not yet shaved off. "However, I'll tell you I think waxing it off is more comfortable than having it grow back in."

"Ummm…" That has Tim's attention, and he looks really alarmed because having someone yank his pubic hair out sounds like torture to him. "It's that itchy?"

"Not so much intense as it lasts a few days."

"Errr… Should I do this?"

She just shrugs. "How good to your legs feel?"

He rubs them together again. "Really good."

She just looks at him with a smile on her face. "Want me to lather you up?"


Okay, having someone rub shaving cream over your pubic hair is actually really nice. And kind of distracting. It took him about thirty seconds to remember why she was doing that. He remembered Jimmy's comment about having Breena shave him and, yeah, it didn't sound great when he heard it the first time, but right now it's sounding really good.

He popped a new blade onto his razor and handed it to her. "You wanna shave me?"

Her eyes went wide, lit up with joy, and a huge, bright smile spread across her lips. "Really?"


"Oh yes!" She's sitting on the side of the tub, he's standing in the tub, facing her. "Legs a bit further apart." So he widens his stance and she smiles up at him, turning on the faucet in the tub. Then she seems to realize that she's still dressed, so she flicks off the faucet.

"Okay, hold up, let me get out of this. Because I'm going to guess this is going to involve getting wet and probably foamy."

He's still grinning. "Certainly wouldn't mind if it did. After all this stuff is designed to make a blade slide over skin easily, probably makes bodies slide over each other pretty easy, too."

She's pulling her shirt over her head when he says that. Once she got it off she says, with a wicked smile, "Down, boy. Let's get the hair off of you before trying that."

Okay, yeah, he likes the thrill of almost getting caught. And yeah, with as hard as he got driving 130 with her next to him, he's sure there's a straight danger kick as well. But it's not like Tim actively seeks out danger for thrills. Sometimes dangerous things just hit him right, and they're awfully fun.

But this is just… Fuck!

It blows them all away.

She's holding his dick and balls with one hand, keeping them out of the way (made somewhat more difficult by the fact that he's rock hard) as she carefully runs the blade over his pelvis. After each stroke she washes the blade under the faucet, carefully cleaning it, and then heads to the next area, making sure to do long, gentle pulls.

It feels amazing. Very soft, very smooth, very dangerous, and God he likes it way too much.

Having someone shave your balls is… just… fuck… okay, it doesn't matter how annoying the growing back in is. It could feel like red hot ants are crawling all over his testicles and biting him, and he will still ask Abby to do this again.

And for as much as he didn't love the position he needed to get into for her to get the hairs around his anus and between his butt cheeks, the way having them shaved off felt… Holy Mother of God! that was all sorts of good.

Then Abby said, "You know, if you're all clean shaven, you should probably do me as well."

And… yep, it's a kick from the other side, though, since she waxes, he was only doing her legs. Still, smooth skin, sharp shiny blades, foamy shaving cream, and lots of hot, wet, nicely-scented skin touching.

It's all kinds of good.

And he did get the grow-back-in-softer-and-slower lotion as well, and rubbing that all over each other was a lot of fun, too.

So, yeah, he's a total danger junkie, and he's got no idea how he's ever going to be able to look at a razor again, let alone use one, without getting a hard on.

They're out of the bathroom, laying on their bed, and he's more naked than he's ever been as an adult. He trails his fingers over his dick and balls and the skin around them, absolutely marveling at how good that feels. And she's grinning at him, really getting off on watching him enjoy himself.

"Okay, honestly, I could spend a few hours just playing with myself. This is just…" He rubs one of his legs against hers. "God! If I could blow myself…" Cause he knows how much he likes the feel of her bare skin on his lips, so he assumes it'd be just as good on his. He rubs his legs together: soft, silky skin on skin. "Damn!"

Abby's petting him, too. "Wanna make it better?"

"How could this possibly be better?"


His eyes suddenly narrow and the blissed-out look on his face vanishes. "Errr… you mean like…" Because while it's true that he owns a few pieces of silk clothing, he's fairly sure she's not thinking about his tie collection.

She's still grinning away, looking really hopeful. "Like stockings or my kimono or one of the negligées."

Okay, yes, he wears a kilt in public, and makeup when they go out, but that's not cross-dressing. That's just different modes of being a guy. Stockings and her undies that's very much not just different modes of being a guy. And it's very true that he'd have an extremely difficult time explaining why it was okay to shave all of his hair off and wear a kilt, but not okay to put on some of her clothing, he's also very aware on a gut level that this is a really squirmy idea and not in a good way.


