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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 258

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 258:  Sunday

They were getting ready for church for the first time since Kelly was born. Honestly, Tim would much rather skip it and sleep, but Abby wants to go, and he can sort of zone out there, so they’re going.

And zone out he did.

There is literally not one single idea in his head as to what the service might have been about.

But he did notice when Father John came over to pet Kelly, coo over her, and ask when they wanted to do the baptism.

And thus, August 2nd 2015 became the day that Kelly was going to get baptized. They made an appointment to bring in the potential godparents to meet Father John before and get everything set up, and went home.

It wasn’t until driving home that something hit him.



“Breena and Jimmy aren’t Catholic.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Father John’s not going to like it. Godparents are supposed to be Catholic, good Catholics, right?”

She thinks about that for a moment and comes to the conclusion that since the whole point of Godparents is to promise to renounce Satan and sin in the place of the kid and then promise to help raise them Catholic that yes, being Catholic is usually a pre-req for being a Godparent.

He sees her understand that.

“How important is getting her baptized to you?” Because it’s something he could very easily just take or leave.


“Okay. Will you let me try to bluff him? You can get dispensations or something, right?”

“Maybe. What’s the bluff?”

“That if he won’t go for Jimmy and Breena we’ll walk away and not get her baptized. If it doesn’t work, we can… Get Luca and Melody up? Hell, who else do we know? Sister Rosita?”

“Kyle’s Catholic.”

“You both got adopted by Catholic families?”

“We both got placed with Catholic Charities, so, yeah.”

That made sense. “Okay, but he’s not going to work for the same reason my sister and Penny won’t, he’s living with someone he’s not married to. So, will you let me try the bluff?”

“Sure.” She knows the symbolism of family is more important to him than any of the rest of this. “I’ll back you on it. Maybe, if we’re lucky it won’t be a big deal at all and you won’t need to bluff.”

“We can hope.”


A second later she’d gotten up and grabbed their daughter from him, holding her at arm length.

It’s possible he could have been more covered in baby pee, but it would have required a concerted effort and likely more than one baby.

“What happened to you?” she asked, trying not to laugh at the look on his face.

“I don’t know. I was putting her down, singing the lullaby, and then we were both soaked.”

Abby broke and started laughing. “How about I finish up with her, and you get a shower?”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later, she slipped into the shower behind him.

“She’s down?”

“Yeah. Diaper was on backwards.”

He sighed, feeling world-class stupid. “Maybe I am too tired for Bootcamp.”

“Go and hang out. You don’t have to fight. I was just going to get a nap. Bring us home some Thai.”

He nods, rinsing the conditioner out of his hair. “Feels weird to get a shower before Bootcamp.”

“Yeah, guess that’s not how it usually works. Still, don’t want to go covered in pee.”

“Nope. Get smelly enough working full out, don’t need to add baby pee on top of that.” He rested his hands on her hips, and switched them around so she was in the full stream of the shower, and began to soap up.

She’s watching him soap up, rubbing foamy bubbles all over his skin, and he’s not playing with it, not showing off or anything (because Abby knows what getting the job done looks like, and what showing off looks like, and right now, he’s just getting the job done) but it’s occurring to her, in a way it hasn’t since before Kelly was born, that Tim’s an attractive guy, and wet, naked, soapy Tim, hands rubbing all over his own skin, is certainly reminding her that once upon a time, there was this thing they used to do on a very regular basis, and she really liked it, and it might be nice to do that again, and soon.

Though, she’s still bleeding, so, probably wait a bit longer before getting fully back to it, but still, some messing around would be good. They’ve been doing good on making sure to get at least some cuddle time in every day, but it’s been a week since there’s been anything that produces orgasms, and right now, she could certainly go for one.

So, she steps a little closer to him, nipples rubbing lightly against his chest, hands on his hips. “I like how you smell when you work out.”

That got an amused smile out of Tim. He put the soap down and wrapped his hands around the small of her back. “Really?”

“I like how you smell all the time, but hot and sweaty, flushed, working out hard, yeah, I like that. Like all of it.” Her hands trailed up his arms, and over his back, mapping his muscles.

“Huh.” He’s grinning.


“Maybe I won’t race to the showers after next Bootcamp.”

