Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 423: Story Time

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 423: Story Time

Jimmy feels something wet hit him, right at the base of the skull, and then dribble down the back of his neck. He jerks at it, looking around, but doesn't see anything.
Probably just some spray or something. He's in the ocean, waist deep, boogie board in hand, waiting for a breaker. Storm's rolling in, this time tomorrow the whole coast will be drenched, but right now, the sun is shining and the waves are high, which means he, Tony, and both Abbies are getting as much surf time in as they can.
A thought hits as he's looking at the waves which are not really likely to be providing the sort squirt of water he just felt, and he tentatively reaches back to check. Good. Not a seagull.
The next squirt is definitely not a bit of spray. It hits in exactly the same place, and there is no chance that this isn't water pistol fire. Jimmy quickly searches the beach, making sure that Jethro isn't on it, and no, he's not. So, where the hell is he shooting from? It's a water pistol, not a rifle.
Granted, it would be easier to tell what was going on if he had his glasses or contacts in, but he's fairly sure that even without them, he can see something the size of Gibbs that should be less than thirty feet away. But no, all he's got in range is water, more water, a little water to the left, and water with DiNozzo and both Abbies to the right. (And none of them are firing a water pistol at him.)
One more squirt, this time to his chest, which means he should be staring right at him, but he can't see where he's being hit from.
Jimmy does another 360, looking everywhere, but he can't tell where Jethro is, or where he'd been shooting from. Then, a few seconds later, he's staring at the beach again, and there's Gibbs, sitting in the sand, rubbing Mona's ears, and tossing the tennis ball for her.
He's also head to toe, dripping wet.
Jimmy catches the next wave, rides in, and lands near Gibbs. "You were shooting from under the water?"
Gibbs smiles, very satisfied. Then he holds up two plastic bendy straws. "Always take advantage of your location and the tools around you."

"You kinky bastard!" Tony says, sounding sly, bringing the plate with all of the chicken breasts over to the grill. Tim's on grilling duty. (He volunteered, thought it'd be good exercise for his foot and ankle. So far that appears to be right.)
Tim jerks a little at that, feeling startled by it. "Uh…" He's looking at the chicken breasts, laying them on the grill.
"Got a late swim last night, heard you and Abby."
"Shit." Yeah they were trying to be quiet, but apparently not succeeding. Though, he'd have to admit he's a bit fuzzy on what exactly happened last night. He can clearly remember really liking it, and he's got some interesting bruises on his chest which have a few clear memories attached to them, but for the most part he just remembers feeling really good, about the sex in specific and the universe in general.
"In the room with Jimmy and Breena sleeping, and the girls… Damn! I get you like the thrill of almost getting caught, but… That's really taking it to the edge." Tony's got a happy, dirty grin on his face, and Tim's got the sense he's sort of cheering Tim on with this.
Still, it looks like Tony doesn't know precisely what was going on last night. Granted, Tim doesn't either, but he's got a much more accurate version than Tony does. Tim shrugs a bit, deciding that Tony doesn't need to know what was actually happening, after all they still haven't decided exactly what they're telling anyone who isn't Gibbs.
"What'd you hear?" Tim's curious because they were trying to be quiet and while he knows they weren't silent, he didn't think anyone was moaning or groaning. He knows one of the bite marks on his chest is from keeping Abby's mouth quiet, so…
"Your room's right over the kitchen. Kept hearing a little shifting noise and a thunk when we got a drink after the swim. Shift, shift, shift, thunk, and repeat. You guys are in the bed right? Not sleeping on the floor with your arm like that. Or is Palmer the kinky one?"
Probably Jimmy and Breena going full speed toward the end while Tim and Abby were chasing their orgasm, too. Bed was definitely rocking then. (Tim makes a mental note to see if there's a screw driver around here anywhere, probably a good idea to tighten up the joints before they leave, or else Ed and Jeannie might wonder what happened to their bed when they sleep here next.) Tim nods and grins. "Palmer's always the kinky one, but no, we're not sleeping on the floor."
Tony smiles wide and elbows him gently. "Glad to see all of the important bits healed up and are working just fine."
Tim laughs. He takes another sip of his cider, then sticks out his tongue and quickly wiggles it. "Yeah, they do."
Tony almost chokes on his drink he laughs so hard at that.
"What has you two giggling away?" Abbi asks, heading over to the grill with shucked corn on the cob.
Tim smirks. "Rule 69."
Abbi looks confused. "Never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man?" That doesn't sound like the punchline to a dirty joke to her, and that kind of laughter goes with a dirty joke.
"Some numbers have multiple rules. Gibbs doesn't know we've co-opted sixty-nine for this one, but it is one of his rules." Tim says, smirking even wider.