She can see how uncomfortable that idea is for him, so she just smiles, then heads to her dresser, and puts on a pair of silk stockings and a silk negligee then comes over and drapes herself all over him, and yeah, she was right, that feels amazing.

"I don't suppose you'd tie me up and just rub all over me?" Because right now, he can't think of anything that'll feel better than that.

"Of course, baby. Tie you spread eagle, get lots of good pictures, fuck you 'till you can't come anymore."

"Oh, God, yes. Please!"

She did get him tied, and got lots of pictures, and started to rub all over him, when it became suddenly very clear that not only can Abby not lie on her stomach anymore, it's not all that easy for her to bend at the middle. Which makes getting to certain bits of him, specifically the bits he's really hoping she'll get to, almost impossible if he's tied to the bed.

So, he was untied, and then retied using the ceiling hook. And maybe that's not quite as easy as lying in bed, but he's pretty sure it'll work out just fine.

And she is rubbing up all over him, hot skin under silk all over his skin, and Tim knows there's a difference between sensual and sexual but right now, this is the perfect combination of both of them.

It's not just that he's so hard he feel like he's going to pass out, though that is true. It's also that all of his skin is so happy it's singing, buzzing with pleasure. It's a surfeit of stimulation on any level his body can take, and it's so good he's just floating through it.

Then it got better.

"Up on the dresser."

He does as she tells him, and it's a little tricky to do without the use of his hands, but he does manage to get seated on top of the dresser while Abby heads to the closet and finds a pair of platform boots.

After all, the dresser is waist high on him, but she needs a few extra inches for that to be true.

She leaves on the stockings, but takes off the negligee, and then straps on her boots.

"You all clean?"

He nods his head eagerly. Tim loves having her eat him out, but since she's been pregnant he hasn't been willing to let her do it unless he's clean inside and out. No orgasm's worth risking her coming down with a nasty bacterial infection, especially when she's pregnant. But he'd certainly been hoping that if he shaved everything off, she'd be willing to lick every inch of hairless skin, so, yeah, he's clean enough for surgery. That was step one in this whole plan.


She went to the toy box, got the lube, dilators, and strap-on. "Want the cock ring, too?"


She looks up from sorting through their toys. "Yeah?"

"I love you."

She takes a step over, and kisses him gently. "Damn right you do!" She grins, and he grins back. "So, cock ring, too? Or you think you've got enough control on your own for this?"

He exhales long and slow. "Choices, choices… Grab it, and if I need it, I'll tell you."

"Sounds good."

She does, and then lays them all out next to him on the top of the dresser. He loves the anticipation of this, he can see them next to him, imagine what's going to come next, as her fingers trail from his lips to his cock, gently stroking over his skin.

"So, pretty little love, what exactly did you hope I'd do with you when you decided to take all your hair off?"

"I was hoping you'd rub all over me." He's sitting on the edge of the dresser, her standing between his legs, and she rubs her body along his, hips between his thighs, belly sliding over his cock, breasts against his chest, lips stroking over his neck and shoulder, as her hands rub over his arms.

He exhales slowly. "God, you feel so good on me. I love your skin."

She continues to slowly undulate against him, keeping up gentle slide and subtle friction. "And was this all you wanted? Just my skin moving on yours?"

"No. But if that's all you want to do, I'm good with it."

"Tell me what you want."

"Pull those two top drawers out a little." The top row of his dresser has three drawers. Pull the left and right ones out and whoever is on top of the dresser has a nice little foot rest. He hadn't been thinking about that when he bought it. He'd been thinking convenient place for boxers, socks, and ties, but it worked out really well for sex, too.

She did, and he propped his heels up. "I was hoping you'd tie me up, lick and suck my ass, then fuck me senseless."

"So, are you saying you want me to work you open with my tongue, then when you're all wet and soft, start with the glass, slipping them in one at a time, until you're wide open, then strap one on and fuck you until your cock's so hard I can see every single vein, and it throbs each time your heart beats?"

He inhales hard at that idea, and his eyes almost slide all the way shut. "Yes!"

"And how should I get you off once I've got you that hard? Pull out and suck you off? Jerk you off while I thrust? Grind against you, belly on your cock while I just keep pressing your prostate with my cock?"

"Grind, please!"

She lays a soft, wet kiss to his thigh, then stands between his legs, lips an inch from his. "And what will you do for me if I do that for you?"

"Anything, at all!"


His eyes are glazed with lust and pleasure and focused squarely on hers. "Anything." It came out as a soft hot breath against her lips. "Tell me what you want, and I will do it."

