Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shards To A Whole: Rainbow Party

“You sure we’re not camping?” Jimmy says, as they turn off the tiny, but paved, road onto an even tinier dirt one.

“Is this place even on the GPS?” Tim asks.

“It’s on the GPS, and we’ve got functional WiFi. Anyone needs us, they can get us. We’re secluded, not vanished,” Abby replies.

They bump, slowly, down the dirt road for another minute, and finally come to a small clearing in the woods. And in the clearing there’s a small cabin.

Jimmy and Tim look at it. “Oh.” Tim says, nodding.

Jimmy smiles. “Looks good. Kind of wondering if there’s a witch or if Little Red Riding Hood’s going to show up.”

“Axe murders and harbingers,” Tim adds.

“We’re not that far into the woods,” Breena says, turning off the car. “Grab the cooler, and let’s get in.”

The guys get a few minutes to look around while Breena and Abby unpack the cooler.

Tim approves of the little nest they built in the solarium, and he spies the bag the lip tars live in on top of four plates sitting on the sofa, so he’s got a hint as to what Abby and Breena have planned for this afternoon.

He looks over to Abby, who’s in the kitchen with Breena, and says, “So, did you just bring everything with you?”

Abby looks up and smiles at him. “Not everything.”

Breena adds, “But more than enough for three and a half days.”  

Abby nods. “More than enough for a week.”

Jimmy returns from the bedroom, carrying the mirror. It had been over the dresser in the bedroom, not any more. He plops it onto the sofa.

“You’re really getting into being able to watch, aren’t you?” Tim asks him as Jimmy points him toward the mattresses. Tim gets to where he assumes they’ll mostly be, and checks the view. “Left about three inches.”

Jimmy nods and scoots the mirror over a little. “We all like it, and… Wait…” Jimmy seems to be noticing that if they can all see out, then that means anyone else can see in. “We’re far enough away from everyone else that no one’s going to just wander by, right?” After all, there’s a reason why they do stuff like this behind closed doors. And sure, maybe getting caught is a kick, but… He’s not sure if that’s a kick when it’s all four of them at once.

Actually, no. It’s not. That’s the difference between naughty and actual danger. Get walked in on in a club with his wife, no big deal. Maybe get smacked on the wrist and look a little sheepish. Get walked in on mid-orgy, and that might have repercussions. (It also occurs to him that he’s apparently getting old, because the version of him that had sex on every horizontal and most of the vertical surfaces at the Navy Yard wouldn’t have blinked at this. Or, another thought hits him, he supposes it’s possible that he’s learned something from his experiences with Lee.)

Breena strolls from the kitchen to the mattresses, slipping off her shoes, and snuggling in next to Tim. “According to Google Earth, the closest house to us is six miles away. There’s a hunting camp three miles east, but nothing is in season for another month and a half. People do camp out here, but we’re on marked private property. It’s not impossible, just like it’s not impossible that one of our neighbors at home might decide to come over at a bad moment, but it’s as unlikely as it’s possible to be.”

“This is as far away from the rest of the world as we could get, and still have all the necessities,” Abby says, sitting on the step down to the solarium. Tim kisses Breena and then scoots over to help her with her boots. She can still get them herself, but, like before, he likes her legs and she’s pregnant enough it’s starting to get awkward, so why not help? “But if this is uncomfortable, there’s a perfectly functional bedroom over there, with solid walls, and shades on the windows. Moving’s not a problem.”

Jimmy looks at the mattresses all laid out, then looks out at a lake and miles and miles and miles of trees, he thinks about what went into this, and decides that he’s being silly.

“We’re good here.” He looks down at the little makeup bag, the pack of baby wipes, and the plates on the sofa next to the mirror. “What’s that?” He knows the girls brought toys, and he’s had more than enough sex to have a clue what the baby wipes might be for, but the plates are throwing him for a loop. He’s sure they’ve got snacks, but they’ve just eaten, so… he’s not immediately seeing what might be in that bag or going on the plates.

