Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grand Gestures and Day To Day Life: 6.10.2

A/N: What the hell do we do now? Indeed! Want to start at the beginning? Click here.


Card is in on it?

What the fucking hell is Card doing with this?

He wants to scream it. Wants to pound Card into a wet, red pulp.

Card is one of the good guys. Card trained him for God's sake. He trusted Card. That's the worst part of this. An evil conspiracy of unknown monsters is one thing. A man he looked up to, a man who taught him most of his tricks, that's something else all together.

They stand under the trees, and for a moment he thinks they'd be better off staying "dead." He and Fi could just vanish and say goodbye to all of this crap. Start over with new names and a new life. He'd learn Spanish, and they could get to... Uruguay or somewhere no one will be looking for them.

But Sam has a life back in the US, and Jesse, too. And even if his mom is royally pissed at him, she doesn't want him dead. She's just buried one son, and doing it for her other son and the closest thing she has to a daughter in less than two weeks is just too damn much.

So think. Sit down, regroup, plan, and get out of this.

What the hell do we do now, indeed?

"Sam, who do you know in Panama?"  And that gets the ball rolling. Sam's got buddies everywhere, and he's done work down here.  At the very least, they've got a pal in Colombia who owes them a favor. Maybe some media attention on this might be a good thing...

Hours later, after they've got step one in place, he's left with nothing to do. They're waiting for Sam and keeping an eye on Grey, neither of which is very useful for keeping his mind occupied.

Why did Card do it?

He wasn't part of the conspiracy. Michael would have found him if that was the case. He would have seen Card hiding in the paperwork. And he wouldn't have helped to get Fi out. And if he wanted Michael dead, why not put a bullet in him back when he fired on Anson? There was time to take the shot.

So what the hell just happened? Card's one of the good guys. He's a company man, through and through.


Card's a company man. Killing Anson was about keeping his skeletons buried. Nate was collateral damage. One shot killed both of them. Nate was just in the wrong damn place. A foot to the left, a foot to the right, and all of the secrets, all of this crap, would have died with Anson.

And now, he and Fi, Sam and Jesse are just in the way as well. A few more bodies, and a very embarrassing chapter of CIA history gets tied up in a nice and tidy bow.



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