Monday, April 8, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 51

McGee centric character study/romance. Mature Audiences Only on this one, so skip if explicit sex isn't your thing. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

51. Weekend Sex (Almost)

For Tim there's weeknight sex and weekend sex. For the most part, ropes, toys, anything that takes serious prep is weekend sex.

Pretty much, they sleep in on Saturday, rest, put the rest of the week behind them, and go at it fresh.

So, first time anal with Abby is definitely weekend sex.

Well, Friday night sex. "Research" and playing with the Spunk has certainly gotten Tim significantly more interested in the idea of being on the doing end of the equation. And waiting another day... There is such a thing as too much anticipating and not enough doing.

Plus, this isn't going to be much of a props night. He's wary enough about accidentally hurting her, so he's sure as hell not tying her up for this.

Tonight, she's in charge.

They're starting out in the shower, first off because it's fun, and also, hygiene and all. He'll happily lick any part of Abby that might want to be licked, but, especially for this, he'd also like to know it's clean first.

So, this is, without a doubt, the most thorough shower she's ever gotten. He's enjoying just touching her all over. Stroking from her scalp to her toes. Kissing where the suds have rinsed free.

He holds her flush to him. Her back against his chest, and lightly, gently, trails his index finger down the curl of her ear, over the plane of her neck, and the slope of her shoulder, down her arm to her hand, taking it is his, twining his fingers with hers, and then lifting it, kissing her palm.

She relaxes against him as he does that, her head against his.

"So, how do you want to do this?" he asks, kissing her temple.

"Haven't decided. Debating between reverse cowgirl, with you propped up against the headboard, so you're sort of sitting and I'm in your lap, or basic spoons."

"You'll have more control in cowgirl."

"Yeah, but I'll also need more control. Only so deep you can go spooning."

"True. Only one angle that works at, too." Best he can do spooning is about three inches. Though for this the angle will be a bit steeper, so, maybe three and a quarter, three and a half.

"You have a preference?" she asks.

"Probably spooning. That works well we can pretty easily shift into cowgirl."

She nods. Spooning is usually morning sex. Slow, gentle, sleepy. Something to get them both ready for the day. But slow, gentle, and sleepy doesn't always end that way. Spooning has been a launchpad to some fairly impressive sex.

"So..." She leans over and turns off the shower. "You ready?"

He smiles. "If you are."

They get out, and he dries her off, watching the soft, fluffy cotton towel stroke along her skin and devour droplets of water.

He's kneeling in front of her, blotting her calves, drying her off more thoroughly than she's ever been dried off before, when she strokes his cheek, signaling for him to look up at her. "You really okay with this?"

He half-smiles. "Nervous."

She nods. "I really want to."

"I know." He holds her hips in his hands, looking up into her eyes. "I'm terrified of being the asshole who makes you cry and doesn't notice for two minutes."

She kneels next to him, smiles, and kisses him gently. "You aren't him."

"You'll tell me if it hurts. I mean, at all."

"I will. I've never done this with anyone else because I've never trusted anyone else enough to do it. I trust you. If it's not fun, we'll stop. That's how we play, and this won't be different."


He stands up, and she quickly dries him off. "Come on, bedtime."

He nods. "Yes."

While it's true that the research he did had about a thousand different ideas for what to do once you actually achieved penetration, they all pretty much agreed on the before and during part. Very relaxed, very turned on, very slow, lots and lots and lots of lube.

She'd had wine with dinner, which was step one on relax. He'd skipped it. He didn't want anything that would dull his sense of touch, or lower his control or motor skills. And he's already got the massage oil sitting on the bedside table, next to the lube, because to the degree it's in his control, she is going to be relaxed, and massage helps with that.

He's been debating about getting her off before and during the sex or just during. Getting her off will certainly help with relaxed. But, while it's true that she can get off over and over, he knows that building her up slowly, spinning her out, and then getting her off results in a higher level of arousal than a whole bunch of fast orgasms.

He'll just have to play that one by ear.

"Lay down on your stomach." And she does. Laying down gracefully, head to the right, so she can see him.

June in DC means it's very pleasant out. They've got the windows open, enjoying warm breezes that smell like the promise of summer. He keeps the lights off. They're on the third floor, so there's not a whole lot of chance of anyone seeing in, but keeping it dark'll make sure no one does. Besides, the street lights from the parking lot provide a steady,  yellowish glow.

He sits down next to her, and gently gathers her hair off of her shoulders, tucking it next to her neck.

She makes a pleased sound, which grows louder as he trails his fingers down her back. He strokes them over her rear, and down her legs, just the tips of his fingers against her, raising goosebumps on her skin.

