Monday, January 28, 2013

Shards To A Whole: Chapter 4

Romantic McGee centric NCIS fanfic. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.

4. Pho and GChat

Tim wakes up to clicking sounds. He's not at all surprised to see Abby sitting cross-legged on the side of his bed, a bag that smells yummy next to her, a laptop in front of her, open to gchat, and, he squints a little, Palmer chatting with her.


"You're awake."

He rubs his eyes, and sits up, slowly. It feels like his entire left side is on fire.

"How's Ducky?" He's a little fuzzy on what exactly happened between saying, 'It feels warm in here,' and now, but he does remember hearing that Tony and Ziva had been located, and Ducky had had a heart attack.

"Alive. Jimmy says he'll be fine, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Good." He closes his eyes and relaxes back against the headboard. The sound of Abby typing dies down, and he hears her close the computer.

"I brought food." She's not as perky as usual. Not chattering away.  He knows that means she's unhappy or scared, but he figures both are fitting for right now, so he doesn't press.


"The doctor said you're supposed to take it easy today and tomorrow. Nothing too heavy to eat, either.  Clear broth for you. They don't think the glass got through your abdominal muscles, but just in case, they don't want to risk anything too strenuous for your intestinal tract.  So I got us Pho. You get the soup part, and I get the noodles."  

"Sounds good." She stands up, picking up the bag. "Abby?"


"I love you."

She smiles sweetly at him for a moment, but he can still see fear in her eyes as she kisses his forehead. "I love you, too, McGee. Let me get this set for us."

And, okay, that wasn't 'I love you forever, let's get married, have bunches of kids, grow old, and die together,' let alone, 'I love you, let's start dating again,' but it's a start, a good first step, and it felt really good to say it to her.

And there'll be time for more than that it the future.


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