"Oral always counts," Tony says, grinning.
Abbi closes her eyes for a second, laughing quietly, and then puts the corn down. "And what got you guys making that rule?"
Tony squints a bit, remembering. "God… That was your bachelor party, right?"
Tim nods. "Yeah. He might have said it before then, but that's where I'm remembering it from."
"And what were you talking about?" Abbi asks, sure she knows.
Tim and Tony shake their heads. Tony replies, "Even if we could remember, we're not saying. You wanna know, you've got to ask him."
"Uh huh…" She looks at them dryly before heading off, still chuckling.
Tony looks at Tim. "You still at seven?"
Takes Tim a minute to remember that was the number he gave for how often he was getting off a week. "Ish. This weekend's bumping me up some," he looks at himself, getting the injured idea across, "but most of this summer's been pretty dry."
Tony nods. "Jimmy was right, getting married was great for sex."
Tim grins at him and turns the chicken breasts, then adds the corn to the grill.

After dinner, Tim's looking at Jimmy, Breena, and Abby. "You guys can go out. I'm good with babysitting." It's a token protest, just because that's the sort of thing he would say, and they all know it. Right now, he'd be pretty mopey if they left him to go dancing and he ended up with Marvel movies and his left hand for company.
But, in that most of this group does not know what's going on, and it is the sort of thing he would say, he does say it, and Jimmy and Abby and Breena all do their part of saying, 'No, we're good at home with you, no problem' sort of thing.
So, once dinner's cleaned up, and after babies have been put to bed, the four of them are lounging around on the sofas in the living room, Age of Ultron queued up, popcorn popping, waiting for the other half of their crew to head off.
They're about ten minutes into it, watching Thor get all cocky about Mjolnir, and then silently freak out when it looks like Cap can shift it, (Abby's talking about how Cap can totally lift it, but isn't because that really would freak out Thor, and he's too nice of a guy to do that) when everyone else comes down. The girls are in pretty sun dresses and flip flops. The guys… Tony and Ducky have both opted for the linen pants, short sleeve button-down, right off the beach in Jamaica look. (Jimmy makes a comment about pink really being Tony's color.) Gibbs doesn't appear to own linen pants, because he's in cargo shorts, bare feet, and an NCIS t-shirt.
All in all, they look ready for a night of alcohol, sand, and music.
"Don't wait up!" is the last thing Penny says as they head out.
They actually do watch all of Age of Ultron, for several reasons. One, if asked they want to be able to answer questions about it. Two, it'll look really suspicious if there're bowls of uneaten popcorn sitting around/popcorn in the trash when everyone gets home. Three, if something goes wrong and they end up coming home early, it'd be really odd if they were all suddenly not watching the movie. And four, it's a good double date, sitting on the sofa, petting and necking movie. After all, in that many minutes of the movie can be condensed into: Big Ass Fight Scene it's not like they miss much in the way of motive plot by not having eyes glued to the screen.
So, by the time Ultron is over, they've eaten the popcorn, are sure no one 'forgot' anything and needed to run home to pick it up, and two hours of necking and petting means they're all in a pretty good sexy mood, too.

There's an idea Tim's been playing with all day. He remembers that Jimmy and Breena like sexy stories, and he knows Abby and he do. And, as much as he's been loving watching Jimmy and Breena play, he also wants something interactive, but not too interactive. He doesn't want to break the rules they've set. And this wouldn't break any of the rules they've got set up, but it's still a step past just watching.
Also, he's thinking, if this story goes the way he thinks it will, then that'll take him and Jimmy a quarter step further toward the idea of playing with each other's wives, and if it's good… then it'll be really good. And if it's not, if they can't easily play with just the idea, voice and images and stories, then they know they can't do it for real, and they get to find out that they can't cross that line without getting hurt.
Plus, when they get upstairs, Abby heads to the drawer that's got the lube in it, and grabs it and the cock ring, dropping them on the bed, and then says, "Gotta clean up first."
Tim grins at her, knowing what that means, and licks his lips. So, with that in play, he knows that he's got at least fifteen minutes of gentle slow stretching time to fill, so… yeah, story time.
Breena sits on the bed, and picks up the cock ring. "You like these?"
Tim nods. "Got two more at home." Breena's stretching it between her fingers. "That's the plain one. Also have one with a bullet, and a leather one."
Breena looks away from the ring to Tim. "Don't like the ones that vibrate. They're more of a distraction than a turn on."
Tim pretty much agrees with that, but the bullet ends up at the base of his cock, and buzzing there doesn't do much for him. It's more fun for Abby. "So, you've got some of these at home, too?" Tim asks, thinking he'd really like to see what sorts of toys Jimmy and Breena have.