Abby grins up at him, flexing her toes in Tim’s hands as he gently kisses her knees. “You remember when we were talking about rings ‘or something?’”

Jimmy nods, the idea that they’d get each other something to mark this, and that Abby had something besides a piece of jewelry she was interested in. He crawls into the center of the mattress, kissing both girls.

Abby lifts her leg and strokes her foot over Tim’s leg, and then scoots down to join the rest of them on the mattresses. Right now, they’re all mostly dressed, and lounging about, sitting or lying, just resting and being comfortable.

“When we were on our honeymoon,” she touches Tim’s lips on her throat, “we traded permanent kisses. I was hoping to add two more kisses, if you’d be game for that.”

Breena’s smiling at that. She’s never seen lipstick on Jimmy, and isn’t sure if he’ll be game for this, but hopes he’ll go for it. “How do you see this working?” she asks, knowing she’s setting up the show and tell part of the afternoon.

Abby crawls over to the sofa, over Tim and Jimmy, stopping for kisses on the way, and then dumps a huge collection of tiny tubes out of the bag. “I brought all of our lip tars. We’ve got every color you can imagine, and they’re liquid, so it’s really easy to mix colors or paint them on however you like.” She grabs one of the pink ones, and squirts a tiny bit on the plate, showing off that each one of them will have their own plate for color mixing. “I was hoping to collect a whole lot of kisses, and give a bunch of them, too.” She air kisses at them. “The two best prints, I’ll get pictures of them, and after Sean’s on the outside, I’ll get them tattooed on.”

Jimmy’s looking intrigued by that, eyeing the colors, and heads closer to Abby. “So, you’re going to mix up some color for me, and I can kiss you, here—“ He’s touching Abby’s throat, just below her ear, on the spider web side.

Tim butts in, “No.”

Jimmy looks away from Abby, staring at Tim, confused. “No? What, is her neck yours and yours only?”

Abby’s looking really amused at the idea that Tim might have dibs on certain parts of her. She and Jimmy settle back down on the mattresses, facing the other two.

“No!” Tim rolls his eyes a bit. Abby is his, but not like that. “It’s her neck. The reason you’re not going to put a kiss there is the exact same reason why my lip print isn’t already there. It’ll look like a snack the spider’s got sitting on the web waiting for her next meal.”

Jimmy’s eyes go a little wider at that, and as he looks at the web, and thinks about what his lip print likely looks like, and how from a few feet away, especially if it’s a bright color, it would likely look kind of caterpillarish, he says, “Oh.”

Breena laughs. “So, besides not on your spider web, or any of the other tattoos?” Abby nods. “Everywhere else is open?”

“Not everywhere else. It takes about a month for one to heal all the way up. So, there are some places I’d prefer weren’t out of commission for a month. And, since neither of you have lips that look anything like Tim’s, it can’t be visible when I’m dressed for work or church. Any skin you can’t see now is fair game.” She’s still got her sundress on, along with a collar, one wrist cuff, and socks that go to her knees. Both Jimmy and Breena are looking all over Abby. “And, of course, for just lipstick, you can put them anywhere you like.”

Breena shifts her gaze to Tim. “We adding some to you, too? Is that your ‘or something,’ also?”

Tim smiles. “Wasn’t what I was thinking. Not permanently, at least. With the lip tars, oh yeah, I want a full rainbow from you and Abby.”

Abby smiles. “And we both know where you want it.”

He half-smiles in response; Abby’s not wrong about where he wants it. “I’m easy to please on that. Do you want to add a kiss to me permanently?

“Maybe…” Breena’s kind of liking the idea of marking Tim. “What were you thinking?” Breena asks him.

