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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 116

McGee centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 116. Feeling Better

Day three Abby woke up, looked at Tim, still sleeping, and felt really good. Really, really good. Like, the kind of good she had felt when she woke up on their wedding day. She smiled, a wide happy grin, slipped out of bed, and went to brush her teeth and use the bathroom.

Okay, so the honeymoon hadn’t gotten off to the sexiest start, but she had some things planned, and it was high time to start doing them.

She hadn’t let him touch one of her bags because that’s where her goodies were. As he slept, she quietly grabbed it and took it into the bathroom.

The first of the goodies in it, which she had intended to surprise him with on the first night, but hadn’t because the headache was pretty awful by that point, was the next step in the theme of things Tim didn’t usually get to see her in. She has lace teddies. He’s bought them for her. So she knows he likes them on her. But this one, in light, sheer baby pink, with a matching g-string and thigh high stockings, also in baby pink, is a whole lot frillier and more femme then what she usually wears or what he’d get her.

She brushed out her hair, and then wet the roots and fluffed it up a little. Bedhair, just slightly more attractive than real bedhair.

And then she waited. She stood, leaning against the doorway to the bathroom, staring at him.

Tim’s sleeping on his stomach. He does that when she leaves the bed, rolls from his side onto his stomach into where she had been. It’s fairly warm so the blankets cover up to his low back, leaving her with an excellent view of the top half of him.

Part of her wants to get back in that bed, run her tongue from his earlobe, down his neck, to his arm, kissing the tattoo on his right arm, the one they have in common.

Part of her wants him to see her in this before they touch.

Part of her is just enjoying watching him. Abby is a connoisseur of Tim’s body types. She’s seen just about all of them and enjoys them all, too. Which is not to say she doesn’t have a preference when it comes to the different shapes of Tim. And the way he’s been looking the last six months or so is definitely her favorite. Apparently, cutting most of the sugar out of his diet did result in a very fine looking Tim. But this time he didn’t go overboard, he’s not the scary skinny he was a few years ago, but he’s quite a bit leaner than he was when they started dating the second time.

And from the looks of it, her eyes trace down his back and arms, a lot of sex is good for upper body development. He’s not cut, no washboard abs like Jimmy, (Of course, she knows how much time Jimmy spends at the gym to get that body, and if she’s got a choice between Tim with her and a less developed body, or Tim at the gym and ripped, she’ll take Tim at home.) but he’s noticeably stronger than he was when they started dating, and she certainly appreciates the fact that he can pick her up and keep her up long enough to fuck her senseless, let her come down from her orgasm, and then go for another round after that. 

And really, that’s all the upper body strength as any guy needs.

She’s grinning at him, thinking about licking down his spine, biting gently on the crest of his hip, which is just peeking out from under the blanket, when he opens an eye and looks at her. She sees that eye travel from the top of her head, down to her toes, and back up again. A smile spreads on his face as he pushes himself up.

He stands up, pulls her out of the doorway, quickly kisses her cheek and says, “Two minutes,” before vanishing into the bathroom himself.

She kneels on the bed, hands on her thighs, arms pushing her breasts up and out, waiting for him, and two minutes later he’s back out again, looking at her like she’s the most delicious thing he’s ever seen.

He stands in front of her, naked, half-hard, eyes raking slow, hot trails over her skin. If there was ever a man who understood how to eye fuck, it’s Tim.

“I take it you’re feeling better.”

She grinned, raised up on her knees, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissed him long and hard.


“Good!” He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tighter to him as he kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm as she had shown him a few minutes earlier. He pulled away for a second. “You’re all dressed up, anything in specific you want?”

“Lots and lots of things, but we’ve got lots of time, too.”

“Then what should we start with?”

She wiggled encouragingly against him, feeling half-hard perk into full hard, then leaned back in his arms, and began to rub her breasts, through the pink lace, keeping her movements slow and deliberate, using her whole hand as she cupped, lifted, stroked and rolled, knowing that watching her do that would drive him crazy.

His eyes were glued to her hands and breasts as she said, “Maybe it’s just my imagination, I mean, it shouldn’t be happening this soon, but they just feel really full and sensitive today, and you know how when you play with them, I feel it in my clit, too? And I’m wondering if you can get me off by playing with them.”

His eyes lit up and rose to meet hers, while he grinned wildly and said, “Let’s find out!”

His right hand stayed firmly against her back, giving her something to lean into, while his lips trailed down her neck and shoulder. He tugged gently on the shoulder strap of the teddy with his teeth, causing the lace to rub against her breast.