She nods. "Kind of like this, silicon, it's got a little nub for clit stimulation. Good for grinding together." She looks at the ring and then back at Tim. "Doesn't it make it harder to come?"
He grins at that. "Sometimes I can use all the help I can get. Plus it's a really nice combination with anal. And harder is always a good thing. Right Jimmy?"
Jimmy's been leaning against the edge of the dresser, watching this conversation the look on his face somewhere between curious/learning and turned on. "Feels good to me." Jimmy pauses for a second, not sure if he wants to say what's in his head, and then decides to say what he's thinking. "Tend to like the way they look, too."
Tim nods; that's not something he's ever said out loud before, but… it is part of the appeal. "That's why we've got a leather one, too. It's not as functional, but it looks cool."
"So, this is jewelry for you guys?" Breena asks, not looking like she buys that.
Tim shrugs and Jimmy shakes his head, because no, that's not quite how it works. "It's not how the ring looks, per se," Jimmy adds, "it's how I look wearing one."
"Sounds like jewelry," Breena says. "And if you like the leather one…"
"Okay, I know for some guys they really are like jewelry. They make metal ones, and yes, some of them look cool, I've seen some I did really like, but I'm not comfortable sticking my dick and balls into something that compresses blood flow and then just hoping I'll be able to get it off after. The absolute last thing I want to do is end up hoping that the guy with the bolt cutter won't take my dick off." Jimmy's cringing along in sympathy at that. "But, even with that, it's more that they make my dick look great, and above and beyond that, bigger, fuller, more sensitive and it takes longer to get off is an awesome combination, especially with anal sex. And, if that's why girls wear jewelry, then yes, it's like jewelry."
Breena giggles. "That's not precisely why I wear jewelry, but that's some of it."
Abby opens the door to the bathroom, naked, smiling, and says, "You all look way too dressed for this party."

"You guys like stories, right?" Tim asks after they're naked and in bed.
Jimmy and Breena nod.
Tim grins. "Then we're taking turns tonight. You two watch, enjoy. Touch each other all you want, but no touching us."
"I thought that was already the rule," Jimmy says, looking confused.
"Making sure we're all clear on it. I tell great stories, but they're just stories. Not an invitation. Not tonight, at least. Tonight, you guys get to listen in, but don't do, okay?"
"Okay." Jimmy says, looking at Breena and then back at Tim and Abby.
Tim grins and kisses Abby. They're naked and sitting against the headboard of the bed, Abby across Tim's lap. Jimmy and Breena are at the footboard. It's a slow, wet kiss, deep, tongues stroking and petting. When Tim pulls back from Abby, he asks her, "You remember that story we started at the club?"
"When we were dancing and they were fucking in the booth?"
Abby grins, looking at Jimmy and Breena all over, enjoying them naked and turned on, licking her lips. "Couple of them."
"Yeah." Tim kisses her ear. "You think they may want to hear something like that?"
"Maybe." She grins and then kisses his bottom lip. "You going to tell it the same way?"
Tim shakes his head. "Nope. Gonna play with it. Can't not play with my stories." He kisses her neck, fingers falling to her breast, gently circling her nipple. He looks up to Jimmy and Breena, "Stories are never done, not really. Sometimes you let them out so other people can see them, but you'll always want to fiddle with them."
She grins at that. "So, where are we starting then?"
"Hmmm…" Tim's eyes droop to half-closed, he's seeing the set-up, feeling Abby on him, and getting into story-telling mode. He's also watching Jimmy and Breena, who are sitting across from him, Breena in Jimmy's lap, kissing a little, but mostly watching, listening, looking eager for what happens next. "I think we're at home. Babies are spending the day with Pop and Ducky and Penny, so we've got hours and hours just to ourselves." He kisses Abby again, staring at Breena while he does it, and then looks to Jimmy, licking Abby's lower lip while he does that. Abby sucks his tongue, and Jimmy squirms a little at it.
"Black silk ropes," Tim says when Abby lets go.
Abby grins at that, too. "Good place to start." Tim runs his hand through her hair, tracing his nails down her neck and spine, feeling her shiver on him.
"Yeah, really good place. Breena's going to come over and spend some time with me." Tim looks at her, eyes hot. "You're going to sit in my lap, and we're going to kiss." He kisses Abby, hot and wet, deep and slow, making love to her with tongue and lips, his fingers trailing over her throat and breast. Tim breaks the kiss after a moment. "Just like that. Wet and slippery and however you liked to be kissed. You're going to show me what you like, and then I'm going to do it. And Abby's going to get up, and she's going to take Jimmy's hands, and get him nice and comfy, sitting like I am, against the headboard on our bed. It's wood, you know, mission style, two inch slats three inches apart. She's going to make sure the pillows are set nicely behind his back." Another long kiss, and Abby either knows where Tim is going with this, or she's leading him. She shifts a little, so she's straddling his legs, facing him. His hand trails down her back to cup her butt. "Perfect, baby." He's looking up at her, eyes sparkling. She leans down a little, so her lips brush his as he says, "You're on Jimmy, just like this. Soft, warm body on his lap." Abby drops her face a fraction of an inch, kissing Tim, and when she pulls back, he says, "You kiss him like that? Just a little tease."