He stands up and shucks off his jeans and socks, then stretches his leg out, over Jimmy’s, foot resting on Breena’s hip. They’ve all got a good view of the dragon and Kelly’s band. He touches the bit of skin next to the dragon’s top most wing. “Molly’s band goes here.” He touches Kelly’s. “Kelly.” His fingers move two inches below where Molly’s would be. “One here, for Jon.” His fingers slip down, to just above Kelly’s, “Anna’s goes here.” Back to the top. “Sean’s. That leaves a few inches for any other children we have. Maybe Donny Palmer goes down here.” He taps above where Anna’s knot will go. “When we’re done with babies, two four strand knots, one at the top and one at the bottom, wrapping all the way around my leg, for the four of us.”

Jimmy whistles low at that, what Tim’s talking about will cover most of his calf.

Breena’s nodding. “Our family.”

Tim nods back to her. “Yeah. All of us, worn on my skin.” He’s got on a t-shirt, so he raises the sleeve a bit to show the band he and Abby share. “I was telling her that when hands that love you touch you, it should leave a mark. It should change you. That’s the change I want to make. Is that… You guys good with all the kids on me?” They haven’t specifically talked about the kids they already have, but Tim knows he’s thinking of all of them as ‘theirs’ and sure some of them are his and some are Jimmy’s for the sake of the outside world, but in his head at least, they’re theirs.

“Yeah,” Breena says softly, her fingers drift to the tiny diamond solitaire she wears around her throat. “Thanks for remembering…"

Tim nods, and looks to Jimmy who nods back at him. Jimmy looks away for a second, blinks hard, and then makes himself smile, pulls his shirt off, and says, “So… rainbow party?”

Massive Dork
The thing Tim didn’t think of when he suggested a rainbow party to Abby is that he, still, thinks he looks like a massive dork when he’s wearing lipstick.

And sure, for playing, he likes the result of all those pretty kisses on Abby’s skin. (And hers on his.) But he doesn’t like how he looks with it on. (Actually, he doesn’t like how he thinks he looks with it on. He still hasn’t looked at himself when he’s doing this.)

But, and this is the part that’s biting him in the ass, as both Jimmy and Breena are enthusiastically getting into this, it’s that Jimmy and Breena are, by default, also going to see him with lipstick on.


On the upside, if he looks as stupid as he thinks he does, Breena probably won’t mention it, and Jimmy doesn’t have anyone to pull into teasing him about it. He’s wearing it, too, and Tony’ll completely flip out at the idea that this is the sort of thing they get up to when they’re on their own.

Still, he’s warily eyeing the colors as Abby’s putting tiny dabs of them on the plate.

“You weren’t kidding about every color, were you?” Breena’s asking, playing with one of the tubes.

“Nope. All of them. We might have gone a little crazy on them when we decided we liked this.”

Breena laughs. “Come here, babe,” she’s patting the spot on the mattress right in front of her, and Jimmy’s scooting over. She laughs at that, too, giving Jimmy a quick kiss. “Other babe.”

“Oh, me?” Tim starts to head over. “You need different nicknames for us.”

Breena inclines her head in agreement, but right this second she’s not feeling much need to wrack her brain for new terms of endearment. “Close your eyes.”

Jimmy’s looking amused, as Abby’s getting him settled and gently brushing the primer on his lips.

“Why?” Tim asks, feeling a little nervous, wondering what the hell she’s going to put on him that he can’t see while she does it.

“Because watching makes you uncomfortable.”

“Oh.” She’s not wrong. So his eyes shut, and he can hear her messing around and humming a bit, followed by the slightly wet, ticklish sensation of having his lips painted. “Open up.”

Tim does, letting her mess around with him.

“Ohhh… Good pick,” Abby says.

“Can I pick my color?” Jimmy asks, “Or are we just the toys you’re playing with today?”

Abby lets off a diabolical laugh. “Mental note, toy night is going on the list.”

Tim can feel Breena nodding at that. He can imagine her smile.