She hadn’t thought the lace was particularly rough, but it’s not smooth either, it isn’t satin or silk, so there’s a definite friction to the way it’s sliding over her skin.

And it’s a friction she’s appreciating. She wasn’t lying when she said they felt bigger and more sensitive. There’s a sort of pleasant heaviness that’s just craving touch right now, and this light, rough, almost scrape is making that more intense.

She feels his fingers on her belly, slipping up from under the teddy, feathering over the skin on her ribs, tickling a little, making her skin heat, and drawing her attention to her torso, but not touching where she’s craving his hands.

“That’s not my breast.”

He let go of the strap, and that was unfortunate, because the tugging stopped, but the wet of his lips on her collarbone as he said, “I know,” felt pretty fabulous, too. “I’ll get there. As you said, we’ve got lots of time.”

His right hand stayed on her back, but in a heartbeat his left was hooked under her knees and she was on her back on the bed before she even knew he was thinking about doing it.

Tim hopped onto the bed, stretching out beside her, resting his head on his right hand, and used his left to stroke the edges of her teddy, getting the scoop of the top, the straps along her shoulder, and the lacy frill along her stomach.

“I like this color on you,” he said as his forefinger began a long, slow circle of her nipple. He bent the finger, so his nail caught and rasped along the lace, adding an almost stutter-y quality to the touch. “It’s really pretty.”

He raked all four fingers lightly over her breast, across her sternum, to the other one, pulling the fabric tight in the process, tugging it a little further on her breast, more gentle friction across her nipple.

“You know what’s even prettier?” he asked, between wet soft kisses on her shoulder and arm.


“The way you squirm when I do this.” He laved his tongue along the scoop neck of the teddy while giving her nipple a quick flick with his middle finger. And she did squirm when he did it, arching into the touch, trying to get more pressure, because this teasing was sweet, but it wasn’t nearly enough.


“Yeah?” He traced his tongue over her collar bone, slipping it down to just dip between her breast, and back up to her lips for a kiss as his fingers went back to that long, slow circling.

“Fuck,” she breathed it as he sucked on her lower lip, his whole hand cupping her breast, squeezing it gently, pulling his fingers over the flesh to caress her nipple.

He pulled back and grinned. “I certainly hope so.”  He moved quickly, yanking the g-string off, settling between her legs, ending with his weight on his elbows, lips on hers as he brushed his chest against the tips of her nipples. Abby wished she wasn’t wearing the teddy, she could feel the heat and pressure of his chest, but not the smooth slide of it, and she wanted the slip of his skin on hers.

Of course, it wasn’t just his chest that was touching her. The tip of his cock was also slipping along her, gently nudging her lips, rubbing against them slick and hot.

“So, how specific were you thinking on the ‘get you off by playing with them’ thing. Like, if I do this…” and he thrust into her while closing his lips over her nipple and sucking hard, “does that count? Or…” and he pulled out slowly, as his teeth grazed the wet fabric, ‘were you thinking just touching your breasts?”

“God, Tim!” That’s too much of a good choice. He’s slowly rocking into her, while he blows on her nipple, hot breath over wet fabric and needy skin.

“Or maybe…” He pulled all the way out and slid the length of his penis along her clit while licking slowly over her nipple.

“Show off.”

He grinned at her. “Of course.” And then rolled back to her side. “Sit up.”

She did, and he pulled the teddy off, tossing it on the floor.

“I thought you liked it.”

“I do. And when you ask me to get you off playing with your ears, I will happily let you keep wearing it.”

He sat back against the headboard and patted his lap. Abby straddled him, gently rubbed against his dick, slipping her pussy along it, but not letting him in, and then sat on his lap, leaving it pressed against her.

“I guess that answers my question.”

“For now.” She rose on her legs an inch, rubbing her clit against him as she did it. “Though I may change the rules at some point.”

He settled back, shifting the pillows some, and then spread his legs a little further apart, spreading her a little further, “In case you decide to change the rules soon.” And then bent forward to kiss her breast.

When she’s sitting in his lap, Abby’s nipples are right at lip level. His left hand cupped and stroked the right one, while his lips blanketed the right with wet, open mouthed kisses. He kept his eyes on hers, making sure she’s watching him as he sucked her nipple between his lips, mouthing along it wet and gentle, pulling back to lick it delicately, just the tip of his tongue circling it, followed by a firm bite to the underside of her breast.