Abby's skin. It amazes him how much he can enjoy something as simple as gently touching her skin. Amazes him how she squirms against his touch, and how seeing her skin respond to him makes him feel happy. His hands hover over her back, not touching, just letting the heat build-up between his palms and her skin, and then strokes them over her, just brushing the almost invisible hairs along her skin.

"Mmmmmm..." He loves hearing that, loves knowing how something as simple as his hand on her back makes her purr.

He straddles her, settling just below her hips. Then drips some of the oil onto his hands and sweeps it along her back. Doing this naked is always a treat. Not just the pleasure of her stretched out below him, not just the smooth pull of her skin under his hands, but if he's naked, and like right now, not hard, the tip of his penis drags along the backs of her thighs when he moves, and that sends welcome murmurs of pleasure through him, and makes her shiver.

He presses his thumbs into her shoulders, finding those tense spots, and rolling over them.

"Mmmmmm..." She wriggles against him as she moans happily. "That's good."

Yeah it is. Her bottom squirming against him is starting to take care of the whole not hard issue.

He keeps working on her shoulders, kneading and stroking, feeling the tension start to melt under his hands. From there he slides further down, working her back, finding those stiff points along her spine and coaxing them to loosen.

She twitches when he hits one of them, so he slows down, dribbles a little more oil there, and concentrates on that spot. He ripples his knuckles over it, then soothes it with his full hand. When he can press full into it without her jerking, he moves to the next spot, slightly further down.

He finishes with her back and scoots a little further down, nudging her legs apart with his knee.

"Spread your legs." And she does. He starts by cupping her thigh in his hands, stroking his palms down her leg, then leans forward and kisses the small of her back.

His hands land at her sacrum, just below the bottom of the cross, and from there he begins to knead her buttocks while he kisses his way up the cross.

He leans back, settling between her legs, and continues to massage her legs and rear. He's trying to do a good job of it, but he's getting distracted.

The streetlight glow might not be too bright, but between it, the moon, and the fact that they've been in here long enough for his eyes to adjust, Tim can see pretty well, and what he's looking at is Abby's pussy. And seeing beautiful glistening folds of skin, he wants to touch. His fingers ghost against her, just enough contact to make her shiver a little.

He touches the back of her leg, presses gently, and manages to get across the idea that he wants her to hitch that leg up a bit. She does, which gives him a bit better access, and a much better view.

Her whole sex is visible to him and he has to touch, make real contact. His fingers slip along her clit, down her lips, teasing, briefly against her vagina, getting slick and slippery, to then stroke her anus.

She groans when he does that, and he knows that sound means she's liking what he's doing, so he does it again. No penetration with any of these touches, just petting, slipping, sliding along her.

He pulls her into doggy position and starts to lick. And he knows he's definitely going to get her off before and during the sex, because this is just too good not to. She's making extremely pleased sounds while his tongue explores, so he begins to use his fingers, too, slipping them over her clit while he laps at her anus.

She's making the noise that means oncoming orgasm, so he pulls away for a second and slips into her--because nothing on earth feels like her coming on him and he's not about to miss that—thrusting slow and sure, feeling her arch back against him, rippling and twitching, and God it feels good. He's kissing her neck and shoulder, trying to pay more attention to his lips on her skin than on what his dick's doing because while her getting off right now is a good time, him getting off spoils their plans.

She recovers quickly. That was a take-the-edge-off sort of orgasm, not the lay there unmoving for the next two hours sort. She's lying in his arms, her side against his chest.

They kiss, lips soft, wet, gentle, the slide of tongue on tongue, enjoying wet slip with minimal friction. His fingers find her nipple and begin to play. Eventually, she rolls away from him, snugging her back against his chest, drawing her top leg forward, and he figures that's a pretty clear sign that she wants him to get on with it.

He reaches behind himself, finds the lube and dribbles it onto his fingers, making sure they're all very slick, then pours a little more into the palm of his hand to spread on her.

He starts with the first finger, and as he's pressing in gently with it, feeling her body slowly giving around him, the idea of exactly what tighter means is starting to hit him. This is one finger, going very slowly, and it's the tightest, hottest thing he's ever had that finger in. And sure, he's done this to himself before, and he's got a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering—he's forgotten more anatomy than anyone on the team, save Ducky or Palmer, has ever known—so he's aware on a very intellectual level of what two rings of muscle means, but for the first time what exactly that means in a sexual sense is hitting him.