"Oh yeah. Think he likes it?"
Tim grinds up a little, so she can feel his dick, not quite full hard, but getting there fast, against her pussy. "Yeah, I think he does." Over Abby's shoulder, he can see Jimmy nodding. He's not sure how interactive the story is. And Tim gets that. "You guys can both talk, add to the story. I can run the story with all four of us playing, or you can just lay back and let me tell it."
"What next?" Breena asks, as Abby sits down a bit more firmly on Tim, and he grinds against her again.
"Black silk ropes," Tim replies. "Abby's in Jimmy's lap, rocking against him, kissing him deep and steady, then she reaches for the rope and ties one wrist and then the other to the headboard. Sorry, Jimmy, you're just watching this round."
"Asshole." Jimmy's sounding pretty disappointed at that.
Tim grins at him. "Don't worry, you'll love the show. 'Cause you get to watch Abby and I fuck Breena until she's flushed pink, quivering, and screaming with pleasure."
Abby adds a little to it. "Don't be cruel, Tim, not just watching. Once you're tied, I'm going to undo your jeans with my teeth, and then slip them off. You're wearing a button down, and I'm unbuttoning it. Still on, can't really take it off, but open." Breena's smiling, she likes this image, and Jimmy's watching Abby, his eye's hot, waiting to see where she's going to go with this. "Tim's right, then you're going to watch. You're going to hear every moan, see every gasp, watch Breena go pink all over. You'll see me licking and fingering her while Tim fucks her."
Jimmy's eyes close and he groans, teeth clenched. Breena eyes light up and she smiles, delighted.
Abby turns away from Tim, so she's still in his lap, but facing Breena and Jimmy. She's rubbing her butt against him, and Tim spends a moment, head back, feeling it, watching his dick sliding between her butt cheeks. He's got the lube within reach, and grabs for it. "You prep yourself, want to be able to keep using my hand." He says, kissing along her shoulder while he drizzles the lube onto her hand.
He puts it down and goes back to stroking her nipples, feeling her hand brushing against him as Abby plays with herself. Then a second later he's moaning softly as she gets the cock ring set. Very full, very hard, yeah, he loves how that feels. Once he's got his voice back, he says, "I think, so Jimmy's got a good view, we need to be right in front of him. And Abby's already in his lap, so Breena, how about we go stand in front of them?" Tim licks Abby's earlobe, while Breena nods at his suggestion.
"How do you want me?" Breena asks.
Tim smiles at her, licks his lips, and looks her up and down. "Every possible way you can think of, and probably a few you can't, and once we've done all of them we'll go online and find some more."
Breena beams at that.
"Showoff," Jimmy says quietly as he realizes that his hands are not in fact tied (he's been sitting with them just pressed to the footboard. He jerks a little when he moves one and breaks the illusion of the story) and are free to pet Breena. "Get over here, you." He pulls Breena into his lap and a deep kiss.
"The wall's right behind the headboard, so, he's sitting back against it, Abby's in his lap, facing you. You're going to face her, and him, and the wall, leaning your weight into your arms, hands flush on the wall above their heads, so she can kiss you, and he can watch from two inches away."
"Where are you?"
"Right behind you. Your hands don't leave the wall. If you take them away, Abby and I stop."
Abby's looking at Jimmy carefully, and then Breena. They're sitting on the far side of the bed, not doing anything besides holding each other, waiting to see where the story is going to go next.
"Jimmy, you're, what, an inch shorter than Tim?"
"Something like that, yeah." He blinks, not expecting that.
"And Breena, you're… 5'5"?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"I stop straddling Jimmy, let him know to spread his legs, and then sit between them, back against his chest, hips against his dick. Otherwise I'm too tall, and I won't be in the right spot to do a good job licking you. Plus, he's going to want to see more than just the back of my head… So, yeah, you and Tim are going to take a step to the left, okay? Need you two at something of an angle, otherwise he won't have much of a view."
Jimmy closes his eyes, seeing it in his mind, and then opens them, kissing Breena hard, before saying, "You're trying to see if you can get me so turned on my heart blows, aren't you?"