She's grinning and then says, "Good. Stay put, I want to get a chair. I'm going to fuck you good and slow so something to sit on would be nice."

One thing Tim has noticed about when Abby's in charge is that she's really good at pacing. He felt the bead of pre cum slip down his cock when he said 'Anything,' but she took her time getting a chair, and that wilted him a little, took the edge off.

And she knows that. Knows that if she starts this with him too close to the edge, he'll slip over too soon and it won't be nearly as fun.

But if she works in little breaks, bits of down time, she can ramp him up so hard he'll be literally unable to see when he comes.

So, by the time she's returned with a chair, he's still very hard, but not quivering or leaking anymore.

He's eager, anticipating, and very, very turned on.

She's standing between his legs, eyes sparkling with sex, mischief, and joy, and says, "Where to begin?"

"Rhetorical question?"

"Not necessarily."

He wrapped his legs around her waist and pulled her close for a long, wet kiss. "This is always good."

She returned the kiss, running her fingers through his hair and down his back. "Yes, it is." Her hands cupped his ass and slid over his legs. "Very good indeed."

She began the long, slow trail of kisses down his throat and chest, nibbling and licking the now smooth skin. "Feels so good. Any time you want to do this, and I'm all in favor of it."

"Trust me, this is going into the regular rotation."

She rolled her tongue over his nipple, and he hummed a little at that. It feels okay. It doesn't do the same thing for him that him doing it to her does for her. But it's nice, and certainly looks pretty, and when she pulls it with her teeth while rubbing against his dick with her tummy, that certainly gets his attention.

He hissed at it, and she looked back up at him.


"Yeah, both at once, very good."

That got a grin. "How about this?" She stepped back a little, and then took his cock in her mouth while pulling her fingernails over both nipples.


"You like that?"

He's nodding yes, but says, "Maybe you could try it again, just to make sure?"

She laughed at that. "Maybe I could, but probably not today. I think today I'm supposed to be fucking you."

"That could be part of it."

"It could be, but not today." She patted his hip. "Got other places you want my mouth."


She kissed his knee. "Like here."

"That's good."

She trailed her tongue down the inside of his leg, pausing to carefully lick the crease between his leg and pelvis. "And here."

"God, yes, here is very good." And it is. It really is. His leg flopped over, giving her better access, and he twisted a little, trying to get more of her mouth against him.

She steadied his hips with her hands. "Calm baby, I'll get all of you, eventually." Her breath on wet skin sent another flush of pleasure through him. She caught that, the way he squirmed a little when she spoke, so she licked a wide, wet stripe, achingly close to where he wants her to touch, but not quite there, and then gently blew on it.

"Ohhh…" He arched into it. Silly really, not like you can get more pressure with breath, but his body wants it, so it tried to move into it.

Another soft, wet lick, this one across the crease where leg becomes buttock, followed by a happy squirm inducing breath.

She nibbles along that line, interspersing little wet licks with tiny not quite sharp bites, and his hands clench against the rope. He leans back, lets it take his weight, pushing his hips a little further over the edge of the dresser, anything to give her better access to his body.

"You're eager for this, aren't you?"

"God, yes!"

She shifted to his left leg, giving it the same treatment as his right, and he whined a little as she got closer and closer without actually touching where he wanted.

"Please, baby!"

"Please what?"

He spread his legs further apart. "Please stop teasing me."

He watched as she laid her hands on the insides of his thighs, hot skin on his, spread him a little further apart, and lowered her head. He jerked, cursing in a very pleased sort of way, when she licked from the tip of his tailbone to the back of his balls.

It's a hard position to move in. He can rest his feet in the drawers, but he can't really press down against them, and he's sort of balanced on his second to last vertebrae, so he can't really thrust, best he can do is curl his abs, pull up with them, get a little motion. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want to thrust. He wants to grind into her, feel her tongue go deep and hard, and god, it's wet and squirmy and feels so goddamn good he doesn't know what to do with himself.

She's pulling him apart with her hands, giving herself better access, and it's all wet, hot, nasty, dirty, feels so good, and he can't believe she'll do it for him, and it's just so wrong and so right, and nothing else feels like this, wide open, completely vulnerable, with her tongue lapping away at him, nose and forehead rubbing his balls, it even sounds dirty, and makes him so hard. And he can't really see what she's doing, but he can see his dick, and it's rock hard, leaking, vibrating with each heartbeat, flushed purple he's so turned on, and like anytime she does something like this, he knows it's not enough, it won't get him off, but it'll drive him crazy with wanting, take him so high he's not all there anymore, burn off all of him that isn't lust and desire and pleasure and…

"Oh, fucking God, Abby!" she'd switched from lapping to working her tongue into him and that's just another level of so good all he can do is float on it, suffused with pleasure, glowing and babbling with it.

