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Shards To A Whole: Chapter 199

McGee-centric character study/romance. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

Chapter 199: 3:00 AM Fuck In The Lab

It was three in the morning when Tim got done with his part of the case, so he headed, slowly, down to the lab.

Abby was sleeping on the rugs. Even though she's not falling asleep every moment she's still, Tim still doesn't want her driving herself home at night, and she's been kindly humoring his insane overprotectiveness, both of them aware that this was pretty insane. But they work in the same place, so waiting a bit for him to get done to take her home usually isn't a big deal.

And nights like tonight, well, it's not like they haven't slept in the lab before, and it's not like they won't do it again...

And it hits Tim, as he drapes his jacket over her desk chair, that this may be the last time.

He's slipping off his shoes and belt, watching her sleep, when he realizes that once the tiny person inside her gets on the outside, one of the two of them will have to get home every night. They won't be able to work all night, crash, fuck, snag a ton of Caf-Pow, and go back to catching killers.

In two months, and really, one probably, he can't see her doing this nine months pregnant, this chapter of their life will end. And who knows, in twenty years or so, when this kid is out of the house, maybe they'll start doing it again, though he'll be 57 then, and she'll be 61, which is just too hard to wrap his head around.

He lays down next to her. Scooting his arm under her neck and snuggling in close around her. These last two months she usually sleeps through that, but today she stirred a little.

"What time is it?"


"Okay. You find what you needed?"

"Yeah. Ziva and Tony are driving to Virginia Beach right now." Just because Gibbs is gone doesn't mean they've let up on the pace they work at. Two days ago they caught a case, what looked like a straight up murder, and after sixteen hours of sorting through the main suspect's tumblr and youtube videos, Tim thinks he's found the actual crime scene. Tony and Ziva are off to process it.

"Good." She rolls over to face him, and kisses him gently. It's soft and sleepy, and he was fairly sure they were just going to sleep, but her tongue slipped out to lick his bottom lip, and that got his attention in a good way.

"How sleepy are you?"

She smiled a little, though her eyes are closed. "Sleepy, but not so much so that I don't want to have sex."

He's stuck between that wired space that happens after more than ten hours on a computer and ready to drop from exhaustion. Sex'll certainly help with that.

"Pretty fried right now."

"You want to just sleep?" she asks.

"No, just letting you know I'm not up for anything energetic."

"Me either."

"Okay." He stood up and pulled off his pants and boxers, while she scooted out of her panties. He smiled at her.


"Last of the red-hot lovers."

"Even Don Juan phoned it in at three in the morning after working all day."

He lays down, snuggles up against her back, and kissed her neck, enjoying the comfort of her skin on his, the warm weight of her body against his, and the scent of her hair. He sighed. "Mmmmm…" Inhaled long and slow, felt her rock against him gently.

His hand found her breast, gently cupping and stroking under her shirt. Her hips set a slow, steady roll, rubbing soft and easy against his dick, and in a few minutes her leg hooked back over his, and he slipped into her.

Quiet moans, deeper, faster breathing, and slow, easy, sleepy motion set them alight and quivering.

A few minutes later, as they were drowsing in the afterglow, still spooned together, Abby asked, "Why have we never done this at your desk?"

That gets a smile out of him. He's certainly thought about it, and sure she has, too. He kisses her shoulder. "Because while I might like the danger of maybe getting caught, actually getting caught doesn't get me off. There's always someone wandering through the Bullpen, and I know for a fact there are security cameras up there."

Closest they've ever gotten
to doing it at his desk.
"There are security cameras down here, too."

His eyes went very wide, and he looked like he was about to start grabbing for his pants.

She kisses his hand and smiles. "No one's gonna watch them unless something goes missing. And I have a feeling right now you're awfully motivated to make sure the lab is safe."

"That's one way to put it. When did they get security cameras down here?"

"After Chip."

So, the entire time they'd been together. Which means NCIS basically has its own porn channel starring them. Might be time to do a little hacking and deleting. After a full inventory of the lab. "Makes sense."

"And right here, we're pretty much out of range. They're focused on the doors, so you can see who goes in and out. I think they can see you from the knees down and my feet."

He thinks for a moment, wondering why she knows exactly what the camera feeds are. Finally he asks, "So what can you see of my desk?"

"The whole thing, from two angles. There's one in the corner behind Ziva's desk, so the front of yours is in plain sight. And there's one above and behind, so you sitting at your desk is awfully visible, too. Honestly, you might just have the worst possible desk when it comes to surveillance."

"Think they're watching me? Making sure I don't hack the Pentagon again or something?"

"Maybe. Or maybe who ever watches these things before archiving them is hoping to see something good."

He smiles wryly. "Then why are only the doors covered in your office?"

"I moved the cameras."

"Really? So, you don't want to get caught, either?"

"Not exactly. We do this often enough that it's not just a treat, so..."

"Okay." He gets that. This isn't just the place for the occasional fast screw. This is, besides their home, this is the most common place they do this.

"And we sleep here. We talk here. We have dinner here some nights."

"This is a private space, or as close as you can get at a place where two hundred people work."


"I was thinking about that, sort of, when I was getting undressed." She arches an eyebrow, he's still got his shirt and socks on. "Okay, as I was taking my shoes and belt off. We're probably not going to be doing this a whole lot more. Two more months and one of the two of us will have to be home with Kelly every night."


"Yeah. The days of the 3:00 AM fuck in the lab are numbered."

"Maybe kids weren't such a good idea," she says with a smile, so he knows she's joking.

"Yeah, terrible idea." He's grinning too. "If I had realized how badly they'd cut into our sex life, I would have been in favor of skipping this."

She laughs, reaching up for the tissues that for some strange reason always live on her desk now. She hands him a few of them, and slips off of him, both of them wiping up quickly. He pulls on his boxers and pants. Sure, he might prefer sleeping naked, but he's not about to do it at work. A quick glance at the clock shows him they've got four hours until the time he's normally up in the Bullpen again.

Abby pulls her panties on, and then snuggles back into his arms. "Good night."

"Good night."


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