Breena kisses Jimmy at that, quick peck. "Time to put all that cardio training to the test." Then she kisses him long and slow, rocking in his lap. He growls a little at her, looking like he's enjoying the teasing, and enjoying teasing back about being annoyed. When they break the kiss, Breena says, "So, I'm standing there, hands on the wall, between Tim and Abby, what happens next?"
"I think you need to get naked," Abby says.
Tim grins at her. "Oh yeah. Very naked. I think Abby's going to slip her hand up the insides of your legs, light and soft, just the pads of her fingers skimming along your thighs. I'm going to unbutton and unzip your skirt, and you'll kick it off. What do you think, Jimmy, what's she wearing on top?"
Jimmy closes his eyes, hand falling to Breena's breast, stroking lightly as he sighs. He strokes her hair with his other hand, kissing her hard. Then he pulls back and says, "White t-shirt. That small, tight one."
"Bra underneath?" Tim asks.
Jimmy smiles, kissing Breena's shoulder. "You wear a bra to a party like this?"
She looks over to Tim. "I'm going to take your hair and drape it over your shoulder, that way your ear and throat are bare. Then I'm going to kiss your earlobe, and throat, and down to your shoulder. 'You can take your hands off the wall.' Feel my breath on your neck, hot breath, wet skin? Is it giving you goose bumps?"
"Yeah." And Breena does shiver a little at that, as Jimmy mouths, wet and soft, against her neck and shoulder. "I take my hands off the wall."
"'Good girl, lean against me.' I pull the shirt off, and then put your hands back on the wall. Abby's watching us, and you're standing there in your panties. Which pair, Jimmy?"
"Little pink satin ones. Bikini cut."
"Abby's fingers go from your inner thighs to your panties. She starts by tracing the edges, the straps on the hips, then she drags each index finger down the edge to the crotch, pulling the fabric tight to you, and scraping her fingernails over your pussy." Breena whimpers at that idea. "Oh, honey, this is just the beginning. Wait 'til she gets her mouth on you."
"You're so soft, Breena, so smooth. I'm touching the lacy edges, right along that line where your leg and pelvis come together. Not quite grazing your pussy, but dragging over the fabric enough so you can feel it."
"She's teasing you; I'm stroking your nipples. Show me how, Jimmy. How does she like it?" Jimmy's hands return to Breena's breast, starting with a slow, firm circle around her nipples. "That good Breena? Want to feel me do that, too?"
"Want to feel it while I slip one finger under your panties?" Abby asks.
"Are you wet? Or do I need to lick my finger so it slides over you all slick and easy?"
"So wet, can't you smell it? See it on the satin?"
Abby smiles at that, and Tim's fingers slip down between her lips. "Abby's wet, so wet. Just talking about this is getting her so hot."
"What's it doing to you?" Breena asks Tim.
Abby rolls her hips against him, moaning softly. "Standing at attention like the Marines at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."
Breena laughs at that.
"You liking this, Jimmy?"
He nods, smiling. "Doing just fine for me."
"How about this," Abby asks, "want to see my fingers stroking over Breena's panties while I slowly kiss from her belly button down to the top edge of them?"
Both he and Tim whimper at that visual. Abby's still grinning. "Think that's a yes, Breena?"
"I think they want to see you peel those panties off with your teeth."
Jimmy inhales sharp and shuddering.
"But first I'm going to mouth all over you, kissing you through them. I'm going to take my time at that, until you're rocking against me, and Tim's still playing with your breasts, kissing your lips. When you're moaning, and grinding on my mouth with that sort of frustrated rocking motion, the 'you're not quite where I need you' move," Both Abby and Breena know that motion intimately, "I'm going to take the little bow at the front top between my teeth and peel those panties off of you."
Abby's still prepping herself, and Tim's petting her, stroking her pussy gently, not focusing down onto her clit yet, just feathering his fingers over her lips.
"You feel my dick, hot and hard against your ass? Abby's told you about that, how I love a perfect, round ass? As Abby's pulling your panties off your feet, I'm rubbing against you. And as soon as she's got them off, I reach to your front and spread that succulent pussy open for Abby, so that when she kisses you it's her wet pink lips right against yours."
Breena slips up onto her knees, sinking down onto Jimmy, both of them hissing at it.
"Don't come, Jimmy," Tim says, also wanting to hiss at Breena slipping onto him. He knows how that feels, knows Abby's a few minutes away from slipping onto him, "this story's got a few chapters, and Breena's just the first one."
Jimmy nods, kissing Breena, eyes closed, listening to the story, feeling her moving on him.
"She's sitting in front of you, Breena, and you're wide open. Can you feel her breath, that whisper of contact before her lips touch you?"