He whimpered when she pulled back and said, "Stand up."

He did it, though his legs and abs felt like Jello.

She reached up and untied him. If he was more with it, he'd notice that both of his arms were completely asleep. But really all he was doing was moaning quietly at not getting fucked any more.

"Lie on the bed, hips flush with the edge, feet on the floor."

He got it together enough to do that. And was finally starting to come down enough to realize his arms were on fire and his legs and abs knew they'd had a work out.

She stood between his legs, holding the lube and the first, smallest dilator. Lubed glass means almost no friction, and what she'd been doing with her tongue meant he was already pretty loose, well, for him, so he barely felt it slip in. Just a tiny bit of stretch, and she went back to licking him.

Her tongue lapping at his perineum, the dilator gently easing in and out, and once again he's so high there's not a single thought in his head beyond just feeling all of this.

It feels like it's taking forever. Like he's floating in a sea's worth of gently, steadily increasing pleasure.

She's rolling his balls on her tongue, and he feels like he's wide open, no idea how close to stretched out he is, but he feels loose and open, wanting nothing more than the feel of her flush on him, hard in him, riding him higher and higher as his muscles grow tighter, inching toward climax.

There's a little burn to go with the full, stretched feeling as she slides the next (last?) one in.

He's whimpering, head back, hands clenched in the blankets, trying to get her to touch his dick, desperate for just a hint of friction to get him off, and she stopped dead, flipping around so her pussy's at eye level.

He grabbed at her ass and hips, pulling her onto his mouth, licking and sucking like he's starving and she's the best meal he's ever seen. She's not touching him anymore. There's just the stretch from the glass and the taste/feel of her on his lips and tongue as she rides his face. And it's almost enough.

Anything would do it for him right now. A well placed breeze would get him off.

Abby moaning, crying as he eats her out, spreads her legs wider, touches with fingers, tongue, lips, and nose,and all of it goes straight to his cock. He's absolutely rigid, leaking, he can feel each drop of pre-cum ooze down the length of his dick, pooling on the naked skin at the base of his dick.

Her legs go tight on his shoulders, and he feels her shuddering over him. He slows, gentles his licks, but doesn't stop. He wants her taste, wants to bury himself in her, revel in the feel of her body hot and wet on his.

She pulls away after a few minutes, and he wasn't exactly on board with that plan, but he let her go, licking her juices off his lips.


So he does. Keeping his eyes on her as she steps into the strap on, pulling it snug over her hips. Sure, it fits a little oddly over her pregnant body, but they're fairly creative, and he's pretty handy, so adjusting the straps wasn't too much of an issue.

It's fairly thin, not very long, and she's stroking her hand over it, smoothing on the lube, and he has to look away because watching her jerk it off is going to make him come.

He's not sure if the fact that her wearing a fake dick turns him on so hard because he knows how what she'll do with it will feel, or if he loves the way it feels so much because of how it looks when she does it. Chicken, egg, no idea. But he does know that if it had been possible for him to get harder, it happened.

And he also knows that he was begging, flat out, no holds barred, pleading, with her to fuck him. Whimpering for it.

She knelt between his legs, and he propped himself on his elbows to watch. She eased the dilator out, and went back to licking him, rimming him, tongue slipping over and in and around in slick, wet, soft, sensations.

He's moaning, completely beyond words, beyond all thought past the need to get off.

Tim feels her shift his leg over her shoulder, and the hard, cold, thick feel of the plastic dick sliding into him. And usually the slide doesn't do much for him. Usually that's just part of getting to the feel of it rubbing his prostate and the gonna squirt, almost cumming feel of that pressure. But he's loose and open enough that it just slides in and that slide is delicious, taking him higher than he thinks he's ever been.

He has one leg over her shoulder as she thrusts up and in, hard, fast, tummy rubbing over his dick with each motion and he can't take much more of this, it's so good and so hot, and he's so hard, so gone in pleasure and violin string tight muscles clenching hard begging for just a little more friction to spill him over the edge and one more thrust and a sort of grind and Tim was gone, replaced with a burning, sparkling ball of pleasured drenched nerves, twitching, shaking, yelling her name as he comes in long, wet stripes over his stomach and chest and hers.

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