Monday, March 18, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 34

McGee centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 34:

For Abby: On Her Knees

"Is that my favorite image of you?"
You ask me.
"One of them..."

"How does it look?"
You don't ask
But I wish you could have seen it from my eyes.
You knelt before me
face up, staring into my eyes
hands behind your back, left wrist in right hand.

Did you know, when you do that, the shape of your back is a perfect violin?

I kneel behind you, black ribbons trembling in shaking hands
every fantasy I'd ever dared to dream
about to come real in black silk on your white skin.

I dropped the ribbons.
Did you know that?
Scrambling to pick them up fast, so you didn't notice.

Your skin was so warm,
and your wrists so tiny in my hands
and I want to do this right.
So scared I'll screw it up and you'll leave
or worse

I press your hands together
palm to back,
and you lace your fingers like you can read my mind.
I wove the ribbons between your fingers, and over your wrists,
tying everything into a tidy bundle,
and for a long time, I just looked,
finger's trembling, afraid to touch.
Afraid that like any dream, as soon as I tried to touch I'd wake.

I'd never seen anything that looked like that.
White skin crisscrossed into diamonds by black silk.
And then I stood in front of you.
You knelt there and smiled at me,
huge, wide smile.
I step forward, hand on my belt,
and you licked your lips.
And I almost died.

You stared up at me,
lips wet,
and I realized it was okay.
You were happy to have me here.
This was just a game,
(and I'm good at games)
one you wanted to play with me.
(And God, I fell in love with you so hard right then.)

So I slipped the belt through its buckle,
playing up the slide of the leather through metal
really feeling the way it moved,
seeing in your eyes that you wanted this,
that you wanted me.
The button was snug moving through the fabric,
fighting me a little,
but the zipper was easy,
and your eyes dropped from mine to see what was under it.

That time I wasn't nervous.
Getting the shirt off was hard,
the pants, no problem.
You grinned and said, "Nice, McGee."
Then leaned forward and licked me.
Just the tip,
like a soft serve ice cream cone.
And then sucked me down, and my knees almost buckled.
My eyes wanted to roll back it felt so good,
and I couldn't let myself close them because you were the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

How's the song go?
"I'm a bitch.
I'm a tease.
I'm a goddess on my knees?"

Well, you aren't a bitch,
and sometimes you tease,
but you are a goddess on your knees,
(and standing up and lying down, too.)
and if I was an atheist when I walked in that night,
I believed in the divine before I left.


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