Watching him is driving her crazy, the way he’s looking at her, hot sex in his gaze, while his tongue rubs and his lips pull, and she caught the wicked little glint in his eye right before he bit, and that sharp contrast to wet and soft made her jerk.

He groaned when she did that, arching against her, while squeezing her breast, laying his tongue against where he had just bitten, leaving a wide, wet patch, and the blowing it cool and dry.

Then he switched, hand on her left, mouth on her right. Like always when he plays with her breasts she could feel him do it, feel the deep satisfaction of his touch in her chest, feel her breasts go heavy and ache with a heady pleasure, and at the same time she feels it in her clit. No sensation of touch, just the sensation of the pleasure of touch. Her head fell back, and her hips started a slow roll, adding direct contact, multiplying the effect, pressing against him in a way that made her whole body feel hundreds of shades of golden perfect.

He nibbled over her breast and said, “Turn around.”

While she did so, he scooted a bit further away from the headboard, so he could lean back. “On me, cowgirl style.”

She did, sliding down him, very glad for the extra sensation. She was about half way down when his hands closed on her hips. “There. Lean back. Your back on my chest.”

“Ohhhh… fuck…” That position, angle, and depth meant one thing. And then he started to do it. Short, shallow thrusts that got her g-spot over and over, as his fingers twisted and stroked her nipples.

God, it was good! All sorts of good. His cock hitting at that exact right angle, and his fingers pulling, making her gasp each breath, body tightening on his, seeking more sensation.

And then he stopped, just holding the thrust, keeping up the pressure, but ending the friction, as his fingers went to light, feather touches over her nipples.

She was squirming, trying to get him to move, finding her own friction if he wasn’t going to do it for her, and he bit her shoulder lightly.

“New trick.” Tim sat up. “Off of me.” And straddled her, and for a moment she thought he was going to press her breasts together and rub off between them, but he didn’t. Instead he took the tip of his penis and circled her nipples with it, stroking her with that soft, wet, hot flesh, making both of them very happy with that sensation.

A minute later he was licking that wetness off. Lapping at her. Murmuring about how good she tasted as his cock rubbed against her hip, and his fingers stroked her pussy, deliberately avoiding her clit.

He’s told her about being so hard he could feel his pulse in his dick, and she gets it now. She’s never been more aware of her clit than she is now. And it does feel like it’s pulsing, like every touch to her breasts is ramping up the desire another notch.

Never in a million years would Abby have ever thought about Tim using his eyelashes on her breasts, but by that point they were so hard, so flushed, so sensitive, that the light fluttering of his lashes against her nipples was incredible. But it wasn’t enough. It was like the ghost of a touch. Or maybe the memory of one.

It was enough to make her squirm, make her moan and arch and beg to get off, but it wasn’t enough to do it.

He pulled back, bit her nipples, hard enough to really get her attention, not hard enough to mark, and then sat back against the headboard and pulled her into his lap.

She slid down him with a very loud groan, at least she thought it was loud, it was hard to tell because he was louder, but the fullness, the added stretch and friction made her teeth clench and her hands fist, and this: wet, hot tongue on her nipples, teeth pulling them, cock filling her, the long slip of slick friction, and his thumb on her clit, set her off and made her see stars.

When she came back to herself she wasn’t sure if he had gotten off or not. He still felt pretty hard but it takes him a few minutes to lose his erection. She was really wet, of course, she was also really wet when she slid onto him.

“Did you?”

He kissed her gently. “Yeah.”

“Good. I got a bit fuzzy there at the end and wasn’t sure.”

He grinned at that, looking pretty smug.

She poked him.

“Hey, you just told me I made you come so hard you couldn’t tell if I got off.” He giggled at that, still looking smug and very pleased with himself. “And, since me getting off isn’t exactly subtle, that just makes my day.”

She laughed, too, and then kissed him, and reached for the tissues. “So, what do you want for breakfast?”


She rolled her eyes, smacked him gently on the chest, chuckled, and slipped off, handing him a tissue while wiping herself up. “After. I need some real food.”

“Okay. Room service?”

“You planning on keeping me occupied until the food shows up?”

There was a huge grin on his face as he said, “I might be.”

“Nope. Shower, out, food, show me at least one interesting thing you saw yesterday, and then all the pussy you can eat for lunch.”

“I can get on board with that plan.”

Strolling around Charleston, pretty Goth wife by his side, arm around her shoulder, her parasol shading both of them from the bright, late fall sun, morning sex putting a spring in both of their steps, Tim found himself thinking that this was exactly how he had been hoping his honeymoon to go.


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