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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 276

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 276: The Good Morning

Crying, the feel of the bed shifting, quick rush of cool air as Abby gets up out of bed and the blanket lifts off of both of them, bright light, red behind his eyelids.

Must be morning again.

Another few seconds of lying there, and his bladder decides to confirm that it is indeed morning, so he staggers out of bed to take care of that.

Tim always thought it was some perverse quirk of evolution that a full bladder gives you a hard-on and hard-ons make it difficult to pee. It’s (obviously) not impossible, but still, especially when all he wants to do is stagger back to bed, having to wake up enough to will his erection down enough to pee, and contort into a position where he can still hit the bowl isn’t his idea of fun.

When he gets out of the bathroom, Abby’s back in their bed, propped up, Kelly in her arms, getting everyone settled in to nurse. This triggers some memories from last night about what was going to happen after Kelly went back to sleep, and suddenly Tim’s a lot happier about the concept of morning.

He lays back down, the way he usually does when he’s sleeping around her nursing sitting up, right arm between her hips and the pillows, left over her thighs, lips pressed against her hip.

She gently pets his hair, and he kisses her hip, settling back into snooze mode, listening to Kelly sucking away, and Abby humming to her.

Tim never got the skill of lucid dreaming. He certainly tried to. Back when he was fifteen or so and his sex life was entirely based in dreams, fantasy, and his left hand, the ability to control his dreams so he could do whatever he wanted was way, way, way up on the list of skills to master.

Never really happened though.

Especially not for middle-of-the-night, deep-sleeping sort of dreaming.

He did find; however, that there’s this spot where he’s still aware of being awake, but his body’s pretty shut down, where he can just sort of start to see the images of dreams begin and his hold on awake wanders off, and he still can’t control that, not completely, but he can nudge it into whatever direction he’d like, and end up with a situation where he’s either fantasizing very intensely or lightly dreaming.

So, it’s not like he’s lying next to Abby thinking that there’ll be some sex in the offing soon, so ordering up some super explicit porn dreams of threesoming with Breena (been a while since he played with that fantasy) is a good plan.

It doesn’t work that way.

But, he’s leaning that way, and it has been a while since he’s played with that fantasy. And if he’s willing to hook into what’s around him, (Abby’s body and skin against his) and recent events, (flushed skin, endorphin rush from fighting, hard, throbbing music, feel of his body hot and wet) he can shape that into something that he won’t precisely control, but will most likely unravel in a way he likes.

Basically, he can set the scene and the tone, but from there his brain just plays it out, and he goes along for the ride. Usually he likes the ride just fine.

Mostly he’s seeing the insides of his eyelids, feeling Abby’s skin against his, hearing little baby sounds, but that starts to fade, and his mind starts pulling images, sounds in.

Hardcore goth/industrial club. He knows it’s a club because his mind has it labeled as a club. Music is loud, lights are flashing black and white and green and pink, and there are other bodies pressed around, moving, but there’s no real detail beyond that.

The music is loud. Really loud. And it’s fucking music. Not music for sex, or making love. This is hard, pulsing, throbbing fast and heavy fucking music. This is feel her come against you, fingernails tearing down your back and flip her over before she stops twitching and go at it again music. Nothing about it is gentle, and the lyrics are explicit.

Kilt, wrist cuff, collar round his throat, boots, nothing else on. Not even socks. He can feel the leather rubbing against his calf.

It’s hot, very hot, that’s why no shirt. He’s dancing hard, sweating, skin slick.

Whole place feels languid with the heat, moving fast and hard but slowed down at the same time. Almost a slow motion version of fast. Like he knows it’s supposed to be fast but he’s experiencing it slowed down.

Smells like clean sweat and sex. Turned on bodies pressing hard, grinding against each other. Wet pussy, musk, cum, not anything he’d want in a room freshener, but all of those scents scream sex to him, get him hard, make him want to fuck.

Abby’s in front of him. Not touching yet. Dancing for him to watch. Short skirt, plaid, green and black and red, so tiny, doesn’t even cover her whole ass. He’s watching it sway with the way she’s moving, seeing it just skim over the those sweet little cheeks.

He wants to reach out and grab. Wants to bend her over and lick.

She turns to face him, smile on her face promising good things.

Tiny white tank top, cut off, just barely covering the lower swell of her breasts. No bra. They’re swaying every time she moves, too.

He doesn’t know if he wants her facing him or facing away, just knows that she needs to stop dancing in front of him and needs to start dancing against him, right now.