"Yeah," Breena breathes. Jimmy's rubbing her clit, but stops, holding his fingers near but not on her clit, starting to mimic the story.
"Then her tongue flicks out," Tim says. Jimmy follows with his index finger, and Breena shudders.
"God, you taste so good, Breena." Abby picks up, from Tim. "I kiss you long and soft, just slipping over your pussy, not to your clit yet, feasting on you, and then turn to kiss Jimmy, let him lick you off my lips, and show me how you liked to be licked. He's going to treat my lips like your pussy, and then I'm going to turn around and do it to you."
"And while they're kissing, we are, too. You can feel my hand on your breasts, fingers on your nipples, tugging just a little, circling slow while I suck your tongue. I'm pressed right up behind you, and you can feel me, hot and hard, rubbing against your gorgeous ass. I break the kiss, and shift my left hand to right behind your head, making you look down, watch Abby and Jimmy, and then I kiss my way down your spine, one soft, wet, open-mouthed, sucking kiss after another. I'm kneeling behind you, palming your ass, kissing that perfect little dimple on your left cheek, gently biting that soft, fleshy bit where your butt and leg come together, and then lightly licking between them, working my way back up your spine, back to your throat.
"By the time I'm up there again, Abby's licking you, sitting between Jimmy's legs, squirming as she does it, because tasting you is driving her wild, making all three of us crazy with how hot this is. I'm so hard I could pole vault with it, and Jimmy's so turned on he can't think of a snarky comment to shoot that down."
Jimmy doesn't say anything at that, he's kissing Breena, hard, hand flying between her legs while she rocks up and down on him.
"Are you getting close, Breena? Abby's licking you, so fast, getting you exactly right. I'm rubbing my dick between your lips, feeling how wet and swollen you are. Sometimes Abby licks me, too, her tongue slipping from the tip of my dick to your clit, or back, but mostly I'm feeling you, so wet and so slick. Is this good? Do you like me rubbing against you like this?"
Breena moans.
"What do you want, Breena? Say the words, baby."
"God, Tim, fuck me, please."
Tim smiles at her, he can see she's on edge, Jimmy's just about got her over.
"Oh, yeah. I wrap my arm around your waist, and lift your foot, so it's on the headboard, right next to Jimmy's head. He's watching Abby eat you out, eyes glued to her mouth on your pussy. He can see my dick slipping over you, again and again. Not in yet, just brushing over you. I want to feel you pulsing around me as I sink my cock into you, want to feel your gorgeous pussy wrap slick and tight around me. You want that, Breena?"
"Good. You want that Jimmy? Want to see me fuck her? Want to watch your wife come on my cock and Abby's tongue?"
"Yes!" rips out of Jimmy, half-whimper, half-groan, and that, his voice saying yes, tips Breena into a full body, shaking orgasm.
Tim's staring, watching her ripple and twitch, skin pink, nipples hard, body glowing with pleasure, almost forgetting everything else, then he feels Abby shift a bit. She's coating him with more lube and he knows what's coming next and smiles. He kisses her, focusing back on his wife, and says, quietly, "Good timing."
Abby's hand is stroking over him, making sure he's oiled-glass slick, and then kneels, facing away from him, over his lap and begins a very slow slide down.
"Ohhh…" slides out of Tim on a breath. His forehead is resting on her shoulder, and his hand and jaw clenches at how good that feels. "Ung." He's panting lightly through the sensation of her body so tight creeping down him. Finally, after an amazingly intense forever, she's settled in his lap. Tim lifts his head from her shoulder, and turns her face to his for a kiss. "Love you."
She smiles, enjoying this, enjoying how much he's loving this. "I know. Love you, too, baby." She nips his bottom lip with her teeth, sucking it gently. She looks back to Jimmy and Breena, who are snuggling each other, Breena looking very content, and Jimmy looking like he's enjoying this, but very eager to get back to the fucking.
"Ready for round two?" Tim asks.
Breena nods. She's still blissed out from her climax, but she wants to see what comes next, and she really doesn't want to make Jimmy wait too much longer to get off.
"Abby's chapter is next."
Jimmy bites his lip. He knows Abby's chapter means they still aren't getting off, yet. He gently taps Breena's hip, letting her know to slip off of him. It took basically every ounce of control he had to not come when he said yes, and he's certain that this isn't about to get any less hot, so if he's going to make it through the next round without getting off, he can't be balls deep in Breena.
Once Jimmy and Breena are sitting next to each other, Jimmy wraps around Breena, very lightly stroking her nipples. Tim begins slowly rocking against Abby. Slow, shallow thrusts, as his fingers slip over her clit. He wants Abby glowing ember hot, but he wants himself under control, so he keeps his speed slow. He kisses her ear, "Feels so good, Abby, so good." He spreads his legs a little wider, spreading her open, so her pussy's on full display for both of them.