“Yes.” Abby says to Jimmy. “Though I was thinking of mixing a few together for you.”

“Mixing them how?”

“Let me do it, kiss it on me, and if you don’t like how it looks, we’ll do any colors you like.”

Tim hears Jimmy say, “Okay.” He’s trying not to squirm as Breena’s gently putting on… It feels like a lot.

“Lighter hand, love.” Abby says to her.

“We want a bunch of prints, right? Enough for both of us, not just you.”


More dabbing at his lips. It didn’t take nearly this long when Abby did it. He’d like to ask, but she’s putting more stuff on his lips so…

“How much are these?” Breena asks.

“Eighteen dollars. They’ll last pretty much forever. For just casual wear, you only need a tiny bit.”

“That’s what I’m thinking. Better texture than what I use at work. Might have to invest in some of these.”

Tim finds that a little off-putting, he’d rather not be thinking about Breena’s clients right now, but, he’s still not saying anything because she’s lightly flicking the brush over his lips and humming again. He’s got the sense that if his eyes were open, he’d see her critically looking at what she’s done.

He’s about to open his eyes, but then the brush flicks out and there are a few more light flicks.

“Okay, all done. You want to see?”

He’s done, so he opens his eyes. And, okay, yes, he looks. He’s right. He looks dumb as hell with lipstick. Eyeliner is fine. Tattoos are good. The kilt rocks. This looks stupid. Fortunately, he gets something he likes out of this.

It’s dark, metallic blue. Shiny cobalt. Not a bad color on him, if it was a shirt or something, hell, eyeliner even. DUMB on his lips. But the girls seem to approve.

He’s about to rub his lips together, because seeing that’s made him very aware of them, and Breena immediately whacks him lightly on the shoulder. “No you don’t!”

He’s not sure if he can talk without messing it up, but he tries anyway. “Okay. Shall I do you?”

Breena lights up at that. “Do me how. My lips?” She lightly touches her bottom lip. “Or are you going to decorate me?” She gestures to all of her naked skin.

Tim whistles a low breath, remembering, vividly why he likes this. So many good options with that. He knows that eventually these will dry, and once they dry they don’t budge, so…

“Decorations first, then you’re going to sit in my lap, and I’ll paint your lips, and you’ll decorate Jimmy and I.”

She grins at that.

His eyes slip all over her, and he laughs a little. She arches an eyebrow, as Abby says to Jimmy, “All done.”

Tim answers Breena’s look. “Virgin territory. Miles and miles of untouched skin.” Then, as he’s checking out what Abby did to Jimmy, he carefully lays a kiss on Breena’s shoulder. The kiss on her skin is blue, bold and vibrant. He glances over and sees the kiss Jimmy’s putting on Abby’s inner knee in dark green and oaky brown, looks like she decided to match his eyes.

Still not a great look
He doesn’t think lipstick looks as dumb on Jimmy as it does on him, but it’s not something he’d ever suggest Jimmy should do for a going out look.

Tim does like the look of Jimmy’s lips on Abby’s skin though. And as he lays another kiss on Breena’s throat, matching the one on Abby, he really likes how his lips look on her. Yep, Abby, Breena, either and both of them, this hits that little possessive kink just perfect. He’s idly wondering if Breena might be game for a tattoo, as he decides where Abby needs another kiss.

Tim slips over a bit, laying his next kiss on Abby’s breast. Lifting it gently and leaving a blue mark on the underside along with a deep, gently biting kiss. Then back to Breena. Enough of the tar came off on the first three kisses that this one should leave a really nice print.

Jimmy’s also over with her, so for the moment she’s a bit distracted as he’s marking her inner thigh. Right where her thigh and pelvis meet. She gently taps the other thigh, and Tim smiles. He waits for Jimmy to pull back, and then lifts her leg, gently nuzzling from her knee to her pelvis, and finishes with a wet kiss to match Jimmy’s.