Facing him. They’re kissing, and she’s pressed up tight against him, riding his leg as his hands cup her ass, holding her firm to him.

Breena appears from nowhere, but she’s beside them now, her body pressed into both of their sides, her arms over their shoulders. Abby breaks the kiss with him to kiss Breena, and one of his hands leaves her butt to circle Breena’s waist.

Skin. His fingers land on her skin. So hot, damp, soft. Bikini top, skin tight gold, another tiny little skirt, but hers is tight and Abby’s is pleated.

Lips. Abby’s on Breena, wet and soft and gliding over each other. Abby nudges Breena’s face to him, and he’s kissing her, enjoying the glorious, wet pull of her mouth on his tongue.

Abby turns, with Breena. Abby’s back against his chest, hot, wet skin sliding against his, her ass rubbing small circles against his hips. He can feel it, and since it’s a dream, he can see it from outside himself. See Abby grinding against him, and against Breena.

See them kissing more.

Breasts barely covered in tight little tops rubbing against each other, nipples hard.

He can watch them kissing, slow, wet tongues sliding over each other. Breena’s sucking on Abby’s tongue, and watching it is killing him. Watching it feels like having his dick sucked, and Breena and Abby know that. Abby’s still rubbing against him, and the kilt’s gone, but her skirt is still there, so it’s the slide of her skin and the raspy rub of her skirt against his dick.

Abby’s hands are on Breena’s hips. Breena’s arms are over Abby’s shoulders, her hands wrapped around the back of his neck. He kisses Abby’s neck, licking along her throat. His right hand is between the girls, letting them grind against his fist. (Skirts vanished, all three of them are naked now, except he’s still got the wrist cuff on, he can see that, and is kind of wondering why he’s watching that when he’s got naked Abby and Breena in front of him, but, well, dreams are weird.) He bites along Abby’s shoulder to Breena’s arm, takes it in his left hand, and kisses to her wrist, then licks each finger, sucking them.

Breena’s head falls back, and she moans, loud. Abby’s kissing down her throat, to her chest, pressing her breasts up and licking both of them. Her lips are so red, her tongue so wet and pink and just lapping at Breena’s nipples, and Abby’s still rubbing against him, driving him insane.

On his side, in bed now, his bed? Breena’s? No idea. It’s a bed, or a carpet, or maybe not. He’s on his side, he knows that. His hands are tied over his head. He knows that, too. Can’t use them, but he wants to. Too much beautiful woman all around him, and he really wants to touch all over both of them, so he’s struggling against the knots.

He can feel Abby behind him. His leg is over her hip and she’s fucking him, getting his prostate over and over and each time he feels that pulse that feels like cumming, but isn’t.

Breena’s in front of him, and they’re sixty-nining.

Wet pussy on his lips, wet lips on his dick, and every time Abby nails him, Breena sucks harder, and God, he’s never felt this good. He’s so hard, and so turned on, and it’s a dream so he can go like this forever and…

God, so hard, so full, so… cock ring? Yeah, oh yes, that’s good, and both girls are licking all over him. They’re kissing each other around his dick and the visual on that and the way it feels, and fuck…

“Starting without me,” Abby says quietly to Tim when she gets back into their room. He doesn’t wake up. And right now, she’s fine with that.

In fact, him asleep opens some interesting avenues for playing.

He’s usually a not very deep sleeper. Usually he’s fairly easy to wake up. But they’ve both been tired lately, (and at the one AM feed, he wasn’t in bed, and she could hear Gibbs crying, so her guess is last night was an awfully late one on top of a ton of other late nights this week) and it’s obvious he’s dreaming right now, pretty deeply if the little half-gasps sounds he’s making are anything to go by.

Dreaming about some awfully hot sex if the erection that goes with those gasps is a guide.

So… what to do with sleeping beauty over there…

She knows that if she just creeps around quietly, and moves him very slowly, he’ll sleep through whatever comes next.

Very slowly, very gently. Perfectly silent isn’t necessary. These days they’re both pretty good at sleeping through the other one moving around, getting in and out of bed. But she knows that when she gets up to nurse, he rolls into the warm spot of the bed she left, and when she comes back he curls around her, but he doesn’t wake up for that.

She knows she does the same thing when he leaves bed, so, as long as his sleeping body thinks this is just normal getting up and back, it should work.

She creeps under the covers, same way she usually does, and like usual, his arm wanders out for her to lay her neck over, and he presses in close against her back.

