Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grand Gestures and Day To Day Life: 6.3.1

A/N: Michael and Fi's first reunion scene. Want to start at the beginning? Click here.


Spies know that for all the high tech goodies, for all the almost magical gadgets that can save the day in a pinch, that when it comes down to it, the single most valuable skill they've got is the ability to talk.

The second most valuable skill is the ability to see what the person in front of you needs to hear.

She's clinging to the phone like it's a lifeline, and he knows that right now the only thing keeping her going is his voice.

So he talks about Ireland, and about how much he misses her, and this time, his tongue isn't bound and he does know what to say to give her hope. He knows what to say to make the darkness seem a bit less dark.

He tells her he loves her. Not in those specific words, and not because he can't say them, but because he won't. Not like this, not half-crying through a pane of glass. He promises himself he will tell her, in person, when they're both happy enough to smile, and preferably when they're both alone and naked as well.

He'll tell her when he can hold her close, smell her skin and hair, and see and hear and feel her respond to his words.

He'll tell her when she's free, and Anson's in the ground, and he's put this massive sea of crap behind them, and they can go off and be together.

He'll tell her when he can give it to her with the life, and the man, she deserves.

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