As he’s doing that, he feels lips on the small of his back, and he’s not sure if they’re Abby’s or Jimmy’s, and right now, he doesn’t care.

Tim scoots up an inch, and over an inch, gently nosing Breena’s pubic hair. “Next time you shave, my lip print goes here.”

“Sunday. All four of us slick and smooth and bare.”

That sounds awesome to Tim.

Jimmy groans at that idea, and Tim looks over to see his kiss print on Abby’s mound, one slightly higher and to the right on her hip, another one next to his on her breast. Breena pulls away from Tim for a second, and kisses Jimmy, deep, on the lips, and then says to him, “Wanna see it? Me riding you, your dick slipping in and out of me, with Tim’s lips right on my pussy.” Jimmy groans at that, too, and gently pushes her back onto the bed, trailing fainter and fainter kisses from her throat to her pussy.

Abby’s not wearing any lip tar yet, so she glances to Tim, and then snuggles into his lap.

“One sec.” He’s got something he wants to do before his lips dry. He gently lowers her onto her back and lays a kiss right above her belly button. Good one, clear edges, and then grabs a brush gets a bit more tar on it, and writes his name right under it. He gets a picture, too. Her tummy, gently swollen with Sean, his lips and name just above her belly button.

Abby’s staring at that, looking amused, and he kisses her lips, leaving faint traces of blue, while saying, “Just signing my work.”

Abby giggles at that, and Breena does, too. (Jimmy’s busy, and guessing by the sound Breena makes, he does something to make sure she’s paying attention to him.) Jimmy’s maybe missing something of the spirt of this, in that he’s kissing Breena over and over in the same place, but she’s having a very good time with it, so… Maybe he’s got the idea just right.

Tim grabs a baby wipe and wipes the blue lip tar off the brush. Then he starts up on Abby’s lips. He’s not as good with the brushes or the colors, but he thinks he does a passable job of mixing and then painting her lips blow job red. (He’s a tad distracted by her in his lap, all warm and soft and gently rocking against him.)

But, after a bit, her lips are done, and Abby’s ready to get kissing.

Abby kisses Tim. First print on his collarbone. Then, after one last warm, rocking moment on his lap, she kisses his cheek, and pats him gently so he kneels up, and closes her lips around the tip of his dick. He’s not full hard, yet, they’re just getting started, but that’s certainly helping things in that direction. “That’s where you want them, right?”

He smiles. “I like them all over, but…” he looks down at the first of the rings of color on his penis, “Yeah, you know it!”

Abby winks and then flips around and gently kisses Breena’s breast, leaving her lips in scarlet on Breena’s nipple.

Next one’s on her ribs, and Tim’s not sure if he wants to just watch, or if he should jump in. He settles for at least another second of watching as Abby gently licks Breena’s lips, and then shifts over to leave a bright red print on the nape of Jimmy’s neck, then one just below it between his shoulder blades.

He takes Breena’s hand in his, and kisses her wrist, one last, light somewhat smeary blue kiss, as she’s arching against Jimmy, hand clenched in his hair. (And yes, she’s tugging on his hair, and Jimmy’s moaning, maybe at that, maybe at what he’s doing to Breena. Tim’s not sure which, but either way, they’re both having a good time.)

He pulls back, knowing he’s got to put more of the lipstick on if he’s going to leave more kiss prints. Abby’s looking busy, trailing kisses down Jimmy’s back, and he thinks she needs some kisses on her back, too, go he grabs a brush and the plate with all the colors and heads to the mirror.

Not difficult to pick his second color. He might think black’s the only acceptable color on him (at least in the sense of not looking like a total twit) but for the sake of how it’ll look on Abby and Breena, he snags the brush, and mixes the silver along with a little green, thinking that looks good, and is different enough from the green Jimmy’s wearing right now, to make it easy to see whose lips are whose.

A minute of taking off the remains of the blue, another minute of putting the new silvery-green on, and he’s ready to go.