Perfect. Only took a little scooting to get his wrist to the headboard. Only took a few more seconds to get his right arm secured to the bed.

Dreaming Tim doesn’t move much, beyond that snuggling in closer, but she can feel exactly how hard he is, so she rubs against him, and very quietly moans, letting him add that into the dream.

She feels the drop of precum smear against her back, and that’s a bit closer to the edge than she wants him right now. Doesn’t want this over before he wakes up, let alone before she gets into it.

She nudges him gently over, and he rolls onto his back.

More slow, gentle shifting around gets his left hand tied.

She pulls back and watches. God he’s looking so good. Spread out, skin flushed, cock hard, eyes closed, fluttering a little, mouth slightly open, lips so ready to be nibbled. So good!

Mmm… Delicious. She leaned over and gently licked him, just getting a little taste, and did taste another drop of precum.

Yeah, he’s way too close to the edge. And with the way this week’s gone, he probably hasn’t gotten off since they had sex, so giving him a bit of help is likely a good plan.

She headed for their toy box and grabbed the silicon cock ring.

She wasn’t sure if he’d sleep through that, but his hands were already tied, so she didn’t mind too much if he didn’t.

He moaned a little as she got it set, making sure it didn’t pinch or pull on anything, but his eyes didn’t open, and he didn’t say anything, so he was still asleep.

So, dive on in and play with him? Show off what she bought yesterday…

That’ll hold ‘til next time. She wants him awake enough to really appreciate it.

Supplies, that’s a plan, get that set ahead of time. Lube, definitely need that. No matter how turned on her brain is right now (and right now it’s awfully happy about the idea of sex) her body’s not on that same page, and likely won’t be anytime soon, not until her hormones get closer to normal, and that’s still at least a month or two off.

So, lube.

And if they’re going to do anything where lube makes sense, then condoms are on the list, too. Wednesday was good and right, and if she’s pregnant that’s God at work, but she’s probably not, and also not feeling any real desire to tempt fate on that again.

Prepped, ready, supplies laid out, Tim trussed up and ready to play, time to wake him up.

This time she wasn’t particularly slow or careful about getting onto the bed. She snuggled in close to him, on her side, pressed against his, hand circling his dick, stroking gently. “Wake up, baby.”

“Mmm?” He turns his head toward her, eyes still closed.

She kisses his lips, and the tip of his nose, and lips again. He’s not exactly kissing back, but he is making a sound she’s got categorized as slipping from asleep to awake.

Finally his lips get into the game, though his eyes are still shut, and she feels him try to roll toward her, which stopped the kissing as his eyes opened and he looked at his wrist tied to the headboard.

The expression on his face was very perplexed. “I slept through that?”

“Look down.”

He saw the cock ring and grinned. “Wow. Didn’t realize I was that tired.”

“When’d you get to bed last night?”

“After two.”

She nods, and he kisses her. “How much time do we have?”

She checked the clock. “All goes well, hour and a half.”


She straddled his hips, just brushing against him gently, and he groaned. (Quietly. This time he’s awfully aware of the fact that Gibbs is in his house, and probably awake.)

“What were you dreaming?”

He pulls her bottom lip between his, tongue stroking over it, arching up as well as he can to rub against her. “You and me and Breena, all wrapped up in each other.”

“Sounds good.”

“It was. Want details?”


“Mmmm…” He wriggles around a bit, getting more comfortable, spreading his legs. “Whole set up, or just images?”

“Was there a set up?” she asks as she skims down his body, slipping kisses across his skin.

“At first. Slipped into images and feelings after that, but we started in a club…” He tells her what he was dreaming as she licks her way down his body. “…and then Breena turned… Oh, god, baby…” She’s pulling his nipple with her teeth while her belly rubs against his cock. “That feels so good.”

Long slow lick while she ground into him. “Better?”

“Ohhh…” His head falls back and he almost closes his eyes.   

“You’re not talking.”

“Ease off enough for me to get six brain cells working, and I will.”

“Ease off, huh? So, not this, then?” She licked a wide stripe down his chest and stomach, and closed her hand around his dick squeezing firmly.

“Oh, God, Abby! Fuck me, baby, please!”

She licked the tip of his dick, feeling his hips jerk.

“God, please! Want you so bad.”

She knows part of this is him playing. He’s probably not that close to the edge. Close, sure, but part of this is letting his desire ramp up hers.

Abby pulled back a bit, made sure he was watching, and then licked her lips slowly, tongue dragging over every millimeter, getting them good and wet, and rubbed them against each other, keeping them just touching, and slowly bent her head and pressed down on his dick, letting him breach the soft, wet press of them.

