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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 125

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 125: Things Get Tight

“How is it even possible for t-shirts to not fit?” Tim just shrugs at Abby as she keeps tossing her shirts out of the closet. It’s the last Monday in November and they’re getting dressed for work. “None of them fit! How can they not fit? How, Tim, how?”

“I assume you want something beyond, your breasts are bigger than they used to be?”

“I’ve only gained three pounds.”

Tim’s staring at her chest, and it’s entirely possible that she has indeed only gained three pounds. But if that’s true about three more have migrated from somewhere else up to her bosom.

She pulls another one on over her head. “They’re supposed to stretch.”

He’s sitting on their bed, his own socks forgotten as he stares, smiling, and licks his lips. “That one looks nicely stretchy.”

She turns and glares at him. “You are not helping.”

His smile spreads wider. “Your bras don’t really fit anymore, either. Is that helpful?”


He pulled her to sit next to him on the bed and kissed her shoulder. “I have a credit card, an internet connection, and in less than five minutes we can be buying you new t-shirts and bras.”

“Better.” She turned to stare at the pile of t-shirts on their bed. “But we still have to get to work and no one delivers that fast.”

“You’re welcome to any of my t-shirts that you like.”

“Too big.”

He looked at her with an irked expression. “You wear them around the house all the time.”

“Yeah, they aren’t too big for lounging. They’re perfect for lounging. I love them for lounging because they’re soft and comfy and smell like you. They’re like a hug I can just wear around all day. But they’re too big to go with anything else I own that’s even vaguely work appropriate. I can’t just show up in one of your t-shirts and a pair of flannel pajama pants.”

That was probably a salient point. Sure, she wears t-shirt, but they’re all sort of snug and she tucks them into her skirts, and his won’t look right, they’re too… And then he remembered. “I’ve got a few t-shirts left from when I was really skinny.”

That made Abby smile. “That’s useful. Why do you still have them?”

He stood up, heading to his dresser. “I have no idea. They aren’t cool or anything. Just basic cotton.”

“As long as they don’t make me look like I’m trying to see if it’s possible to make a shirt rip by stuffing too much breast into it, they’ll be fine.”

Tim went hunting through his t-shirt drawer. “Here you go: gray, blue, and blue-gray.”

“Wow, you really went above and beyond the call of duty on these.”

“You mean my three for six bucks pack of t-shirts is less than the level of fashion you like.”

She pulls the gray one on. It’s still too big, but it’s not nearly as too big as his other shirts are. “Normally, I’d say yes, but right now this is so comfortable I don’t care. Okay, I can take a deep breath without fear of ripping my clothing again. So, yeah, shopping. Can’t do the bras online, not until I’ve been measured, no idea what I’m wearing now.”

Tim sits back on the bed and returns to putting on his socks. “34 D.”

Abby just stares at Tim for a long minute. “And you know that how?”

He looked up at her, surprised she’s finding this surprising. “I’m really good with spatial relationships and 3D images. And it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with your breasts. Just trust me on this.”

She kept staring at him.

He gave her an of course I know this look. “Have I ever gotten you the wrong sized underwear?”


“Have I ever asked you what size you wear?”


The expression on his face says, Well…

“I always figured you just looked in my drawer and checked.”

“I did, originally, but as you’ve mentioned, every single women’s clothing line sizes their clothing slightly differently, and you’ll notice, I’ve still never gotten you the wrong sized undies. Even if that does mean that I have had to send some of them back before you saw them.”

“Really?” She’s looking puzzled by this. Wondering where he gets these packages sent, because she hasn’t seen any of them.

“Yeah. I buy them online. But I can’t tell what size they really are until I see them. I’ve taken good advantage of Amazon’s return policy.”

“Huh. In that case, why haven’t you ordered me new bras?”

He smiles again. “Who says I haven’t?”

“Have you?”

The look on his face is pure mischief. “You’ll find out soon enough.” The he looks at the pile of shirts on the bed. “You know, none of your dresses fit anymore, either.”

Abby sighs. “Yeah. I know. I thought the idea was you grew out of your pants first.”

“Apparently not.” Tim, now fully dressed, stood up and very gently kissed the top of each bosom, through the t-shirt. “I’ll admit, I’m not minding this at all.”

She rolled her eyes, shoved him a little, and went hunting through her skirts for something to wear to work.

For all the Goth-oriented baby gear they were accumulating, you’d think there would be Goth oriented pregnancy wear.

But apparently Goths reproduce via adoption.

Second Life Goth Maternity Clothing
You thought I was kidding, didn't you?
It’s not that there’s nothing out there, it’s just that... there’s not a whole lot of it, (And though this is utterly bizarre, there’s more goth pregnancy gear for Second Life characters than there is for actual real-life women.) and it seems to be primarily aimed at women who are a whole lot more pregnant than Abby.

T-shirts for big girls, that they could find pretty easy.  But that’s the same issue with wearing Tim’s t-shirts. She wants shirts that are cool, have the right aesthetics, and fit, which means they need to be clingy in the right sort of way, snug along the chest and stomach. And right now snug along the stomach translates into way too tight over the chest.

And don’t get her started on pants. Five days of searching online has convinced Abby that once she grows out of her pants until she gives birth and probably a bit after that, she will not be wearing pants. There is not a single pair of decent maternity pants in existence.

There were (thank God) some cute dresses that would do for both now and later.  And she noticed that there were a fairly good selection of sort of modified vintage early 60s late 50s Donna Reed style dresses that actually fit really nicely. (Apparently large breasts and a small waist was the go to look back then.) And sure, that’s not precisely her look, but the shaping works, and she’s got a sewing machine so shortening the skirts isn’t an issue. And she’s not adverse to the application of dye, so though some of those dresses stayed their original pastel colors, most of them suddenly got a new coat of significantly more vibrant colors or black.

Finally, for the days when nothing fit right, (which seemed to be happening more and more often) there was what became her fall back outfit. Skirt, leggings, and one of Tim’s button downs rolled up at the sleeves, top two buttons undone.


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