Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 30

McGee centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 30: McSciutos

They're lying on Abby's bed during the hour or so between brushing teeth and going to sleep. She's on her side reading, wearing a pair of black boxer shorts and the top of her black men's pajamas with the little sleeping skeletons in night caps on it. He's on his stomach, wearing a pair of red and black flannel pajama bottoms, propped on a pillow and his elbows, typing away on his laptop.

One change that having a relationship wrought on Tim was switching from the typewriter to a word processor for his fiction. He certainly prefers the process of writing on the typewriter, but he'd also gotten so far behind his deadline by only writing when he was at his place, that he had to change because lugging his typewriter to and from Abby's just wasn't practical.

Meanwhile, his editor has just about jumped joy of having an actual electronic document to work with.

Abby looked up from her book, marking the page with her finger. "I was thinking..."

His fingers don't stop typing. "One sec, I'm in the middle of a thought." He winds down three minutes later, and takes his ear buds out, silencing the jazz that had been accompanying his thoughts. "Thanks. They never come out quite right if you stop in the middle. Okay, I'm all yours, what are you thinking?"

"How would you feel about both of us getting tested and then ditching the condoms?"

For a second he doesn't say anything. He's quite surprised and very happy. "I'd really like that." Then he thinks a moment longer. "Are you thinking of going on another sort of birth control, or are you thinking babies?"

She laughs at that. "I was thinking it'd be nice to feel your skin on mine, and not having to stop and fetch them. Not much beyond that. So, yeah, starting up on Depo or something."

"Okay. Yeah, I'd really like that."

They sit there without saying anything for a long minute. He's looking at his screen, but not typing, that turn of conversation more or less derailed any thoughts of what Tibbs was about to do next.

She puts her book down, rolls onto her stomach and scoots a few inches closer to him, her right shoulder against his left. "Do you want babies?"

Tim met her eyes and then leaned forward, kissing her lips. "I want babies with you."

She appears pleased, a little startled, and there might be a hint of fear in her eyes. "Now?"

He smiles. "Now's good. Later is good. Whenever it happens is good."

"What if I don't want babies?"

He thinks about that for a long time. Being a father is certainly something he wants, but it's not integral to his self-concept. "If you don't want them, I'll skip them. But I'd like to make some McSciutos with you."

Pauley &Sean mixed and babied.

Now she looks amused. "McSciutos? Plural? How many are you thinking?"

"Two? Three? At least one, fewer than five." He shrugs as well as he can lying propped on his elbows. "We still haven't settled on if you want them at all, so maybe it's a good idea to get that figured out first. Do you want them at all?"

It's her turn to think. For a few seconds her head rests on his shoulder, and he can feel her hair brushing along his naked back. "Yeah. I think I do. I guess I never really thought much about it. Beyond knowing I didn't want to do it alone."

He kisses her again and then pulls back, squeezing her hand. "If we do this, as long as I'm alive, you'll never be alone."

She kisses him, eyes closed, enjoying the promise of those words. "Yes. McSciutos." She started to smile, the idea becoming more real. "But not right now. I'd like to enjoy just being us for a while longer."

He grins, a wide happy gesture that beams off of him. "I like that idea, too."


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