He groaned. He’s not being loud, but very sincere in his appreciation, and the feel of his smooth skin on her lips is making her feel very pleasantly tingly in all the right places. Abby pulled back again, with a long slow sucking kiss, and reached for the condom.

Tim watches her reach for it, and part of him is really thinking that his dick doesn’t want to get anywhere near a slimy, cold bit of latex.

Part of him is really aware of the fact that, even with the cock ring, he’s not going to be setting any endurance records and the condom should slow him down enough for her to enjoy this, too.

And part of him really wishes she’d go back to sucking him because, fucking god in heaven and on high that felt so mind meltingly good.

But his hands are tied, so he can’t flip her over, and if this is the game she wants to play, he’s happy to play it.

And yeah, it is kind of cool, but her hand jacking him, spreading the lube over his dick felt excellent, and the fact that she’s going to slip right onto him, and there’s the sensation of heat, and the anticipation of her body slipping onto his. She starts to slide down him, and that’s so… God, pressure, really, really good pressure, oh fuck, yeah… Wait… that’s not right.

Abby just winced. It was very slight, just a second crossing her face, but that’s not a look he ever wants associated with them and sex.

“You okay?”


There’s still a little tension in her face, and not the good kind. Not the so turned on it looks like pain. He thinks this really is pain. “Really?”

“Hurts a little.”

He tries to pull back, but he’s the one on his back and tied on top of that, so there’s nowhere he can go. But ‘hurts’ certainly backs him away from the edge. He’s not feeling any burning need to get off any more.

He wiggles his tongue at her. “Come on, flip around, no reason to do anything that hurts.”

“It’s not that bad.”

That pretty solidly boots him out of any of the lingering vestiges of his sexy mood. “’It’s not that bad’ isn’t exactly the response I’m hoping for here. I know we haven’t been doing a lot of this lately, but you may remember, it’s supposed to feel good.” Which is when a horrifying thought hit. “Did it hurt last time?”

Abby looks sheepish. “Little.”

“Shit. Tell me stuff like that.”

“It didn’t matter that it hurt last time. We both needed it.”

“It mattered to me.” He’s feeling significantly less like he needed it now, not if it hurt. “Did you get off?”


He’s searching her face, thinking she’s being honest, but not sure if she’s trying to keep him calm. “Really? You’re not just keeping me from freaking out?”

“Really.” She shifts so she’s laying on him, lips less than an inch from his, looking into his eyes. She hasn’t pulled off of him, but he’s about as limp as he can get wearing a cock ring. “Yes, it hurt, but… that whole night hurt. That’s part of this whole love thing, sometimes it hurts. And I needed it. Your body, in mine, maybe making a baby. I needed that, and it didn’t matter if it hurt because the pleasure through the hurt was more important. That’s how we got here, both of us deciding the pleasure of this… this whole life… was worth the risk of the hurt.

“I needed to know you came home, needed to feel it in my bones and heart and guts, and sex does that. Your body in mine does that. Your skin on mine. Your cum in me. Lips on mine. I needed it.”

He reaches up to kiss her. “Untie me?”

She pulls off of him and does, and a second after he had his left hand free, he took off the cock ring and condom, and once he had his right free, too, he pulls her against him, her whole body stretched out along his. He kisses her long and soft, hand cupping her face, leg wrapped around her hips, full body hug.

“I needed it, too. Needed to know I was still alive. Needed your body on mine. If Gibbs hadn’t come in with me we would have done it in the living room ten seconds after Kelly was done nursing. And I still hate that I hurt you.”

“It really wasn’t that bad.”

“Great.” He kisses her again, left hand tracing down her skin, shifting his leg, nudging it so hers rests on top of his hip, so his fingers can cup her pussy. “This isn’t supposed to hurt. And, ‘wasn’t that bad,’ isn’t how I ever want you to think of us fucking.”

“The pain wasn’t that bad. The sex was great.”

“How great can it be if it hurt?”

She shakes her head a little. “You’re so not a girl.”

“I’ve noticed that.”

“It was great because you came home. Because for the first time ever, you ran away from the danger and back to me. It was great because I could feel all of you and you were alive. It was great because it meant I got another day with you.”

He closes his eyes and sighs, feeling the worry in her words. Then opens them, looking into hers. “Not much longer.”