"She looks good, doesn't she? All wet and smooth and open." Tim pulls his fingers away, and Abby whimpers as he licks them. Then he lets her suck his fingers, too, pulling the last of her flavor off of his skin. He makes eye contact with Jimmy as he says, "And she tastes so good."
His fingers return to her clit, gently stroking over her, soft, light little stroke of wet finger tips on wet clit.
"Breena's tongue." He kisses her throat. "Feels good, doesn't it?"
Abby moans. She's relaxing on him, eyes closed, submersing herself in the fantasy he's weaving for her, letting him take over, run the story.
He flicks his finger tip lightly, and then circles it over her clit. "Her perfect pink lips kissing your pussy. That soft, wet, pink tongue of hers slipping over your clit, over and over. Her face is so smooth, and so soft, no missed whiskers, just her beautiful mouth all wet with your juices." He kisses her neck, still slowly and gently rubbing her clit. He's barely thrusting anymore, just keeping up a little slide, enough so she can't forget she's on his dick.
"She'd have to be on her hands and knees to lick you. Ass in the air. You know Jimmy can't resist that. No way he can watch her eat you out, lick after lick after lick, with her pussy, dripping wet, lips swollen and puffy, pink and spread, right in his face."
Jimmy groans, that image is not helping him get through this. "God, you kiss your baby with that mouth?"
Tim grins at that. "Gonna kiss your wife with it, too. Reach down, gently pull her up, and lick Abby's cum off her lips. And if she's high enough to kiss me, that means her breasts are in Abby's face, so she's going to start licking her nipples, sucking them. You want to lick Breena, right?" He rubs her clit just a little slower, little harder.
A long guttural, "Yes," eases out of Abby.
"Good, I want to see you lick her. Didn't have much of a view last time. We're going to slide onto our sides. And she's going to come with us. Both of you, sixty-nining. I'll keep this up. Slow, gentle, just fucking you out of your mind, while she's lapping at your pussy, those long, pretty fingers of hers spreading you open.
"Her pussy is right at our lips.
"You get the first taste. I want to watch you eat her out." Breena groans at this. Jimmy's been touching her, just getting her interested again, and Tim can see Jimmy's so hard he has to hurt, but they aren't fucking yet, and he's fairly sure he knows why.
"I think she likes it. You know Abby's done this before? Made love to a woman with her mouth, and her hands, and that strap on in our toy box, I'm not the only one it's ever been used on. She's going to spread you open, and I'm going to watch, learn, see exactly how she pleasures you. When you arch your back, or clench your fists, when your legs go tight and your body starts to shake, I'll be paying attention.
"And when you're lying there, wet and limp, I'm going to kiss your juices off of her, and then start up and show you why I was always the best student in any class I've ever been in."
He kisses Abby, speeding up his fingers on her clit a little, thrusting deeper, not faster, but making sure to get his full length into the game. "You get to lie back, feel me fucking you, feel Breena licking you, you know she's good at it, always wanted to taste you, and now you're all spread out in front of her and she's feasting on you. Close your eyes and you just feel it, smooth," he rocks into her, "hard slide, and wet, circling tongue. Open your eyes and you can watch me eat Breena. Watch my tongue lapping away at her, watch me mimick your moves, and hear her moan at them."
Abby's starting that quicker, panting moan, and Tim knows she's getting close. He starts stroking her clit faster, little harder.
"How about it Jimmy? You want to watch Abby and I eat Breena out? Want to see her come on my tongue while Abby's got three fingers buried in her?"
Jimmy looks pained. Very intense sexual arousal on his face, and his dick is leaking. He grunts at Tim's question.
Tim's feeling the tension in Abby's body increase even further, hearing her voice go a little higher on her moans.
"I know you do. But maybe there's something better for you than just watching. Breena's eating out Abby, remember? Her pink lips on Abby's pink clit. And she's wide open, so open, and empty, and I bet she'd love the feeling of another hard, thick cock filling her up, while Breena licks her clit.
Jimmy swallows hard, and Abby's whining at that. "God, Jimmy please! All of you!"
"That's right baby, all three of us at the same time." Tim's thrusting harder, deeper. "You want that? Him slipping in while I slip out." She's so tight right now, just on the edge. He switches his hold, slipping his fingers off her clit to thrust into her pussy, as the heel of his hand grinds against her clit. "That's it Abby, all three of us together, fucking you hard. Breena licking you, Jimmy in your pussy, me in your ass."