He looks at Breena and Abby. God, so many good options. Miles and miles of beautiful skin, all begging for a little color.

Breena looks done for the moment. She’s relaxing, purring, Jimmy’s head resting on her thigh, as she gently pets his hair. Abby’s kissing her way down Jimmy’s back. Tim finds the red lip print on his right ass cheek especially amusing. Then his eyes slip away from Jimmy’s ass (kind of boring to him) to Abby’s (much more fun) which is nicely high in the air as she’s kissing the back of Jimmy’s knee.

Yep, that definitely needs some kiss marks.

Tim’s lying on his back, left arm extended over his head, Abby kissing up his leg while Breena’s got his arm.

He thinks he’s purring.

He’s not a cat guy, (lifelong cat allergies means he sees them as fuzzy annoyances at best) but right now he’s feeling awfully feline, all stretched-out, naked, spotted with glorious color, beautiful women petting him.

Breena gets to his wrist, looking at the one kiss mark that won’t wash off when they’re done.

“What if I want to put a kiss on you that won’t wash off?”

Tim tilts his head toward her. (His wrist is above his head, so he’s looking up and backwards.) “I told Abby a long time ago that I’d proudly wear any mark she wanted to put on me.” Breena leans down and kisses him, planting a candy pink kiss on his lips. “Same goes for you.”

Breena’s eyeing his wrist. “And you don’t have your heart set on another ring or something like that?”

“I’m fine with the cuff, or a ring, or… It just has to be something from the three of you that I wear on my skin. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter.”

“What are you thinking?” Abby’s asking, looking up from the trail of kisses she’s painting up Tim’s thigh.

Breena scoots over, next to Jimmy, who’s adding another color to his lips. She spends a few seconds looking at the already mixed colors, and then takes the periwinkle blue that matches her eyes and paints her lips with it.

“The cuff covers from here to here?” She touches just below Tim’s palm to two and a half inches lower.


“Okay.” Breena takes his wrist in her hand, and lays a kiss on his wrist. Between hers and Abby’s it look almost like he’s got a 7 on his wrist. He’s a little puzzled at the placement, until he gets where she’s going with this.

Jimmy gets it about the same time Tim does, and he looks at Tim, raising an eyebrow.

“Go kiss that off on the girls.” Jimmy’s got a dark red on right now, and it’s too close to Abby’s blow job red to work on his wrist.

“You want my kiss?” Jimmy asks.

Tim almost shrugs at that. Jimmy’s lips tattooed to his skin was never on his list of dearest hopes, but he likes the symbolism, likes the closed triangle. He’s looking at two thirds of his loves, and… it’s just not done without Jimmy.

“Not done without you. Unless it makes you feel weird.”

“Nah.” Abby’s closer to him right now than Breena is, so he pulls her close and kisses her ear lobe. Then puts another one on her shoulder, giving her angel a kiss halo. One more right above the cuff tattoo on her arm, and then over to Breena. He lays a dark red kiss on her ankle, another on her shin, and one on her knee cap before the tar has mostly wiped off.

Back to the colors he goes, spending a moment thinking, and another moment mixing. Like Breena, he decides to match his eye color. So, deep greeny-brown. Tim would call it ‘cool moss’ which is probably just him being poetic, but if there’s ever a time to be poetic, describing your lovers’ kiss colors is probably it.

Tim sits up and holds out his wrist to Jimmy, who takes it in his hand and gently presses his kiss to close the triangle.

Tim takes a moment to look at it, all three sets of lips on his wrist, and nods. He likes it. It feels… right, and done, and he likes the idea of it hiding under his cuff. Likes the idea of carrying their love on his skin everywhere he goes.

He looks at his dragon, and touches it gently. “This is who I want to be.” More than that, it’s his love for them, worn on his skin. He looks at but doesn’t touch the lip prints. Jimmy’s is still wet and he doesn’t want them to smear. This is their love for him. “And this is what lets me be him.”

