Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 114

McGee centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 114: A Present

He was putting the last bag into the trunk of Abby’s Roadster when a familiar minivan pulled up.

“Good, we didn’t miss you,” Jimmy said while getting out. Breena hopped out, holding a small, green gift bag in her hand. Molly was dozing in her car seat.

“What’s up? We leave something at the hotel?” He didn’t think that had happened, let alone that Palmer would end up with it, though if memory serves, they did stay at the Adams House last night because Breena’s parents took Molly, and they wanted a night out, but he couldn’t think of anything they might have left. 

“Nah. Where’s Abby?”

“Right here,” she said, stepping out of the house.

Breena handed her the bag. “I couldn’t not do this.”

Abby stared at the bag, looking confused. They’d already gotten a wedding present, a really high end grill with all of the goodies, from the Palmers.

“Come on, open it!” Breena is grinning at them, beaming happiness in a way that puts Tim in mind of Abby in an especially good mood.

Abby did, and felt the smile start as she pulled apart black tissue paper. Tim was looking over her shoulder and also felt  a grin creep over his face. It was a onesie. A tiny, black, skull covered onesie. Under it were little white shoes with black spider webs.

“I knew if we waited, all of the Halloween baby gear would be gone, so we had to do it fast.” Then Breena wrapped both of them in a hug. “Congratulations. Okay, we’re not going to keep you from heading off, just had to give you that.”

As Breena pulled back, Jimmy hugged both of them as well. “Have fun!”

Tim’s grinning, just insanely happy at that moment. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Palmer said, stepping back.

At least he looked like he was going to step back. A second later Abby was hugging both him and Breena, and babbling about how cool this was and how much she loved it. 


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