She's writhing against him, just needs a little bit more. "You imagine being that filled? Your glorious body tight around us. Feels so tight and so amazing. I can feel him against me, too, through you, rubbing both of us just right, feels so good." He's thrusting hard now, with his cock and fingers, and twists his hand a little, so the ball of his thumb is right over her clit, and that does it, that little extra friction sends her body pulsing against him, and he bites his lip hard, pulling his mind away from his dick, not wanting to topple over with her.
She's panting against him, shaking slightly, twitching and purring. He gives her a moment to calm back down, and then says, "Hands and knees, baby."
She grins at him, enjoying that idea, scrambling onto all fours. It takes him a few seconds longer to get on his knees, properly balanced, "Toss me the lube?" It's on his right side, closer to Breena than his left hand, so she hands it over, and he dribbles a little more on Abby's ass, gently rubbing it all over her before slipping back in with a hiss. "Feel good?"
"Yeah," she moans back. She's facing Jimmy and Breena, palms on the bed between Breena's legs, swaying back and forth gently against Tim.
"What would feel better, baby?"
"I get to pick this time?"
"Yeah, whatever you like. Long as this one can end with Jimmy and I getting off, too."
Jimmy moans as he says that.
She straightens up and kisses him, slow and deep, then says, "Party ends when you get off."
"Then you better get all the bang you can for this one." He pushes her down again and bends to kiss the small of her back, as his fingers find her clit again, once more touching with very light, soft touches.
"Daisy chain, all of us together."
Tim smiles, kissing her back again, speeding up just a little. "On your elbows." She lowers herself down a bit. "Perfect. Just right. Jimmy's on his side, facing you, dick about an inch from your nose."
Tim and Abby watch Jimmy shift into position as well. His dick is about an inch from Abby's nose, if she stuck her tongue out, she'd lick him. And Breena knows where she goes, moving to Jimmy's face. He pillows his head on her thigh and begins to lick, fingers deep in her, no teasing, not real finesse, they're both way too turned on to play with this.
"How would you do it? Hold him in your hand and then suck him down fast and deep?" They watch Jimmy grab a hold of himself, firm grip, and then begin a slow, steady stroke, knuckles almost grazing Abby's lips.
"God, yeah," Abby moans, and Jimmy shudders, able to feel her breath on his dick. "All the way down. Then pull up, sucking, just let my teeth stroke over him, no bite, but smooth sharp slide."
Tim thrusts a little faster at that. "God, I wanna see you do that. You watching him on Breena? See the way he's kissing her?"
Abby moans at that, and Breena does, too.
"Feel good Breena? Like his fingers in you, tongue on you? Want my tongue on you, too? Want me sucking your nipples while he licks your clit?" Breena whimpers, and Jimmy licks faster, holding the base of his cock, tight, not moving his hand at all.
Tim knows what that hold means, knows how turned on they all are right now, and when Breena starts to twitch he almost loses it, he feels the build in his balls, and he's so close but, not yet… He's got no idea what he's waiting for or why but, not yet.
Jimmy pulls back from Breena, face shiny, wet, fingers wet, too, he holds two of them up in front of Abby's mouth. "She's sweetest right when she cums, wanna taste?"
And Abby does, she licks her tongue down Jimmy's fingers and then sucks them into her mouth, moaning at the taste, and that does it. Tim's thrusting hard, gone at the sight of that, of Jimmy's fingers in her mouth, wet and slick with Breena's cum, Abby's lips red and wet and wrapped around him, sucking as she moans like it's the most delicious thing she's ever had in her mouth. Tim's coming so hard he can barely see, even though his eyes are open.
He's still sparking with pleasure, sweaty and tingling, but watching, can't not watch, can't close his eyes, can't miss what comes next. Abby's rubbing herself off now, he's too gone to do much other than watch. He can see that sight alone, Abby sucking his fingers, Tim getting off on it, almost tipped Jimmy over. There's a thin line of precum oozing down his dick, and his whole body is bowstring tight. Then Breena sits up, licking his dick from base to tip, flicking her tongue off the tip, then shifting again, just a few inches, and kisses Abby, full-on tongue kiss, slipping her Jimmy's precum while pumping his cock, and Jimmy's gone, lost, shouting at how good that feels and how good it looks, and that sets Abby off, her body quaking on his as Jimmy spurts onto Breena's arm and hand, and if Tim could have multiple orgasms that would have done it for him, but he can't, so there's just this incredible, warm rush of holy shit that's the hottest thing I've ever seen.
For a few moments, there's just lying there, wet and sticky, breathing hard, high on endorphins and sex. Then there's a very slow mosey toward the bathroom for clean-up, followed by crashing into bed.
The last thing Tim thinks before falling asleep is that it's probably a very good thing tonight's the last night here, because there's no way, if they were going to be here tomorrow night, they wouldn't all end up fucking each other.

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