Rainbow party is, forgiving the pun, a brilliant idea. Everyone’s covered with pretty splotches of color. Tim’s got reds and pinks and coral and blues and greens and purples all over him. Kisses on hands and feet and everything in between. Both he and Jimmy are sporting rainbow covered erections, and the four of them have taken about three million pictures to go with this.

Breena’s still looking Abby over. She’s covered in kiss marks, his lips, Jimmy’s, and Breena’s but so far, Breena hasn’t found a place she wants to leave her forever kiss.

And then she does. Tim sees the way she lights up with it, and then springs over to the plate with all the colors on it. She’s carefully mixing as she says, “Tim’s is black; I want my lips to be lip colored.” After a few seconds, she’s got her color mixed up, and applied onto her lips, then she kneels on the bed behind Abby, gathering her hair in her hand, and gently, carefully, kisses the nape of Abby’s neck. “Right there. Between your hair and the collars you like, no one will see it unless you want them to. But it’s still close and sensual and romantic.”

Tim grabs his phone and takes several pictures. Making sure to get the color as true to life as possible, as well as good, close-up detail of the kiss.  

Abby takes the camera from him. “Yeah. I like that.” She turns and kisses Breena. Not trading marks, this is just lips on lips and happiness slipping from one body to another.

“How about it, Jimmy, which one of yours is going to be forever?” Abby’s looking over the kisses, some green and brown, some blues, some purples, a few in black, and a few more in dark red, that are all from Jimmy. 

Jimmy’s also looking, thinking. He looks up at Tim, and then back to Abby, “When you’re touched by hands that love you, it should leave a mark, huh?”

Tim nods. “That’s what I was thinking.”

“He’ll cover our lips with his wrist cuff. You wear one most of the time, how about always?”
Abby nods. “I can do that. You thinking about my wrist?”

“Forearm, really, but you’ve already got tatts all over them.” Jimmy lays his palm along the inside of her forearm, the bottom of his palm just about at the bottom of hers. “This is the first place we touched.”

She smiles at that. “When you glued your hands to my arms.”

“Who knew what that’d turn into?” Jimmy reaches over and grabs a baby wipe. He wipes off Abby’s arm, removing several kisses, and after her skin is dry, he lifts her wrist to his lips, kissing along the faint blue shadow of her radial artery. “There.”

Abby smiles at it, and then kisses him, holding her arm carefully to let that print dry properly. Tim gets a shot of it, nodding, liking the placement and symbolism.

Jimmy’s looking over his skin, and then stands up to check his back in the mirror. He’s looking at the kisses, gently touching the now dry blow job red kiss between his shoulder blades, while thinking about the idea of forever. “So, how bad does getting one of these hurt?”

“Not the end of the world or anything, but it stings,” Abby says. “Why?”

“Thinking about it.”

“No.” Abby’s shaking her head. “There’s no reason for you to do that.”

Jimmy’s looking irked at that. They’ve got them all over their skin, why not him? “How about liking the idea? Sounds like reason to me.”

“Jimmy, you react badly to henna,” Abby says.

“And Sharpies…” Breena adds.

“You tried that?” Tim asks.

Breena’s nodding, pulling Jimmy back to bed. “I did a little design on his calf, and the next day the whole thing was swollen and red for days. You and ink don’t get along. So, let’s not inject it into your skin and see what sorts of new, fun allergies you’ve got.”

“Fine.” Jimmy’s not looking thrilled, but he doesn’t want to argue. Not right now. Not with pretty and naked people all around him.  (Though Tim’s making a mental note that Jimmy’s got first dibs on the shower when they’re done.)

It looks like a Crayola factory exploded. Or… that holiday in India, with the dye, Ducky would know what it’s called, it looks like that.

There’s four sweaty, smeary, spent people on what were once black sheets that are now very much not black sheets.