She smiles and kisses his bottom lip, gently. “Won’t Jimmy and Gibbs wonder what’s up?”

“They might.” He licked his lips. “Of course, if you were to call and ask me to get home sooner rather than later…”

That got a grin out of her. “Some sort of unspecified ‘family emergency.’”

“Some sort of itch that only I can scratch.” His hands, which had been on her hips slipped down to stroke over her bottom.

“I imagine I could think of some need that only you could fulfill. Something that had to happen right that second.”

“You could call with a very specific request.” He kissed her throat, licking her earlobe, and said quietly, “The sort of thing that I’d be willing to drop anything to attend to.”

She looked into his eyes, enjoying the heat and wicked joy lighting them. “Yeah, I think I could do that.”

“Uh huh.” He kissed her lips, soft and wet, and she kissed back, tongue slipping against his, encouraging more depth and pressure.


He wriggled against her, rubbing his whole body along hers. “Good?”

“Oh yeah.”

He traced his hand up from her thighs to her shoulder, and stroked along her chest. “Can I?”

She got what he was asking, and it has been less than half an hour since she finished nursing, so probably okay. “Sure, just, might squirt you.”

He grinned. “Not a problem. Not like I’ve never done it to you.”

She laughed a little at that. “Never from having your nipples played with.” Then his fingers slipped down, gently mapping out the curves of her breasts, and she sighed, head resting against his shoulder, purring softly. She’d forgotten how good that felt.   

“Missed that?”

“Oh yeah.” She met his lips with hers, enjoying his skin on hers, and the delicious things his fingers were doing. Then the familiar, foot fallings asleep tingle that meant her milk was letting down hit, so she took his hands in hers, resettling them on her hips.

“Abby?” He looked concerned, eyes searching hers, afraid he’d done something that hurt.

She pointed down. After all, they’re in the shower, he can’t feel the difference between the spray of the water or a spray of milk.

“Oh.” But he can certainly see it. “You want to stop?”

She kissed him long and hard, rubbing against him, holding his hands. Then broke the kiss to say, “Does that feel like stop?”


“Exactly.” She took him in hand, stroking slow and firm. He groaned at it, hips moving along with her hand.

“You’re not going to tell me to go get a condom, right?” he asked between kisses.

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

“Okay, I’ve got an idea. Turn around.”

She did, her back to his chest, and he pulled her close to him, his dick between her legs. He started with long, gentle thrusts, rubbing his dick against her, and she sighed at that, rubbing in counter point, keeping everything slow and steady.

It’s not exactly their usual play, but it’s close enough, he can read her body more than well enough to know when just gentle brushing isn’t enough, so his fingers slip between her legs, adding more pressure, more directly applied. And she knows the way he’s moving, feeling the tension in his legs and arms, and thrusts back harder, squeezing her legs a bit tighter together.

She feels the build, his fingers slipping over and over, cock rubbing just right below them, his mouth biting gently on her shoulder as her body goes tighter and tighter, drawing in, focus clamping down to his fingers on her clit and the aching pleasure of being on the edge of spilling over.

God, so close, just a little more, little faster, and it’s hard to move because she doesn’t want to risk losing that delicious slide of his fingers, but it’s not quite fast enough. She can feel him jerking against her, knows he’s on the line or falling over it, and a hot, wet rush hits her clit, separate, different from the spray of the shower, and that was enough, that wet pulse in addition to the slide of his fingers sent her over, tingling and purring.

A minute later, she’s feeling very calm, very happy, and he’s flush against her back, making that soft, almost purr sound which always means she’s got a very happy Tim on her hands.

He gently kissed the nape of her neck. She squeezed his left hand and said, “Yep. Naptime sounds awfully good right about now.”

She could feel him smile at that.

“I’ll admit, I’m not feeling particularly motivated to go anywhere right this second.”

She stepped back, turned, and kissed him.

“Bootcamp not sounding so hot right now?”

“Get pounded on by Jimmy and Gibbs. Snuggle with you in bed…” He smiled at her while snagging the soap again. “For some reason, Jimmy and Gibbs just aren’t winning that one.”

She giggled, and he began to soap up her back.

“Well, it wouldn’t break my heart if you decided to stay here.”



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