Single dirtiest use of this pic, ever!
Specifically, it's hitting him that that's going to be wrapped around his dick soon, and his dick is extremely interested in having that happen. But not yet. Because right now it's only one finger and he's not about to rush this. He knows three fingers are just slightly smaller than his dick. (Of course he measured. How else was he supposed to know how many to use to stretch her out? Sure everyone says three fingers, but why? So he checked.) So absolutely nothing involving his dick is happening until all three fingers have gotten inside her and she's nice and relaxed around them.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, Tim. It's good. Different, but good."

"Not hurting?"

"Tight. Not hurting, though."

He kisses her neck and shoulders. "Touch yourself while I do it?"

She shifts her leg, hooking it back over his hip, and he feels her fingers brush his. When her hips start slowly rolling, he figures that means she's feeling turned on enough to try the second finger.

He eases that one in and she goes still while he does it. "Still good?"

"Yeah. Burns a little, but it's not bad."

He knows that sensation, felt it more than a few times, not a huge fan of it. "Want me to stop?"

"No! It feels like... there's something after the burning, or through it maybe, that I really want."

"You sure?"

She grinds back against his fingers and he gets that message loud and clear.

"Okay. Just hold up for a sec." He grabs the lube and adds more to his ring finger. When she starts to move again, he begins with that one, and once again, while he's easing it in, she goes still.

She sighs and he feels her relax against him. She wriggles a little, touching herself slow and easy, and once more her hips start up that long slow roll.

"Feels good, Tim. Really intense, but good."

"Good. Ready for more?"

"Yeah. I think so."

He lubes himself up, and taking his fingers out, adds more lube to her as well. And yeah, the angle is a bit different, and it he's concentrating so hard on going slow that he misses a lot of how slipping in really feels, but once he's set it's amazing.

It's one of the most intense sensations he's ever felt. Hot and tight, okay he was expecting that, but this is like a tiny mouth slowly pulling him in and he's never felt anything like this before. And it's slick, but not wet, and if you had asked him half an hour ago if such a thing was possible, he'd have said no, but right now he can feel the difference and it's really amazing.

He's starting to feel afraid that he'll lose it and start thrusting too hard and too fast because he knows that he'd like nothing better than to just go full out right now and really take advantage of how this feels.

He goes very still, not wanting to do that. He lets her set the pace and depth, pressing back against him. She's rocking against him, shallow thrusts that feel like hot, slick gel wrapped tight around him.

He reaches around, fingering her clit, looking to get her off, and as he does that she begins to move faster.

"God, Tim, I want you to move!"


"Here." He pulls out and shifts so he's kneeling, butt on his feet, facing the headboard. He pats his lap and she gets the idea. Modified reverse cowgirl. She'll face away from him, so he'll have easy access to her whole front. She can brace against the headboard for better balance. And they can both thrust.

She straddles him, and slowly slips down on him. And this time, because she's in charge of the motion, he can just relax and let himself feel it.

His head drops against her shoulder. "It's insane how good that feels."

"Yeah." She pulls up on him, and he meets her on the downstroke. Slow, liquid thrusts, the sort that feel like silk unraveling in oil. His finger slips over her clit, also slow, and he knows how this is going to go. Long rich thrusts, the sort that feel like they don't end or begin but just move through continuous arcs of slippery friction while setting sparks up his spine and making his thighs clench.

Her hands are clenched on the headboard and her head's dropped forward to rest against it. He kisses her neck and back, one hand on her nipple, the other still sliding, over and over, on her clit.

He can look down and see it, watching her body take him in, and that always kills him. He's moving faster, losing control, but she's tightening against him, arching back, meeting every thrust, increasing her speed, as well.

He's never heard her sound like this, it's almost keening, as her whole body spasms against him.

And that's enough for him. One more fast, burying thrust and he's gone, orgasm just racing through him.

A bit later, he's got no idea how long, a minute? ten seconds? anyway, she's resting on his lap, back against his chest, and he's holding her gently while she shakes. He's feeling pretty shaky himself, but not shuddering. He strokes her arms and legs, feels her twitch as he does that, and murmurs something soft and soothing sounding.

Eventually she stops shaking. "You all right?" he asks.

"Yeah. I'm really all right." After a minute, she slips off of him and heads to the bathroom. He cleans himself up a little, and when she gets out, he goes in and finishes up.

Shortly they lay together in their bed, and he spoons behind her, arms wrapped around her, and one leg over hers, holding her in a full body hug.

"You're really okay."

"I'm really okay."

"You want to do that again?"

"Oh yeah. That's definitely going into the regular rotation. And next time, I want you to tie me down and spin me out, too."

He moans at that, pressing his hips against her, even though he's completely limp right now, that action gets across that really likes that idea.


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