Apparently, if you get sweaty, and apply some silicon based lube that gets smeared to other places, along with natural lube, and saliva, you come up with a cocktail lip tars cannot withstand. Most of those nice, defined, brilliant kisses have bled into the most conspicuous camouflage pattern in existence.

And Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.

He’s spooned up behind Abby, her body still soft and wet on his. He lightly kisses the smear that was once Breena’s lips on the nape of her neck. She purrs a little, shifting, and he slips wetly from her, coaxing one last, soft twitch from her body.

He can feel an arm slipping against his back. Jimmy’s, he’s guessing by the hair. He’s not rubbing Tim’s back, not as his main focus, (probably). Tim’s not quite feeling energetic enough to look up, but he thinks Breena’s on top of Jimmy (she was before he and Abby rolled to their side to finish up with a slow and lazy spoon), and he’s gently stroking her back, and just rubbing Tim’s as a side bonus.

Tim drags his arm down Abby’s side, resting his hand on her tummy, holding her close as he scoots back an inch to get closer to Jimmy and Breena.

Breena kisses his shoulder, and he feels her hair on his back and shoulder, so he guesses she’s snuggled her head in against Jimmy’s shoulder, back of her head to his back.

For a few more heartbeats they rest there, tired and happy. Then his phone buzzes. He doesn’t want to get up, but… But it could be… God, what time is it? Sun’s low, so it’s got to be past six. So, Sarah maybe, or work or… He sits up slow, kissing both girls, and tries to remember where the hell his phone ended up.

Eventually he sees it in the corner of the solarium, and reaches for it with pink/purple/green/blue hands, digging his phone out of his pocket.

It’s a text from his sister. We’re doing just fine.  Under that is a shot of Kelly sitting on one side of a nicely set table with Sarah on the other. Looks like dinner’s in full swing, for them.

He flops back to the center of the bed, showing off the shot. “Looks like they’re getting on okay without us.”

Abby looks at the picture, and takes the phone from Tim. Abby here. Awwww!

You guys having a good time? ;)


Then I’ll let you get back to it.


Jimmy’s still laying on his back, but Breena’s starting to get up, too. She gently pokes him. “Come on, shower time.” Tim glances at her, and yes, both of them are thinking that getting the pigments off of Jimmy is a good plan. Yes, they’re designed for skin wear, but… just in case.

“Then feeding the pregnant lady!” Abby adds.

“Shower big enough for the four of us?” Tim asks. Now that he’s not all post-orgasmic glow-y, he’s starting to feel a bit sticky and gross.

“Nope.” Breena’s pulling Jimmy up, and he’s making less than happy noises about that. He looks like he wants to sleep, but finally he lurches up. “Fifteen minutes, then it’s your turn.”

Tim nods, and Abby looks around. “Come on, phase two. Won’t take us more than a minute.”

Breena grins at them, herding Jimmy toward the bathroom.

Tim glances at her, covered in her own rainbow of smeary splotches, hair spiky and sweaty, eyes glowing at him. “You’ve got a phase two?”

“Oh yeah.” She’s smiling brilliantly. “And you’re going to love it.”

“Really?” If phase two involves anything beyond a shower and sleep, he’s not sure how useful he’ll be for it.

“Yep. Come on, let’s get the sheets off and clean sheets on.”

That sounds like a step toward sleeping. “Okay.”

Half an hour later they’re on phase two, and Abby is right, he loves it. They’re all showered and dried off, naked and comfortable. (All four of them hitting more of a second wind once they got up and moving around again.)

They put clean sheets on the mattresses, as well as blankets and pillows. There’s sushi and lettuce rolls, cold dumplings, sake and tea. There’s feeding each other, bits of dinner nibbled from each other’s fingers, as they lay around.

And then, from there, there’s falling asleep watching the stars come out above and the last of the summer fireflies flitting among the trees.

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