“I know. You’re doing so well with your own team, and, and I think you would have been a really great team leader, but I’m glad you’re leaving it behind. You and Gibbs walked in, and he’s got crutches and you’ve got that not really there look, and I can smell smoke on both of you, and I could feel my heart just stop.”

He kisses her again. “Not going to happen again.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I don’t. But I’ll hope and you’ll pray, and what was the line, ‘We’re too damn pretty to die?’”

She smiles gently. “Something like that.”

He takes her hand, presses it to his jaw, then kisses her base of her thumb, “Feel that chiseled jaw? I’m just too damn pretty to die.” He winks at her. She snorts at that, and held onto him for a long minute, her forehead against his. “And you’re right. I was good at it. And I liked it. I’m ready for a team. Been ready for a while. So’s Ziva, really. But I don’t want a field team. I’m good with Cybercrime. I’m good with not getting shot at. I’m really, really damn good with coming home to you every single day of the rest of my life, and I want that to be a good, long time. A thousand years isn’t enough, but I’ll settle for the fifty or so we’re owed.

“I talked to Gibbs about it, after the freezer case, and he told me that when it was time to leave, when I was ready, I’d know.

“I’m ready.”

She kisses him again, lips lingering over his, touching him with feelings that don’t translate well into words, but eventually turn into a murmured, “Good,” against his lips.

He sighs against her, holding her a little tighter, little closer, feeling her heart beating against his.

And eventually the soft, warm sensation of her body against his wakes his dick back up.

She giggles, feeling it fill against her hip. “I take it we’re good?”

He rolls onto his back, taking her with him. “We’re about to be a whole lot better than good. Flip around and let me lick your pussy the way I was dreaming of.”

She sits up, and switches around while he scoots down a bit, making sure there was enough room for her legs at the head of the bed. “Thought you were doing that to Breena.”

Once she’s settled, he gives her a small, fast lick, just saying hi really, and says, “You think I’ve got you both naked and only Breena gets eaten out? Oh no.” Another lick, long and slow this time. She moans quietly and presses into him. “Favorite meal on earth, no way I’m skimping on it.”

She probably smiles at that. He can’t tell because unlike in the dream he can’t see. But he did feel her tongue caress the head of his dick, and that’s an awfully good sign to shut up and fuck.

Been a lot longer since they’ve sixty-nined than he would have liked. For a few minutes he’s just getting back into the rhythm of it. Mostly remembering how the split focus thing works. How to really enjoy what she’s doing to him while still keeping track of her pleasure and getting her off. But it’s an old, familiar dance now, and his body knows what it’s doing.

He’s not trying to spin her out, mostly because he knows he’s not going to last for very long. Her mouth on his dick feels so amazing right now. Real, hot, wet, slick skin compared to the condom is utterly amazing, and her tongue’s rubbing him just right while she pulls back with just enough suction and, just, fuck, so damn good.

She slick with lube, but not wet on her own, so she tastes different than usual, (not bad or anything, but not that same delicious, oh god, yes, more, fucking right now, flavor that usually goes with eating pussy) but it’s still her, and she’s still making happy sounds as he circles her clit with his tongue in tight, fast little strokes.

Her legs are getting tighter, always a good sign, so he gets his fingers into play. No penetration, he’s not sure what ‘not that bad’ means, but he’s staying away from that for now. But he can stroke, and pet, tug gently on her lips, and once his fingers were very wet, very slick, he slid them back to circle her anus in time with what his tongue was doing on her clit, and that got some very, very happy sounds out of her.

Which is good because he’s about three seconds away from losing it. She’s got him deep in her mouth, using her hand as well as mouth, and moving fast, and it’s all wet, slippery, hot friction and feels so amazing.

He’s forcing his focus onto his lips and away from his dick because she’s not that close, not yet, but it’s so hard (difficult, too) and her mouth feels so fucking good, and he was so close before, and she’s rubbing his balls, too, and just, oh… holy fuck!  He felt the pleasure course through his whole body, and the sharp pulsing rush of cumming over and over into her mouth.

He’s stretched out, feeling very sated, very lazy, purring against her like a fucked out lion laying in an especially good sunbeam.

She gave him a minute, and then in proper lioness mode, nipped him on the hip, reminding him it wasn’t naptime, yet.

A little lick here, little lick there, long lick to tie them together, and he got back to it. Lapping at her gently. Ramping her up, finally tasting her own lube.

Her body wet against his lips, the sounds she was making, her legs clamped around his shoulders, as he slipped her slowly into a shuddering orgasm. God, he loves this, loves her, so much.   


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